Retro toys and games

Dinky car

Toys and games from the past

What were our favourite toys and games from the past?


Monopoly board game

The origins of the Monopoly board game go back to the early 1900s and a game to teach children about the evils of property speculation.

Klackers were a 70s craze

Klackers and Ker-knockers

Klackers were a classroom craze from the 1970s.

Raleigh Chopper

Raleigh Chopper

The Raleigh Chopper offered children their own unique form of transport.

Chivers Fossil Collection, 1973

Chivers' Collections

Does anyone remember these fantastic collections from Chivers' Jellies from the early 1970s?



Spirograph was an innovative drawing toy from the 1960s and 1970s.


Invicta Matermind game

Invicta Mastermind was the code breaking game from the 1970s.

Binatone TV Master, 1970s (image iworkaswell)

70s electronic games

People got their first taste of today's digital world when electronic games went on sale in the 1970s.

Scalectrix 1960s

Retro Christmas toys

Christmas toys


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