Retro fashion

Retro fashion fair, at the Oxford Union

Retro fashion introduction

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Chanel style suite, late fifties

1950s fashion

Fashion in the 1950s brought glamour to austerity Britain.

1950s mens fashion often meant a trip to the tailor for a made to measure suit.

60s fashion

60s fashion

How much did Flower Power influence 60s fashion?

For men the suit was still the smart look of the Mad Men era

70s fashion

70s fashion

70s fashion

80s fashion


80s fashion went from the aftermath of punk to shoulder pads and power dressing. Upmarket sports labels fuelled a new street fashion, the 'cas' or casual look.

60s Mods: Scooter, striped blazers and mod haircuts

Mod fashion

Mods in the 1960s

Get the Mod look today.

Ladies sunglasses, by Polaroid 1970s



Aqua Manda, by Goya, 1970s


Aqua Manda with its orange blossom scent is the perfume most associated with the 1970s.


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