Aqua Manda

Aqua Manda, by Goya, 1970s

Aqua Manda is the perfume most associated with the early 70s. It has a orange blossom scent.

Aqua Manda was introduced by suave, sophisticated man about town, Christopher Collins. He took over perfume manufacturer, Goya, from his father in the late sixties and personally developed Aqua Manda. Christopher Collins was a successful amateur horse rider as well as a businessman. He finished third in the Grand National in 1965 and also tried his hand at Three Day Eventing.

Aqua Manda was a new perfume for a new age. It was a lighter fragrance compared to other Goya products, such as Black Rose, Gardenia and Great Expectations, all introduced by Collins' father. Aqua Manda was a fresh, herbal based scent, which reminded people of being outdoors.

Aqua Manda was timed perfectly to capture the spirit of the early 70s. Its packaging suggesting oranges and flowers and the stylish Art Nouveau lid chimed in perfectly with the end of the sixties and the beginning of the seventies.

Aqua Manda, by Goya, 1970s

Aqua Manda is remembered by many as a perfume associated with parties from the early 70s. It was the definitive scent of the flower power generation and as much a part of the backdrop to that early 70s era as the music and the fashion.

Buy Aqua Manda

Although there is a new version of Aqua Manda available. Many fans do not think it is the same as the original.

There is a regular supply original Aqua Manda it on eBay. Look out for full bottles and undamaged packaging. You will need to pay from £30 to £80 for a full bottle in good condition.

Original Aqua Manda on eBay

New Aqua Manda on eBay

Yardley Sea Jade

Many of our readers also rememember Yardley Sea Jade, another classic perfume from the 70s.

Also look out for Yardley Sea Jade on eBay

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Your comments on Aqua Manda

"why don't you bring back aqamanda it would be so popular once again" suzy mobley

"I remember the Aqua Manda from the early seventies. It was the first perfume that I ever bought for myself. It would be lovely if you could reissue it again. Perhaps as a limited edition, just to see how it would sell. I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed, especially as at the moment everything seventies is considered very fashionable. I for one would be first in the queue to buy it. " Helen Allsop

Hi Helen, Thank you for your comments about Aqua Manda. It was manufactured by Goya which now appears to be defunct. Unfortunately we don't know who owns the Goya or Aqua Manda brands now.

"I remember either aqua manda bath oil or bubble bath. I think it was oil but can't remember. I loved it. I'd be about 15 at the time. Thanks for the memory. " Anne from Manchester

"Even the name Aqua Manda takes me right back to my college halls bedroom and splashing it on before going out for the evening. It makes my memory jump back to Euthymol paste toothpaste in a round jar, which I was also using around that time, and must be the fastest way to recover youth and the feeling of being a student at the start of a great adventure. Putting it on made me feel happy. On the tube in London, just the other day, my attention was caught by something in the air. Someone standing by the door had started peeling a mandarin, or perhaps it was a tangerine. I have been peeling my own tangerines and thinking of Aqua Manda since then." Avril

"I've been wracking my brains for ages over the perfume and bubble bath I used and loved in the 70's, when I was in my mid to late teens!. I have Dawn French to thank for jogging my memory - I am reading 'Dear Fatty' at present and she reminisces about the use of it in there - Aqua Manda, of course!! How could I forget the name of one of the most popular aromas of the 70's. Oestrogen in a bottle, One dab and you felt so glamorous and irresistible. Yes, bring it back, bring back my youth in a bottle!"
Karen from Rayne, Essex

"Just the photo of the bottle nearly brings tears to my eyes! In my imagination I can still smell the heady, delicious scent of oranges and the feeling of being young and carefree. If only we could have this fragrance back to take it out on dark days and take a deep sniff of the teen spirit of the 70's." Lorraine Cridge

"Comments: I absolutely loved Aqua Manda - it has transported me right back to my teenage years. I remember getting the large bottle for Christmas from my Mum and Dad and would love to see it again - if only for a season.

p.s. I also have Dawn French to thank for jogging my memory." Yvonne

"Oh my, I have been trying to remember this for such a long, long time. I have tried to explain the bottle to friends who said they could not remember it at all.

I knew I was not going mad, I remember the packaging more than anything and always knew that as soon as I saw the box that would be the 'smell' of my childhood.

My mum had this all the time and my nan had 4711.

Thank you and please, please, please bring it back" Carol Richards - Stevenage

"I used Aqua Manda in the 70's and loved it. It would be nice to see it back in the shops, there is nothing that comes close to its lovely fragrance." Janice

"this perfume has been in my memories since a small child. its the smell of my much loved grandma. Where a bottle of talc and oil always sat on the bathroom shelf. That was thirty two years ago and yet still so vivid. Gran has gone and aint coming back but it would and could be nice to smell the memory again" jane

"Be really nice to smell and use again, so many fond memories" Linda Hall

"Used Aqua Manda as a day scent then I used to use Kiku (spelling) by Faberge for the evening. Happy memories, lovely scents both of them." Ex Wren Catherine

"I remember when my mother Estelle received some bottles of Aqua manda from her brother Douglas Collin. She was so pleased with her parcel especially the oatmeal soap. Our family would love to hear from our cousins." Rose Windley

