Record players from the 50s and 60s

60s HMV record player


Record players from the 50s and 60s evoke the first era of rock'n'roll and of the teenager with money to spend. Listening to records in a booth in a record shop, taking them home and playing them on a colourful modern record player in your own room was part of teenage life.

Record players from the 50s and 60s evoke the era of the first rock'n'roll music and of the

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Every teenager in the 50s and 60s wanted a radio and a record player. Rock'n'roll began in the 50s and teenagers wanted to listen to the latest hits on a cheap, portable record player. Record players, though, were often not cheap, amounting to several months of saving, but nevertheless many teens made the sacrifice.

Today vintage record players evoke the era of Bill Haley, Elvis Preseley and the first rock'n'roll music. From the mid 50s two tone, often blue and white, or red and white record players which could take a stack of singles and play them back to back were the favourite.

It is these record players that collectors go for today. They made from around 1955 to 1965 and typify the golden age of the small record player. The Dansette brand in particular is a favouite with collectors.

The popularity of music in the 50s and 60s ensured that the record player was just as popular as the radio. They were always referred to as "record players"; to use the old-fashioned term "gramophone" in the late 50s and early 60s marked you out as a member of the square, older generation. Record players had come a long way from the wind-up gramophones popular in the 20s. The most well-known make from the 50s was the Dansette. It was popular with the teenage market and was used to listen to the latest "rock'n'roll" hits.

This HMV, right, has the ubiquitous arm for playing several records one after the other. HMV was a pioneer from the horn gramophone days. Their symbol, featuring the famous dog Nipper, was a mark of quality. HMV players were considered some of the best available in the 60s.

Champion Stero record player c1960

Stereo record players

By the early sixties, stereo record players were available. This record player, left, by Champion, is from the early sixties. It is a portable set, but judging by the weight I wouldn't want to "port" it too far! The arm across the record allowed you to stack around five singles and play them one after the other.

This model has a BSR turntable. This was a common turntable used on record players at the cheap end of the market. More sophisticated stereo equipment was available, but aimed at a small, specialised market.

Can you buy a retro style record player today?

Zyon Wooden Retro Turntable

The Zyon retro style turntable offers the best of all worlds. It is a retro style wood finish record player, but you can also play CDs and cassettes on it. So if you have all three types of music then this is the ideal record player. It supports all formats of vinyl: 33rpm, 45rpm, 78rpm, LPs and singles. Also of compact dimensions it fits most spaces.

Can you buy genuine 60s style?

The answer is yes. Unbelievably, Steepletone make a wonderful looking sixties record player in black or red leatherette. It looks the part and has the arm mechanism for playing several records. At last someone has made a product that really looks like it could have been made in the sixties.

Annie Nightingale played her first record, Elvis's 'Hounddog' on the One Show using one of these record players players.

50s Jukebox style record player

If you prefer the 50s Jukebox look, check out this black and chrome finish beauty, right. It is also available in red and chrome.

This record player offers 3 speeds, and FM/AM radio and an MP3 player.

Buy old record players

A good place to buy old record players is the National Vintage Communications Fair. There is a good selection of stalls selling radios, record players and telephones. Unfortunately, it is only held once a year.

However, there is always a great selection of vintage record players on eBay.  Dansette record players are synonymous with the 50s and early 60s when Rock'n'Roll was still popular.  Other favourite makes were HMV, Philips, Ultra, Pye, Fidelity and Alba.

Condition is everything. Well restored and working record players can sell for £100 to £200. Look out for good quality leather cloth coverings and no missing trim.

Cheaper record players can be bought in working order for £50 to £80. Again look for overall good condition, but not perfect.  They might not be serviced. You will need to make your own judgment about electrical safety. 

Non working record players should be no more than £20 to £30.

