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Sadly, electronic calculators arrived too late for Britain's pounds, shillings and pence system. The first calculators went on sale in late 1970. Decimalisation was already on the way in the UK, so no-one made a sterling pocket calculator.

I wanted to see what one would have looked like if the technology had been available a little sooner, or if we had kept pounds shillings and pence until 1975.



To add £5 8s 11d and 7s 6d:

Enter: '5' - '£' - '8' - 's' - '1' -' 1' - 'd'

Enter: '+':

Enter: '7' - 's' - '6' - 'd':

Enter: '='


To subtract 7s 6d from £5 8s 11d:

Enter: '5' - '£' - '8' - 's' - '1' -' 1' - 'd'

Enter: '-':

Enter: '7' - 's' - '6' - 'd':

Enter: '='


To multiply £5 8s 11d by 9:

Enter: '5' - '£' - '8' - 's' - '1' -' 1' - 'd'

Enter: 'x':

Enter: '9':

Enter: '='


To divide £5 8s 11d by 3:

Enter: '5' - '£' - '8' - 's' - '1' -' 1' - 'd'

Enter: '÷':

Enter: '3':

Enter: '='

Division rounds to the nearest 1d.

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"Brilliant! Thanks so much for doing that. I'd certainly buy a LSD calculator if one was available. It would be even better if it could include farthings as well.

Thanks again, I appreciate your work; as a non-techie, I am in awe of your coding skills." Philip 27/03/2020

"I'm glad you liked it. You can make it more realistic if you look at the page on a smart phone. It can display the calculator on its own. It looks and feels more like the real thing.

I might work on the farthings at a later date. All the best." Steven 28/03/2020

"I can't divide £1 by 3d because it comes out £NaN NaNs NaNd" Juan José Berdaguer Hijano 07/08/2020

"It's an error. I'm not sure what it means to divide a pound by three pence. You can divide a pound by 3." Steven 07/08/2020

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