"Please bring back Aqua Manda, My sister and I would definitely buy it again!Memories of the 70s and no wrinkles!" Sally Barnes

"Bring back Aqua Citrus too" Liz

"I received a bottle of Aqua Manda from a friend who bought it in England. I had never traveled out of the US and this scent meant everything worldly and exotic to me! All of my British longings from the Beatles days came back. The bottle was beautiful and I would love to be able to buy it again!" Catmaid

"I would love to see aqua manda on sale again. I particularly loved the glass bottles that it came in. They started using plastic bottles and they weren't the same although the product was the same." Chris

"I always loved the Aqua Manda bath oils, orange and lemon, which I used in the 70's. I have often wished I could buy them now. Please, someone, bring them back!" Mrs P Lloyd-Jones

"I loved Aqua Manda! The packaging was so beautiful!!! I also had Aqua Citra which was the lemon version. Bring it back!!!! Please!!!" Carolyn

"Oh, wonderful memories of my teen years, flowery clothes, mini skirts, hotpants, white platform shoes, black patent socks that you could wear with shoes that looked like boots??? AND the makeup/perfume. Aqua manda was my fav along with Kiku and Pretty peach stuff from Avon!! Bright blue, green or purple sparkly cream eyeshadows!!! Loved it all!!" joyce bell

"Loved the hand and body lotion, use to get it sentback from England as i couldn't find it in Australia. Would love to be able to buy it again as well as the perfume,one can only hope that one day it will return,one of the best perfumes around with out being over powering." SuePass

"I loved that perfume, it was so popular, my sister liked the lemon one Aqua citra, it was quite a cheap perefume for teenagers to buy as well, please bring it back..." SHARON SHERWOOD

"I remember Aqua Manda so well from my childhood. My best friend who lived next door even bought me a bottle. Looking at the pictures of the bottle brought all the memories flooding back. It had a very recognisable scent, and at the time I absolutely loved it. Those were the days!!!" Nicola

"I used to love Aqua Manda in the 70's and would love to get hold of some again. I've just bid for some soaps on Ebay and there is some perfume but very expensive. Please bring it back again" CHERYL HART

"I used to use Aqua Manda and loved the bath oil, the smell was beautiful and it made your skin feel really soft, oh to smell it once again!" Elaine Fisher

"news from goya aqua manda made by christopher collins does anyone not remenber? those commercial spots on the screen? i got in touch with it in Folkestone/Kent in 1969 unforgetable........ Ralph from Germany" redferkel

"...went to Whitstable car boot sale this morning and came across Rose selling lots of interesting 'bits' - including an almost used bottle of Aqua Manda Body Rub! Hadn't seen any for 30+ years, since my teenage years. After I exclaimed in wonder at the beautiful packaging and glorious scent, Rose gave me the bottle. I'd forgotten all about it...what joy! Thanks Rose" Clare

"There was a men's version as well, in dark brown, but otherwise the packaging was identical. The smell was peppery/spicy with the same herbal undertones. I used both versions, and would love them to be available again. Especially the mens, and the bath oil." David

"I can't believe that nobody has ever copied this beautiful scent." Anne

"I loved Meadowsong and have spent years looking for anything that comes close. If Aqua Manda, Aqua Citra and Meadowsong were all by Christopher Collins, made by Goya, who no longer exist, who owns the legal title to these perfumes?" June Poole

I believe the Aqua Manda brand is owned by Coty. Retrowow

"The beautiful artwork, the classic bottles, the fresh herbal tang....all this is so evocative of the early-mid seventies and tll that went with it, The very essence of my mum. Please, if you have the formula for this, bring it back in all it's glory, I will be right there waiting for both men and women's versions." Nemesis

"i have been desperately trying to get hold of some aqua manda for about 2yrs now, but alas, with no luck. please,please bring it back." susan

"please bring aqua manda back to us, somebody." lilian

"I would love to be able to buy this again please, bring this lovely perfume back" alex schindler

"In the early 70's I used to buy a bottle of this every Christmas for my nana,(along with a packet of polo mints!!) I remember buying it in Boots. She used to say that she loved it. Maybe she was just trying to making a little girl happy! She died over 20yrs ago. I would love to have a bottle of this scent just to smell it and bring back memories of my nana." Cathy

"Oh finally I have found out what it was called, my friends and I have been racking our brains for months. Just looking at the bottle brings back memories, as mentioned in one of the above comments I remember 4711 and we also used to wear Brut (yes the mens aftershave) which we could buy in those dinky bottles!!! Youth Dew was very popular as well Such memories, such a shame it is no longer available" Gina Leach

"I loved everything about this perfume - the smell, the bottles, the boxes, how it made me feel. It soooo needs to be brought back." Mandy

"Oh my, I just ADORED Aqua Manda and it's grassy cousin, Meadowsong. I have both scents imprinted firmly in my memory banks - one whiff and I would be instantly transported back to those wonderful times in the early 70s. I have actually bought two samples on eBay, but they never smell quite right (after all, they ARE 40 years old!) I see so many people on the internet who would kill for a smell of these perfumes, I just can't imagine why some enterprising company (presumably Coty?) doesn't do a retro limited edition, as already suggested. And quick, before us women of a certain age are too old to remember!