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">>> Everything I like " morgan 24/03/2010

"I have a major problem! Need to get hold of a'60s record player (or 50's) for stage use - play (community, non profit-making) opens tomorrow. It doesn't need to work, just look acceptable - could be an empty outer case! Can you help. I don't want to buy unless it's VERY cheap - hire would be fine.
I've been let down by somebody and am desperate!
Can easily collect.

Sue" sue baxter 08/06/2010

"Does any one remember seeing a portable Radio record player. The radio front dropped down to reveal a turntable which would take LP's. I think that it was a Phillips but not sure." Dereck Thomson 22/06/2010

"hi" what 06/07/2010

"hello, I have an old record player which has been in my family for over 25 years, it is about 3ft in height, wood finish, single turntable with multi coloured disco lights down the front of it. I cannot find a make or name on it (which i think is down to fading over the years)could you please try and locate what this model may be as we have searched on the internet to no avail. many thanks" jason bennett 07/08/2010

"I have a Beatles record player that works but the outside of the box is missing the photos and the inside has alot of small holes in the picture. I am looking for a restorer for this item. Any references would be greatly appreciated." Leslie Taylor 14/08/2010

"I have an old record player with roughly 100 old records, including Judy Garland, Eagles, Elvis, Led Zepplin, Steppenwolf and many many more. I absoltely love it, but times are hard and bills must be paid. I have tried researching it all day and can find nothing like it. It's quite big, maybe 5 feet long or so, with a lid so that items may set on top of it like a dresser. It's been well taken care of. It's probably from the 50's or 60's and says Theatron inside the lid. If anyone is interested or stumbles across any information on it on the net, please let me know!" Erin Broyles 19/08/2010

"I have a hmv record player model 209. the needle is fine, but the turntable is not turning. it does turn when i take off the record seat and look at the mechanism. the wheel does move when I hold the on button on the on poisition.
could anyone please help me with what i can do to rectify the problem. I am so excited to have it, and now it wont work.
many thanks
Simonne" simone Dale 21/08/2010

"I`ve just come into posession of my parents 60`s EKCO record player,what size fuse do i need for the plug,thanks." Dylan 08/09/2010

"i have found an old pioneer portable record player in the attic but can't find anything about it .its made in japan ,has a torquoise plastic casing .it's called a hawaiian for junior use .it's in very good condition .can you tell me anything about it please ." helen walker 22/11/2010

"i am interested in hearing by recordplayer and i like and love music" sivakumar 05/01/2011

"I have a Dansette record player, gifted to me at Christmas. I had one exactly the same as the one I have now many years ago. Back then I had removable screw in legs for it so that I could free stand it anywhere in the room.
My question is, are these screw in legs still available, and do you know where from?

Many thanks, Dave" Dave 06/01/2011

"my mum still has one of these" naomi 11/02/2011

"hi i just been given a stella record player it is in a green case with speaker in the lid it is from about the 1950s do you think it is worth anything" SALLY 26/07/2011

""You will need to make your own judgment about electrical safety."

Buyers of 1950s/60s record players should be aware that some of these used what is known in the radio trade as 'live chassis' amplifiers. The electrical safety of accessible metal parts such as the record deck and tone arm was 'assured' by the use of safety critical 'isolating capacitors' between the tone arm and the amplifier. These components are essential to the safety of the record player and are not easily checked for breakdown, or for degradation by contamination of decades of dust, etc., except by a skilled radio mechanic.

In general, if you cannot have the safety isolation competently checked, you should not today but a record player or the like, which may have a 'live chassis' design of amplifier. And, you should never use one in a damp or outdoor location." W. Riggs 02/09/2011

"I have a ferguson autochange record player
modal no. 3006. are thay worth anything?" Tom Peacock 16/09/2011

"Add on the record player I just mentioned is in full working order." Tom Peacock 16/09/2011

"I have inherited a 50's or 60's record rack table. The top looks like formica the rest is made of metal. I have no room for it so would like to sell it. Does any one know it's value please?" sandra fells 29/10/2011

"Hi got the dansette legs but one screw in bracket is missing so cant screw them on my record player. Has anyone got a spare bracket?thanks" Adri 11/11/2011

Have a 1960's record player red vinyl case
similar design to a Dansette the name on the front is "Marc Niphone" with a G Marconni label on the inside lid, has Gerrard deck.

