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Retrowow is about Britain in the post-war era.

You can find out about life in Britain from the end of the Second World War to the 1980s.

We are keen collectors of anything from this era. You will find collectors' guides on furniture, fashion, ceramics and many other products. So if you want to know what to buy, what to look for and where to buy consult our collectors' guides.

All of my material is meticulously researched using original material from the period.

Retrowow is written and maintained by Steven Braggs, the author of The G-Plan Revolution and Sun, Sea and Sand.

If you want to make suggestions or have comments on what we've done please email steven@retrowow.co.uk.

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Retrowow - vintage, retro and social history

Vintage, retro & social history

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About Retrowow
Retrowow - vintage, retro and social history