Other evocative aromas from that era would have to include Mary Quant lippies (such a distinctive smell!). I also lovingly remember Cutex (I think) Cheeky Chops, a cream blusher that we slapped on with abandon, and their lipstick in shot-silk colours. Ahh, happy days! " Dee

"Does anyone remember another Goya perfume of the 70s called 'Sea Jade'? I absolutely loved those products when I was a teenager." Julia

"I remember Aqua Manda Bath Oil and Bubble Bath. It was absolutely awesome to soak in before I went out on the town in the seventies. If there is anybody out there who knows how to get some, please let me know. If they brought it back it would definitely be a best seller! What a product!" Brian Mulholland

Hi Brian, The only place I know to buy Aqua Manda is ebay. Aquamanda is no longer made so eBay is the only place. Check out Original Aqua Manda on eBay Retrowow

"I bought some Aqua Manda in the 70s and have missed it ever since! It is the one perfume that I still associate with whenever someone peels an orange. I did get an orange perfume recently made by another company but it is not a patch on Aqua Manda!" Susan Limb

"I too loved Aqua Manda in the 70's and have been desperately trying to remember the name for days. It suddenly came to me this morning. I saw the packaging vividly and could almost taste the orangey scent and feel the 'lift' it always gave. So glad I'm not alone with my memories and ardent wish to see it back on the shelves again. Anyone know whatever happened to Kiku? Yellow packaging from around the same time?" Maggie

" I used Aqua Manda in the early 70's in London and I still have some left in a large bottle. I was lucky enough in the early 80's to find the small bottle in a swap meet. I have treasured these bottles over the years and use it as if it were gold. I would give anything to be able to find a source of it again! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!" Pamela Holl Hunt

Hi Pamela, Check out eBay. You can usually find Aqua Manda for sale. Quite often bottles are full. It's not available to buy new, as far as I know eBay is the only place you will find it. Retrowow

"I bought some v expensive orange bath stuff from L'Occitane, called something d'orange and kept thinking what does this remind me of? Then a memory of a brown and orange bottle came floating back from childhood, and it took me weeks trying to remember before I found this on the net!!! Hurrah! BTW - the Occitane one is absolutely fantastic, tho pricey, and has some of the same smell - and better lather! Enjoy! L x" Lynne

"My daughter gave me Molton Brown's "travel reviving cempaka" bath and shower gel for Christmas, and I've spent the last few days wracking my brains trying to identify which scent from the past it reminded me of - and it's Aqua Manda - I think!! I don't quite trust my memory and would love it if someone else could take a sniff of this at a counter and let me know if they agree.......... although I the name only came back to me when I was actually using it." Kate Harrison

"Please, please please will somebody start making Meadowsong again, just the thought of it takes me back to my teens. I have the leaflet which came with the bottle of perfume in a scrap book which I made in the 70's showing all the products they made and it is so pretty, just wish I'd kept the bottle to have a sniff at now and again! Is there anything out there that smells anything like it?" Janet Lane

"Aqua Manda was also my first perfume and you are so right it conjours up the whole 70s feel. The other day I smelled something similar and got all nostalgic. Thats why I looked it up on the net just now. Bring it back" Marie

"It has been so wonderful reading all the fantastic, nostalgic views on Aqua Manda. I loved it! It reminds me of the days of being 15, getting ready to go out and dance the night away to Tamla Motown. My hair would have smelt of Linco-Beer shampoo squeezed out of a plastic beer barrel, and I would probably have been lying in a hot bath full of Aqua Manda oil, oh! what great memories....." Trish Craxton

"I loved Aqua Manda, but Meadowsong even more, and thanks to Julia for the reminder of Sea Jade. I used to buy Sea Jade for my mum for Xmas but had totally forgotten about it till now. Anyway, for Meadowsong fans, I have just come across Molton Brown White Mulberry handcream, which is very similar. Off to join the Facebook group now for Bring Back Aqua Manda - what a 'fab' idea." Jean

"Oh how i would love them to bring back Aqua Manda it was my first real perfume and holds so many happy memories. Im sure it would sell well today." maggie

"Aqua Manda was THE teenage fragrance in the early 70's, with its distinctive fragrance and evocative packaging - yet pocket-money affordable. It's great to see it again on here, to bring all those great memories flooding back. There would undoubtedly be a market for a limited edition - perhaps for Christmas? - so let's hope the powers-that-be read this and take note!" Holly Fogg

"Please bring back Aqua Manda." Mary

"Yes yes!!! I loved Aqua Manda and Meadowsong, also Sea Jade which was done by Yardley. I would love to see them back and would pay a lot more for them today then I did as a teenager in the 70s!! Will some enterprising perfumier not do a trial run please??" Mags

"so fantastic so many people remembering aqua manda. and thanx for reminding me of sea jade, meadow song and kiku. would love to be able to buy them again!" gill

"Ah, the heady days of youth! I loved the fragrance of Aqua Manda. It's great to read all these nostalgic comments." Marie

"I am so desperate for Aqua Manda to come back. I have e-mailed Goya but they do not seem interested. Can't we all e-mail them or get together somehow to persuade them what a good and poular idea it would be? Oh the memories for a woman of a certain age!!" myra saunders 12/04/2010