Can't find any info about it can you help?


Gary" Gary 12/12/2011


Do you repair - or can you recommend someone who repairs - vintage record players?

I recently bought a 1970s portable record player (the brand is Brandt electronique - it's orange, the speakers convert into a lid and it has a carry handle).

However i cant get the turntable turning. There's no obvious "on" switch so I'm assuming the turntable is supposed to rotate automatically. However it isn't turning - even when a record is put on it or when the needle is moved onto it (which does cause an electronic humming sound). I've tried switching the spin speed - but it still isn't working.

Do you have any idea what the problem might be? Is it something you could potentially fix, and how much would it be likely to cost?

Would be a great help if you could help me find someone to repair this.

Thanks in advance.

Sabina" Sabina Smitham 14/12/2011

"Hi, I have an old Phillips Gramaphone / radio cabinet and would love to know more about it, when it was made etc. Can anyone help? or point me in the direction of who may be able to help? On the back it has MK 40065 which I am assumming is the model number. The item belonged to an Aunt and I beleive it is from the 1940's if not earlier.

I look forward to hearing from someone

Sara" Sara 02/01/2012

"I have an HMV Model 2106 record player (45 rpm only) and I need a drive wheel for it.

Any hope of getting one ??


Ken" Ken Travis 10/01/2012

"have just bought a dynatron record player with radio and tape recorder in its original cabinet.i think it dates from the late 60s early 70s but i am trying to find out which model it is as there were several different types made.any help would be greatly appreciated." jo 17/01/2012

"Hi Jo,
Does this have a cassette tape reocder? I don't think that Dynatron started making models with casette until 1972. Does it have a model number anywhere? Best regards" Steven Braggs 18/01/2012

"i have a 1950s tall radio/record player for sale but nont know much about it maker is g. marconi" marie 19/02/2012

"I bought a Dynatron SRX26 record player with Garrard 2025TC turntable plus radio and cassette player last year in superb condition but it has now developed the following conditions, auto-changer has stopped working, L.H.speaker connection from player is crackley and doesn't always produce sound, a rumble/hum from remaining speaker when 78s are played, pick arm automatically returns to rest (yes automatically) and switches off when 2/3rds through play of record.
Can anyone help or put me in touch with a knowledgeable repairer. I live in Scarborough, North Yorks." Erich Hanson 05/03/2012

"i have a fidelety 70s record player the arm wont automatically move on to the record but it returns when finished. how can i fix this regards jeff." jeff 22/03/2012

"i have an original Red Marconi record player- it worked fine, when I put it in the loft, i have now fetched it down, and the records still play - but there is no sound from the speaker, you can hear it quietly on the turntable. Any Ideas ? thank you." sue 07/04/2012

"hi, i have a very old valve type record player made by PENNINE has anybody heard of this has speakers either side of it where you open the doors for the sound to come out.i would be grateful for any info on it,cheers" mikey b. 18/04/2012

"hiyya i have a 1952 record player/raido KB dose any one no how much thy sell for, have pics off it" ryan 17/05/2012

"I have a toshiba SL 5 record plus 2tapes equaliser record player plus a national panasonic model g1010L DOES ANY ONE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE WORTH" kaiapoi 08/06/2012

"Hi im looking for a record player used in city schools during the 1960-1970,s to give to a lilttle boy who loves music, he is disable... Would like to get one with a cover and its portable desktop kind, one used in a class room setting.. thanks" jerry armstrong 20/07/2012

"i have fidelity record player model number H.E29.i think early sixtys but can not be sure ,anyone give me some info,tried all sources but can not find model H.E29" anne little 21/07/2012

"Hi Anne,
Are you sure the model number isn't HF29?
best regards" Steven 21/07/2012

"Hi Jerry,
I remember these record players from when I was as school in the 70s, but I guess they were older. They has a wooden box with a circular grill.

