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The first Biro, 1945

Luxury to throw away - the story of the ballpoint pen

In 1945 a ballpoint pen cost a week's wages. Read more: The first ballpoint pens

Melior coffee pot, 1930s

Britain's first cafetiere

The Melior coffee pot from around 1930 was Britain's first cafetiere. Read more about the history of the cafetiere and how we used to make coffee.

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Pounds, shillings and pence

Pounds, shillings and pence

Learn more about Britain's pre-decimal pounds, shillings and pence currency.
Salter pre-metric scales, 1950s

Pounds and ounces

Pounds and ounces, or imperial measurements as they were known, were used until 2000 in UK shops.


Monopoly board game

The origins of the Monopoly board game go back to the early 1900s and a game to teach children about the evils of property speculation.

60s fashion

60s fashion

How much did Flower Power influence 60s fashion?

Watneys Party Seven, 1970s

60 & 70s beer guide

Why was Watney's Red Barrel so popular in the 1960s and 1970s? Read the 60s & 70s beer guide

Raleigh Chopper

Raleigh Chopper

The Raleigh Chopper brought the style of Easy Rider to the backstreets of Britain in the 1970s.

Motorola Dynatac 8000x, authur:Redrum0486, distributed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

1980s mobile phones

In the 1980s mobile phones cost up to £3000. Read more about 80s mobile phones

G-Plan label

G Plan collectors' guide

In the 1950s and 1960s G-Plan was the aspirational label for furniture. Today it is the retro collectors' favourite.

Selected for the Design Centre logo

Design index

The designer label from the 1950s and 1960s. The Council for Industrial Design put the best designed British products in its Design Index.

Fairy Liquid bottle 1970s (image spectreno37)

Hottest retro collectables

You should have saved that Squeezy bottle from the 1970s. A Fairy Liquid bottle from the 1970s made £425 on eBay. Read more about the hottest retro collectables

Cavalet suitcases with retractable wheels, 1972

Suitcases with wheels

Who invented the suitcase with wheels? The New York Times says it was an American called Bernard Sadow, but a British company beat him to it. Read more about suitcases with wheels

Qantas business class, 1979

First business class flights

Qantas, the Australian airline was the first to offer business class in 1979.


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