"A new larger bottle of Aqua Manda is for sale at Jans Avon 4 U on the specialist site." Sue 06/05/2010

"Have been trying to get some Aqua Manda for my sisters 50th Birthday. Cant believe there nothing out there not even a copy.I used to buy this for all my friends birthdays and christmas presents.Cant believe that all those perfume companies dont realise that all those teenagers are now ladies of a certain age with more money to spend than when we were 15" Linda 18/05/2010

"The BEETLE car was loved in the 60s and Volkswagen stopped production.then someone had the simple idea that a new generation would like it too.The result was a successful relaunche. A whole new generation have not yet had the delightS of KIKU and AQUA MANDA. The male perfumiers should realise RETRO is the thing. So what are they waiting for?" sue keane 05/06/2010

"I also loved Aqua Manda in my teens, also Sea Jade, and Kiku and Xanadu both by faberge, it would be lovely to have any of these reproduced, but especially Aqua Manda, what memories that would bring back
June 08/06/10" June Lancaster 08/06/2010

"I also loved Aqua Manda from the seventies when I was in my early teens and would love to see it make a comeback. Also the distinctive smell of Silvikrin's lemon & lime shampoo which I used to buy in little sachets as I couldn't afford anything bigger. Guaranteed squeaky clean hair - no conditioners then!!" Bea 25/06/2010

"I too loved Aqua Manda, Yardley Sea Jade and Heaven Scent. It really did make you feel good going to the disco all dressed up and smelling gorgeous.

Later I got into Je Revien by Worth which is readily available on the net." Christine Barnes 04/07/2010

"Have just revisited 70's by reading all the comments about wonderful 'Aqua Manda' & Brut, makes me want to wear my Marc Bolan satin jacket! Am trying to track down another old favourite- Charisma by Avon - more lovely memories. Also remember Silvikrin Lemon & Lime shampoo- does anyone remember a very early bodywash by Nulon; think it was called All Over Softly ?" Diane Thomas 11/07/2010

"Aqua Manda - I can almost smell it!!!! Sea Jade - my favourite summer perfume. Anyone remember Happy Face washing cream?" Marie Watson 23/07/2010

"I emailed Coty yesterday as I too would love to see Aqua Manda back in the shops....their reply says that they have no current plan to reintroduce it into their range but my comments will be passed to the Marketing Department.....come on all of you, lets invade their inbox!!!!!
Sue" Sue 06/08/2010

"...the Goya factory was a few miles from me. Someone is missing the obvious here!! Surely it can be recreated???? Would make a fortune!! Come on, WHERE IS THAT CHEMIST???" sandi crpenter 10/08/2010

"my favorite was goya piquant talc in the purple tin my sis in law bought me some on my 12th birthday in 1974 and have looked for it for years last time i managed to get some was in 1982!!" lin, staffordshire 20/08/2010

"MY teenage years consisted of being in the bathroom having a three wishes bath foam bath and getting all dressed up to go to the disco at HMS Ganges disco every thursday! Loved the Aqua Manda!
Would bring lots of memories back if I could smell this perfume again! I now have 9 grandchildren! Would still love a bottle of this most georgous perfume! Let me know if you feel the same! luv Jayne" Jayne millward 06/09/2010

"@Jayne Milward i can't believe you mentioned three wishes bath foam, i thought i was the only one who could remember it, atleast now i know it's not false memory syndrome!" Mara Duvnjak 08/09/2010

"Re Aqua Manda Aftershave - emailed Coty, who presumeably swallowed up Goya many years ago - the corporate reply - No intention to reinstate this fragrance ( not in those words, naturally )! Would be so nice for ALL the current manufacturers to be approached with a view of ` cloning ` the fragrance and renaming it - ` Eau D`Orange ` comes to mind here. There is still a market for this product. Am really sick of somewhat ` nondescript smells`. To get something ` appealing to women - albeit I am happily married with family! - one must take a retrograde step into the past, and reintroduce what was the norm ` then `! One wonders has any manufacturer any spunk left to do so. I use the word in its correct context, and NOT its ` slang ` meaning! Correctly ` spunk ` means ` guts, determination` et seq `!" permsin 14/09/2010

"My mum always used to go on about Meadowsong by Goya and i've searching for it but haven't been able to find it!i really want to get it for her as a gift as she used to wear it in the 80's, can anyone tell me if it still exists and where to find it?cheers." Emerald Brewer 17/09/2010

"It was lovely to read all those memories! I have an old bottle of Aqua Manda,partially used;I sniff it to take me back to my teens too. Another fave of myself and bestest friend,Janet,was a bubble bath by "Personality" ? NOT SEEN THAT FOR DECADES!" Collette 06/10/2010

"I was watching Paul O Grady on Loose Women yesterday and he brought Aqua Manda up in conversation. One of those things I had completely forgotten about but as soon as he said it brought my teenage years back as that was such an inportant item in getting ready to go out in the early 70s!

Maria Winchester" Maria 15/10/2010

"I've been reading similar posts on the internet from all kinds of places, every one of them mentions Aqua Manda. I can't believe Coty would be so shortsighted as not to even consider launching a limited edition, with such a welter of enthusiasm for it. If I won the lottery I'd be buying the rights off them and having it made myself!