They were made by Clarke and Smith and do come up on eBay from time to time. Expect to pay around £100, though.

best regards" Steven 21/07/2012

"Have found a old Dansette Transit battery powered record player is it worth cleaning up or is it a skip job ?" david nicolson 01/10/2012

"All of these record players mentioned from the 50's to 70's are worth holding onto and/or restoring... Vinyl records have never gone out of fashion despite what popular belief says. Try looking up retro turntables/record players and classic 1st press vinyl on e-bay sometime and click on the watch this itemlink and see what prices some of this stuff command. You might be suprised." Record King 16/10/2012

"does anyone want buy my bfs old ferguson minigram monarch player n it has 16/33/45/78 speeds.. it needs go due to moving house ..." jo 28/10/2012

"i have a fidelity record player in a red and grey case which i have had since i was small this was in the sixties it does work and has been sat in my wardrobe for many years i am looking to sell it does any body have an idea what its worth" sarah 21/01/2013

"i have a sheraton hmv record player and radio in wooden cabinet. It worked on purchase and after bringing it home then when i moved it to another room it immediatly stopped working the turntable wont go round. I am having difficulty working out how to get iside cabin et as the wooden frame is not easily demountable have you any ideas?? cheers" anne 26/02/2013

"I am rebuilding a Garrad record player/GE stereo of the late 1950's that fits into a coffee table type cabinet. Thus I am in need of a shallow speaker, basically one that has an internal magnet: it is 8"; 8 ohm, 2 1/4 inch depth(or less) - anyone have or know where I can find a speaker?" Richard 08/03/2013

"i have a ferguson (solid state) drop down portable record player, model 3022.its in good condition and working order,but the volume is not as loud as it should be,anyone know how to fix it." norman horwood 23/03/2013

"i have been left an argosy record player it still works but needs a good clean." r. burnham 29/03/2013

"hi, i have a very old , but working perfectly HMV 2025 SERIAL NUMBER 038192, ANY IDEA HOW OLD THIS IS, AND IS IT WORTH ANYTHING...YOURS EVLYN" evlyn locke 07/06/2013

"Hi, Does anyone want to buy a hmv 2010 portable gramaphone? It works o.k. and is ina red /cream vinyl box. Its in reasonably good condition.
I am moving house and I don't want to keep moving it around as its not good for them." jason 23/07/2013

"Really interested in buying a working record player, please if you have a portable rp, then e-maill me a pic a info please.

Ryan" Ryan 27/10/2013

"i have a hmv monarch record player in good working order can you give me some idea how much it is worth it is in good condition." June 18/02/2014

"I'm looking for a record player from the 1960s it's black on the bottom and the top is blue a childhood friend got me wanting that since she got me and my sister hooked on the Monkees" Christine 12/04/2014

"I have an old hmv 2025 record player for sale still has original 2 pin plug on it not sure of serial number or if working can send pics if needed if interested
Many thanx" matt 21/05/2014

"Hi, 2025
I have a Bush SRP52 player with a Garrard 2025 TC deck, the cartridge is a Acos GP93-1.
The stylus as broken and needs replacing,could you repair this?

