Food and drink

Prawn cocktail

Recipes from the 1960s

Make some favourites from the 1960s.

Recipes from the 1960s

Old Hall teapot and loose leaf tea

Loose leaf tea

Tea was Britain's favourite drink in the 1960s, but people did not use teabags.

Loose leaf tea

Austrian Torte

Recipes from the 1970s

Make some favourites from the 1970s.

Recipes from the 1970s

60s party

Party time

Find out how to host a party from the 1960s or 1970s.

60s party

70s party

Melior coffee pot, 1930s

Britain's first cafetiere

The Melior coffee pot from around 1930 was Britain's first cafetiere. Read more about the history of the cafetiere and how we used to make coffee.

A pint of Courage Tavern

1970s drinks

Britain's favourite tipples from the 1970s.

Drinks from the 1970s

The 60s and 70s beer guide

Watney's Red Barrel, Beer mat, 1960s


Britain's best selling keg beer was Watneys Red Barrel

Watneys had a huge chain of pubs in the 50s, 60s &70s - Watneys pubs

Little Chef fish and chips, 1970

Little Chef, 1970

Little Chef Menu, 1970

Traditional Christmas tea, from the 60s

Christmas lunch and tea

Christmas lunch and tea

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