In the meantime the other blogs reminded me of some other products from the same era - anybody remember Polyherb shampoo? And another of their products, something to do with Rain? Gorgeous smell. I also remember Klorane's Walnut Leaves shampoo, gave dark hair a glorious shine.

By the way, there's a bottle of Kiku fragrance on eBay at the moment if anybody's interested (21/10/10) - it won't smell the same, but the bottle brought back loads of memories on its own (remember the yellow ball of dusting powder?)" Dee 21/10/2010

"When clearing out my mother's cupboards, after she died, I came across a Yellow Ball of Kiku talc, still boxed and in it's cellophane. Obviously a present I'd bought for her in the '70s. That was ten years ago and I opened it and used it the other day, it still has fragrance. I also found an Aramis Teddy Soap - which I'd bought for Dad, that really has kept it's scent. But can anybody remember the name of the other fragrance, in green packaging that Faberge sold in the seventies - I thought it more 'sophisticated' at the time......" Linda Skilton 16/11/2010

"Just won a bottle of the classic fragrance on ebay. Not normally bothered about Christmas, but I am actually looking forward to giving my wife this wonderful piece of history." Dave from King's Lynn. 16/11/2010

"I too remember Aqua Manda such a beautiful fragrance and a pretty bottle we should start a page on Twitter to see if another company such as Coty will start to reproduce this wonderful product.I remember Sea Jade too , oh those were the days!" Ruth Gamble 24/11/2010

"Hi Linda
The other fragrance by Faberge in green packaging was called Aphrodisia, it did have a more sophisticated smell. Also there was Tigress, Xanadu and Kiku all brought out around the same time.
I have still got the yellow ball of Kiku talc which takes me right back!!" Trish Craxton 26/11/2010

"I was pleased to receive a solid perfume from America,made by "Pacifica" I think. (The blood orange fragrance) Although it was citrusy it is nowhere near as good as Aqua Manda! shame. . ." Collette 04/12/2010

"I too loved Aqua Manda and Citra. Is my imagination playing tricks, or does anyone else remember a green herby version called Aqua Herba? I have just discovered and bought Waitrose Essential Ginger and Clementine Cream Bath and Soap. Scent-wise it is the nearest I have found to Aqua Manda - 70's perfume heaven!" Mary M 15/12/2010

"I loved aqua manda and aqua citra - and meadowsong, sea jade, kiku and woodhue... bring them back I say!" jayne 06/01/2011

"Aqua Manda was my mother's favourite in the 70s, and she passed on her love of it to me. The main note was orange with herbal/cedar notes. The closest to my memory of Aqua Manda fragrance in body products is "Blood Orange and White Pepper" by Bliss Spa. Bring back Aqua manda!!!" Jen 08/01/2011

"I loved Aqua Manda. I have been eating a tangerine and telling my work colleague about this perfume I loved in the 70's. Aqua Manda - the name just came to me and then I found this site and all these other people loved it too. Wonderful memories of my teens and getting ready for a Sat night.
BRING BACK AQUA MANDA. Didn't like Sea Jade so much." Rona Robertson 24/01/2011

"My sister and I both loved Aqua Manda. I especially loved the soap with the bits of oat or something in it. About eight years ago my sister's son gave her a Christmas gift and apologised to her that it wasn't much but it was all he could afford, something he found in a clearance bin in a local chemist. She was amazed to find it was an Aqua Manda gift set. Lucky her! BRING IT BACK, PLEASE!" Miriam 10/02/2011

"Aqua Manda was the ultimate perfume of all time it would outsell all of todays air freshners that they call perfumes." Trevor 02/03/2011

"My Mum and I were talking about Aqua Manda today! We both love perfumes so much and in the 70s this was her perfume of choice. I remember her bottle of it on the bathroom shelf and just loved the smell of it. I wish I could smell it again I know it would bring back so many memories. My Mum and I both wear the Lush perfume Karma and I asked her today whether she thought it was similar to Aqua Manda as I can't really remember the smell as well as her. She said to her Karma is really reminiscent of the hippy 70s vibe smell like Aqua Manda was but it is a much heavier more velvety smell. We think it has oranges and patchouli in it but arent sure what else! It might be worth a sniff for those of you missing Aqua Manda though!" Heather-Jane 08/03/2011

"I loved this perfume 70S .....would be a great seller now,wish they could bring it back, todays young ladies would love it cool and fresh orange smell," marian 23/05/2011

"Aqua Manda was also my number one perfume, Goya Piquant was also gorgeous. One sniff of either would take me back to when I was 16. I remember Polyherb shampoo, getting ready to go out in the evening, could not stop smelling my hair, like rolling in a field of herbs!!! Fabulous!!!" Gloria Alice 25/05/2011

"Polyherb Plus and Polyharb Rainsoft shampoos cost 5/- (in old money) compared to Sunsilk and Supersoft herbal shampoos which cose 2/6d - even though I was a poor schoolgirl I would spend the 5/- on the Polyherbs because they were so wonderful - if only they would come back they beat anything available today - my mum also loved Poly home perms" Flora 29/05/2011

