The 1960s

Routemaster bus

Britain in the 1960s

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What was ordinary life like in Britain in the 1960s?

Limelight fitted furniture, 1960s

60s furniture

60s furniture designs covered all tastes from modern to traditional, as well as groovy and hip.
60s fashion

60s fashion

How much did Flower Power influence 60s fashion?

A classic dual carriage way scene from 1963 - Mini, Vauxhall Velox, Ford Classic, Ford Cortina


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How glamorous was air travel in the 1960s?

Smoking was part of the culture in the 1960s


Cigarette culture was a part of life in the 1960s.

60s Mods: Scooter, striped blazers and mod haircuts

Youth culture

Youth culture began with Mods and Rockers. 1967 was the the Summer of Love, but was Woodstock in 1969 the high point of the decade?

Working class youths in Britain adopted the Skinhead style.

A teenager in the 60s

Teenage life

1960s timeline


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