Regards B C Thurtell." B C Thurtell 10/09/2014

"Try Best regards" Steven 11/09/2014

"I have just been givin a Toshiba sm-2880 record player with unit and Toshiba matching speakers. was wondering how to get an elvaluation on it?" Ashley 12/12/2014

"hi, i am trying to get a Acos-93-DAF-1 CARTRIDGE for my garrarad record deck, can you help please, IT IS 1969/70 THANK YOU" linda 30/12/2014

"I have a mid 70s Fidelity record player that I was trying to restore. Everything was going well until I tried to remove the cartridge & guess what you know don't you I snapped 1 of the wires pulling the cartridge out.
This is my wife's 'pride & joy' & as yet she does not know what has happened when she does find out I am in deep s..t.
Any help or advise would be very much appreciated,

Regards Mark." MARK ROSE 21/07/2015

"I see mentioned the Zyon Wooden Retro Record Player as being the best of both worlds.
Actually,these are usually rubbish,with very poor sound,unless you run it through an outside amp.
Although this make,and others like Steepletone give the option of playing 78s and microgroove records,they often only give one stylus.
Those of us that are familiar with 78s,will know that if you play 78s with a stylus,then start playing 45 & 33s with the same one,it will without doubt ruin your records.
These companies fail to tell you this,so unless you look hard for one that has a flipover stylus,or purchase another stylus for alternating beetween speeds,this type of record player is NOT FOR YOU.
Go and buy yourself a good working `vintage` one." Gary K. Waters 21/07/2015

"Hijust sorted my loft, I've got a collaro conquest ekco model number rp329 it was my grandmothers, would this be worth anything" maddie 28/07/2015

"have just acquired a dansette senator record player in full working condition, but dont know the first thing about it, could you help !!!!!!" geoff 20/08/2015

"found a vidor battery record player at a car jumble a few years ago , after much research discovered it is a unique model vidor made and listed but not made available to be sold as the speed control had to be adjusted , made to play 45s with a garrett BA1 turntable the plastic speaker housing is a vidor double [d] shape unable to find on any other player. has position for 2 valves not used as it is transistorised has connections for 2 batteries size and voltage unknown what value would it have regards Bob" robert copley 18/09/2015

I work in a charity shop and we have had a Stella ST50A portable turntable donated, any idea how much it is roughly worth? The main issue is warping on the platter is warped on one side.

Thanks" Ross Watkins 26/01/2016

"I have a vintage 1960 or 1961 GE record player pull down in a four legged end table its very unique and would love some information on it its a custom leather cover on outside of pull down door looks like the rp1560 from pictures ive seen on google havent found another like it anywhere hope to hear from you" Jim Champion 27/02/2016

"Hi, need some help, I have some decca styli %0's in brown egg shaped half boxes. they are 3 pin plug in with a small roller to hold styli off dic when starting. what are they etc thanks for any info" johnb 17/04/2016

" In the early 1970`s I was given a fidelity portable slot in record player,I am desperatley trying to locate and purchase this record player, I have tried EBAY but to no avail, PLEASE HELP!" Lynn 03/06/2016

"Hi Lynn,
eBay is the best place, be patient. Otherwise try the National Vintage Communications Fair (NVCF). It's once a year every may. You could try 'On The Air' ( Other than that try antique markets and boot fairs." Steven 04/06/2016

"Do you have a stylus for the wooden "Edinburgh" CD, Tape deck and record player and how much is it?
Thank you
Don Hughes" Mr Don Hughes 22/06/2016

"Sorry we don't sell from this site. You could try Best regards" Steven 23/06/2016

"I have H.M.V.1010record player ,its turn table is not working properly can you help me ,." B.K.Shrivastava 11/07/2016

"Hi I have hmv model 1640 in working order can you tell me what it's worth" Neil 17/07/2016

"I have a jvc dual da converter system which I bought years ago everything works on it apart from the disc it keeps saying there is no disc in when in fact there is one can you help me sincerely Eva wilkinson

Lenio" Eva wilkinson 03/12/2016

"hello have a Monarch HMV 2006 record player serial number 8486 shiny stainless front, any idea of its value as I want rid off it" sean 21/02/2017

"In the late 1950's I had a Pilot Super 10 RC123 Record Player Red/Grey with BSR Deck.
Has anyone seen one recently" T Maggs 06/04/2017

"Would you know where I can buy a motor for a Pye Romany battery operated record player from at all