"OMG I'm 17 again reading all this!!(add 40 this Sunday and you'll be nearer the mark!!)
I adored Aqua Manda and would love to see it make a come back. And Sea Jade too.I'm so with Trish from Craxton about getting ready for a disco dancing to Tamla all night! Another one around this time was Aquarius.Think it was by Max Factor. One sniff of something similar transports you back to another era. So nostalgic. I also remember Polyherb shampoo. I had the same dilemma of whether to but the cheaper Supersoft version but nothing beat Polyherb. You felt like the girl on the telly with her swishy long hair full of flowers.!And the girl in the balloon who "flies like a bird" was advertising Nimble or Slimcea bread!! Oh those heady days of innocence....." Linda 17/06/2011

"Does anyone remember Stowaway body sprays and soap? I liked the Sunrise one. That smelt a bit orange-y." Janice 08/07/2011

"Hi. It's fantastic to see how many of us all just absolutely love the AQUA MANDA fragrance (created by Christopher Collins, and manufactured by GOYA in the 70s). Even though the perfume company GOYA are unfortunately no longer in operation, it would be superwonderful if one of the Perfume Companies (or even myself) could either be given/or buy the Rights to the Aqua Manda Fragrance recipe, and reproduce the very beautiful AQUA MANDA FRAGRANCE once again; the Royalties would be astronomical, and oh so very much worth every second of all the very hard work which would go into recreating this very precious iconic fragrance treasure, together with the same bottle and packaging design. Has anyone got any ideas please?
Karyn Rolston." Karyn Rolston 29/07/2011

"I have joined a facebook page "bring back aqua manda" I am trying to get a hold of the ingredients so that I can try making it...or at least something similar (Im an aromatherapist). was thinking about trying soap first. Any input would be much appreciated. Jean x" jean glen 16/08/2011

"Absolutely LONG for Aqua Manda again - so does my middle sister, who's of that era, too. Wonderful rose-tinted (and orange-scented) memories of long early-70s summers on the beach or rowing up the canal at Bude, picnics, smoking Consulate, drinking cider, James Taylor and Carole King the soundtrack... anyone who can recreate Aqua Manda just as we knew it (remember the lovely oiliness of it? And the oatmeal soap?) would be on to a gold mine..." Hilary Vivian 07/10/2011

"Just the name Aqua Manda makes me smile,memories of my teenage years and it was the first bottle of perfume I ever owned.It would be great to get it back on the market I'm sure it would make someone very wealthy if they could manufacture it again.I can smell it now all orangy and fresh soooooo lovely." Angela Taylor/Peevor 13/11/2011

"I am so pleased to know that I am not the only one who love Aqua Manda. I am sure if it was recreated it would be a real hit, especially with my generation. It will always be a reminder of our youth." Jane Smart 04/12/2011

"Just going back to Janice's comment about Stowaway, it's taken me years to remember the name! I could remember the scents -Orient Express ( my favourite!) and Blue? (I think it's might be Sleepy) Lagoon and thought there was a thrid. This must be Surise which Janice mentioned. I also loved Tramp by Lentheric and Chicque by Yardley. Good old days" Deborah 07/01/2012

"The name strikes many chords with me when I was still living in Holland. I used to listen to the crackly English radio and remembered the advert with the darkly sounding voice and music, advertising Goya Aqua Manda and that it was avaiable from Beckenham in Kent." Rotterdam1953 26/01/2012

"Ah, Aqua Manda orange and Aqua Citra Lemon and the oatmeal soap. Fabulous.
Thank you for the reminder of Sea Breeze by Yardley. I also loved Caprice which had a pink band around the bottle. Meadowsweet which was awesome. I also loved Three Wishes soap & bath foam which was made by Couzens.
Charisma & Pretty Peach by Avon and Courant also I think by Coty, or could it be Prince Matchabelli? Thank you all for invoking such wonderful memories." Sally 12/02/2012

"My wonderful sister managed to get me an Aqua Manda spray at Christmas! Could have cried - was better than a big lottery win; it is like the Holy sniff cheers me up immediately..." Diane Thomas 19/02/2012

"one lady said she felt like crying when she saw the bottle of aqua manda i did cry when i saw it brought back so many happy memories.wish thay would make it again it was a bottle of happyness.there is nothing out there like it.a buitifull fragrance." zelda 29/02/2012

"oh i can smell it now lol, i loved heaven scent,je reviens,rebel,blaze,scamp,courant,i sometimes get an bit misty eyed by certain smells, ambre solaire ohhhh that long hot summer, :)" chey 02/03/2012

"Mum had Aqua Manda I remember the orange fragrance like it was yesterday , and she was also a big avon fan , but can anyone remember little flat round bottles of violet perfume my Grandmother had them ?" Michelle 03/03/2012

"Reading these memories has been wonderful and teary-eyed about that very special decade. I treasure my last little bottle. If I had it back, I would wear it every day. Memories come flooding back. Cachet, Love's Lemon, Tabu.. (sexy), Jackie Magazine, Biba shops, Plum colored eyeshadow and nailpolish, plucked eyebrows, Marc Bolan, lol. YES. PLEASE GET THEM TO BRING IT BACK. In the meantime, stick an orange with cloves all over, and hang it in your wardrobe. It'll last a few weeks." Pam 11/05/2012

