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What is Retrowow?

Retrowow is about Britain in the post-war era.

You can find out about life in Britain from the end of the Second World War to the 1980s.

We are keen collectors of anything from this era. You will find collectors' guides on furniture, fashion, ceramics and many other products. So if you want to know what to buy, what to look for and where to buy consult our collectors' guides.

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Our latest features

Penny 1967

Old money quiz

Test your knowledge of pounds, shillings and pence in our Old money quiz.

3d stamp c1965

How much have prices gone up?

We look at how much things cost in the 1960s

70s fashion

70s fashion

Check out our updated 70s fashion page.

Revelation Superlight: Gents Rev-Robe and cabin bag c1965

Vintage luggage

Vintage luggage is highly collectable. We look at:

Bendix launderette 1960s


Is the launderette dying out?

Smiths De Luxe travel alarm clock, 1950s

Smiths De Luxe travel alarm clock

The luxury travel accessory from the 1950s was the Smiths De Luxe travel alarm clock.

Olivetti Valentine portable typewriter c1969

Vintage portable typewriters

Vintage portable typewriters are becoming very collectable. Read our guide to models, values and dates.

Our most popular pages


Monopoly street names

What were the names and colours of the Monopoly streets?

Fairy Liquid bottle 1970s (image spectreno37)

Hottest retro collectables

You should have saved that Squeezy bottle from the 1970s. A Fairy Liquid bottle from the 1970s made £425 on eBay. Read more about the hottest retro collectables

60s party

Party time

Find out how to host a party from the 1960s or 1970s.

60s party

70s party

Watneys Party Seven, 1970s

60 & 70s beer guide

Why was Watney's Red Barrel so popular in the 1960s and 1970s? Read the 60s & 70s beer guide

G-Plan label

G Plan collectors' guide

In the 1950s and 1960s G-Plan was the aspirational label for furniture. Today it is the retro collectors' favourite.

Naiad coloured bathroom suite, 1960s


Retro bathrooms


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