Gareth Jones" Gareth Jones 22/04/2017

"I have a 1950's/60's Columbia C-1205 record player. Trying to decide whether to have it refurbished and in playing condition or not. Any estimation of it's value?" George Maxwell 27/04/2017

"I have a Decca Deccalian record player and associated amplifier and speaker - bought in the early 60s. Both need overhaul but unable to find an engineer. Can anyone out there help me?" Ken Gristy 17/06/2017

"Hi i have a ferguson garrard 3016 wrks perfect any idea of value plz" Lee 31/07/2017

"I have two old record players dating from late 1940s or early 1950s. Neither is in working order, but I'd like them to go to someone who is interested in them, either to restore or for parts. One was made by my dad when he worked at Decca Navigator (as it was then), the other is a portable Champion. I'm not really sure how to advertise them, or if they're worth anything. Can you advise me, please? Many thanks." Hazel Coleman 03/09/2017

I have a Wondertone hand cranked record
player in good working order complete
with lots of needles and records
would appreciate it if you could put
a valuation on same thank you.
Terry 05/09/2017" T SHEEHAN 05/09/2017

"Hi I have a Ferguson Record Player model number 394G I don't know if it works or not but could anyone tell me if it has any value before it goes to the tip, many thank Elaine." Elaine Haynes 13/09/2017

"I have just bought a H.M.V. 1960's vintage record player of which there are no model numbers listed on machine and no glass valves hence it's probably a later model, sound quality is poor although it still has low sound, I have bought a new needle and sprayed potentionmeters with electrical spray(dp-60) and turned control knobs to clean but still no effect on volume, all the circuit board seem to be working as I have checked capacitators with meter,wondering if there's anything else I should do,thanks Joe" Joe 18/01/2018

"Hi, I have just bought a FIDELITY Record Player, model HF45. There is no sound coming from the speaker even with the volume on full. I can hear the record very quietly (from the stylus going over the grooves). If I touch the stylus there is no noise like the usual crackly noise. What would cause this?
Many thanks,
Von" Von 23/03/2018

"I have a 1950s record player and two 1950s radios for sale. Also other 50s memorabilia for sale. Anyone interested please email me and arrange for a viewing. Gary" Gary Hathaway-Pearce 27/04/2018

"hi I have a ferguson roll top record played,but because of moveing several times I have lost the lead,does anyone know where I can get one from please,thanks." ray hutton 17/08/2018

"Critical in all old electronic equipment are the electrolyt capacitors sometimes other capacitors too. This parts have a life span of about 30 years and have to be replaiced. This components are in tube amps. The old turn tables often use rubber wheels in the drive. The rubber dryes out and also needs repacement. Ceramic cardridges are designed for valve amps. A ceramic cardridge direct connected to a transistor amp sounds poor. It was designed to connect to a valve radio. Many valve radios have a phono input on the back. The radio was used as an amp and it is a cheap solution." Jens 03/02/2019

"When buying a vintage 60's record player you really have got to know what is what. Few record players from that era were actually safe or good quality. Avoid the popular cheaper end of the market 1950s and 1960's record players and tape recorders many have what is known as live chassis which if faulty (which most are by now) can instantly kill! The same applies to any radio or record player that is marked AC/ DC or straightforward DC SET.

If you accidentally touch any metal part of any faulty AC set, the likelihood is you will survive. Not so with a faulty DC current set which will literally glue your hand to the chassis with the current till you are dead. Just a friendly warning! And don't trust in in sellers who tell you everything is freshly serviced When you take delivery and discover the servicing did not include the ancient wiring it is too late to get your money back when things turn out badly." John Paul 04/04/2019

"16 2/3 Philips ng 1029
can you give me some history a a estimate of its value" chris lawrance 16/09/2019

"We are looking for an HMV transistor record player. Model 2012 with Garrard 2000 autochanger. This model has a full front chrome speaker grille. On top in front of the lid are four control knobs and a power light." The Kerrys 10/12/2019

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