"You can stil buy Je Reviens and I have a bottle in my drawer for special occasions. Oh I loved the Polyherbal Rainsoft shampoo - fantastic smell ...... Aqua Manda, Brut aftershave, Avon 'Here's my heart', 'Occur' 'Windjammer' - and anyone remember a bath essence by Morney - a blue egg shaped container - 'Rejuvenation' I think it was called! and KIKU - yes, lots of memories :(" Celia Bellamy 07/06/2012

"I loved aqua manda.please someone reissue made me feel special.also i loved avon 'somewhere' cream perfume" janice 23/06/2012

"I thought i was the only one with strong memories of aqua manda the first perfume i bought from a chemist on my way home from work my wages were £5 per week then and this was my fave also had kiku and loved avons rapture, nearness and bird of paradise. Girls if i win the lottery i will make it my mission to get all of them reproduced just as we remember so we can invoke our precious memories at will. My nan has passed years ago and she loved californian poppy and my other nan wore 4711" denise 24/06/2012

"Like all the ladies above, I would really love to buy some modern Aqua Manda or Kiku perfumes. I can't think why perfume companies don't take note! At the moment I'm wearing Charlie Blue, which is just the same scent as when it came out in the 70's. As for Aqua Manda, the closest I have come to it recently is Marks & Spencer Spa Collection Skin Revitalising Shower Gel also Body Lotion. It has the faintly orange-gingery perfume I remember from the 70's." Annie Greatorex 20/07/2012

"I would love to be able to buy Aqua Manda as it so reminds me of my Mum, She used to have a big bottle of it on her dressing table. I thought it was so sophisticated I used to sneak in and open it to have a smell and sometimes dab a bit on my wrist. I think it should be brought back in the smae bottle an everything ;)" Louise 15/08/2012

"Reading all these comments brought back so many memories for me too. Aqua Manda, Lemon Soap on a rope, patchuli oil, Elizabeth Taylor eyeliner style, my first plum eye shadow and matching nail enamel from Biba!! People I had tucked away in my memories, flowers, peace, love, pre AIDS freedom....." Pat Cottle 26/08/2012

"I worked on the cosmetics counter at my local Boots on a Saturday. I used to go home reeking of perfumes! L'Aimant,Tweed,Charlie to name a few." Liz 30/09/2012

"Hemas Holdings PLC own the Goya brand. They are in Sri Lanka and seem a big diverse company. I noticed Black Rose/Gardenia and Jasmine in spray form on their website (in very colourful packaging).
They seem keen to spread the word on their products but don't appear to supply the UK.
Of course, the recipe may have suffered along the years. Or perhaps not.....
I wonder if they own the rights to Aqua Manda too.
Jasmine is my fountain of youth and takes me back to London 1965, clutching the precious (discontinued even then) little bottle in the pocket of my Courrege mac to dab on before meeting the boyfriend.
His looks and name are lost to the sands of time - but the fragrance is locked in my heart forever." Helena Smith 20/10/2012

"Ooh Aqua Manda, Kiku, Xanadu, Tigress, Polyherb shampoos and Wella Balsam Shampoos , loved them all and they should come back!!!!!!!!! I can still get lincobeer shampoo at my local chemist!" Penni 07/12/2012

"Iremember my husband bought me aquamanda when we had our first christmas togther in the 70s and the bottle was like a consertina I kept it for years i really loved it. He also bought me a chest of sea jade items and i still got a little bottle still full i also had a suede cats blue and black with mistque perfume so many memories I also remember the mens after shave called jade east it was really lovely." Janice 12/12/2012

"Aqua Manda bottles! I used to make stamps and press the pattern into moulds and I remember the oiliness that was so soft on your skin! Also loved Gingham in the fawn checked tins-Just Musk by Avon was nearly the same!" Alison 23/12/2012

"I loved this perfume my daughter saw a bottle on Life on Mars ......TV series said she recalled me using it, when she was small ,shes now 46 oh how I would love it to be around again a lovely heady citrus orange smell,still can smell it now in my memory .have looked on e-bay but hardly any and when there is some its very expensive and possibly stale by now.Somebody should bring it back for us 60s/70s youngsters," marian geri 12/02/2013

"I have just spent a couple of days in York, went to the castle 60s side and saw a bottle of Aqua manda, it took me back to the days when I was young and sexy. I want it back!
July 2013." maureen 03/08/2013

"I have just been to a place called Hebden Bridge for some Aqua Manda perfume. A little shop Feathergills Emporiam. I paid £33 for it, one happy lady:)" maureen 26/08/2013

"Aqua Manda has been relaunched. It's available now from in beautiful 70s packaging, in time for Christmas 2013." Tim 10/11/2013

"Beauty Brand Development bought the Aqua Manda Trademark and marketed something they say is Aqua Manda to the original recipe in November 2013. But it isn't Aqua Manda as we know it. A believe a new facebook group is in the offing to continue campaigning for the original fragrance to be re-made. Of course, now that the name Aqua Manda has been bought, any other attempt to re-create the fragrance will have to be given a different name. The reviews of the recently released Aqua Manda have not been good from the campaigners, who know what it's supposed to smell like, some of whom still own a little of the original. There is a review on" English Rose 11/11/2013

"I was so so thrilled to discover Aqua Manda has been relaunched this month, I will definatly be buying some, yes it did have a distinctive orangy smell, I also would love to see them re create Frenzy, another great smell from Goya, it also has fruity notes and just as captivating, its almost unobtainable although I managed to get my hands on the creame roller perfume, but it has lost its original scent, wish they would bring Frenzy back, Goya had to be the No 1 manufacturers for perfume, and although the bottles were tiny the scent lasted and lasted, waiting for more Goya old smells to be relaunched now and hoping the founder will consider it, Im sure with all the demands he would be a millionaire" Roberta 27/11/2013

"I too was tearful at the pictures of those fab little bottles of orangy fabulousness. I don't know if it's my age, but I had been reminicsing about Aqua Manda for ages. I used to spend hours getting ready for a night out - at the school or youth club disco, Motown, Slade, Garry Glitter etc! Being spotty at the time, I used a face pack called Glow 5, I think. I have such happy times of the 70's. My husband says it was power cuts etc, but I don't remember that bothering me. I even tried to iron by candle light to go out one evening. You've guessed I didn't become a brain surgeon.
I am gutted to read that the new perfume isn't right as I've already put it top of my letter to Santa. Does anyone know of the best substitute? Happy Christmas to us all that fondly remember the 70's. Now the 80's, that's a different story, don't get me started." Debra 02/12/2013

"I loved this too-and was amazed to see it in Fenwicks in Canterbury last Saturday so just had to buy a bottle. Smells exactly as it did and I had a day of memories.....aaah such good times. Go buy it and lets hope it tales off again as it's so much nicer than many other perfumes on the shelves. It would be lovely to know that public opinion has prompted a remixing-and some of it down to all the comments here! Well done all of you.x" Marian 04/03/2014

"Does any one know if Stowaway are still around and if they still make Sleepy Lagoon,Orient Express and there was a third one? Distant Shores?. Would dearly love some. Around in the 1970's From Kym" kym parton 24/11/2014

"I too would love to know if you can still get Stowaway Sleepy Lagoon. Would love to hear if anyone has any ideas" Sheena B 29/11/2014

"I have been searching for 'Stowaway' for my Mum, it was her favourite scent when she was a girl. Her eyes light up with special memories just telling me how much she would love to have some again. No luck as yet...." Suzy 31/12/2014

"Found this text from a chemist electronic resource paper dated August 1979, confirming the four scents of Stowaway :

5. Parfums Roberre
the four Stowaway fragrances:
Dawn Flight,
Sleepy Lagoon,
Rio Lights and
Silent Shores
are available in three Christmas packs.
One contains a concentrated cologne spray (£2.02) and the other cologne spray and talc (£3.09).
The third (not pictured) is a Stowaway roll-on cologne in a sueded fabric pouch (£1.05)

Suzy. Still searching for Stowaway." Suzy 10/01/2015

"Aqua Manda has been reproduced, I bought some about 18 months ago, January 2014. I googled it. I think my daughter has nicked it as I can't find it." Janet 20/06/2015


"I was given a set of talc and fragrance for Christmas, think it was 1975, when I was 12, Cussons Meadowsweet, had a wonderful fresh apple-like scent, I loved it so much I only used it on very special occasions, which is why I still have the chunky green bottle half-full of perfume! It doesn't smell quite the same, over 40 years old after all! but I still open it and have a nostalgic sniff every so often!" Ruth Kent 17/08/2017

"The first perfume spray I remember buying was Charlie, when I was fifteen (1969) They revived that one - available at Boots - but I don't like the scent any more. After that it was patchouli oil, which we hippy chicks bought to disguise the smell of our Afghan coats! Men also wore it (and the stinky coats too!) Boots also stock a version of that, but it's not the same. I'd forgotten Aqua Manda until I read a nostalgia article last week. I hope Boots will start stocking it soon. I had a Chanel No. 5 phase later, then dabbled with Opium (Catholic church-y smell) I have some 4711, but am now hankering after AM!" Kate Quigley 22/03/2018

"Hi Kate, I think the patchouli oil was suppose to disguise the smell of the wacky baccy being smoked in the 60s and 70s, not the clothes, although they probably all smelt of it too!!" Angel 18/05/2018

"I remember going to buy Faberge fragrance with my mother. Babe was my favourite, kiku was hers!. I wore Tigress too,,lot of romantic memories with that scent. Aqua Manda i adored aswell. bring em all back please!!!!!. Nostalgia in one spray!!!." Rosemary Skinner 01/04/2019

"Does anyone remember the old Stowaway tv commercial from the late 1970's?
The one were the woman scuba diver emerges from the sea?
It was the last commercial my grandma worked on and I would love to know if anyone else remembers it? or see it again ." Tim 25/05/2019

"I have an opened one Aqua manda for men after shave. I don't know how much does it worth?" Hamid Misbah 28/06/2020

"Hi Hamid,
A full bottle sold for 20 pounds on ebay recently. Best regards

Steven" Steven 29/06/2020

"where can I buy the stowaway body spray sleepy lagoon" diana 21/07/2020

"Aqua Manda!! My mum bought me a bottle for Christmas when I was about 12 in the mid 70s. I adored it. I would so much love to have some now." Amanda Stone 25/09/2020

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