Vintage G-Plan cabinet furniture ranges (1953 to 1969)

G-Plan began in 1953 with just one range of furniture, Brandon, finished in light or mid oak. Light oak was the fashionable look in the early 50s, mid oak, meant to appeal to traditionalists, was much less popular. Consequently today most surviving Brandon is in light oak.

E Gomme introduced new ranges to keep up with changes in fashion. A combination of rich African mahogany and ebonised finished details, 'Tola and Black', was their next range. In the early 60s, Donald Gomme, the brains behind G-Plan, left the company and the firm lost its way. They launched a number of different ranges to attempt to please to all tastes. Donald's brother, Lesley Gomme, eventually brought things back under control towards the end of the decade and rationnalised the ranges concentrating mainly on the new Fresco range in cabinet furniture.

For collectors it is important to establish which range a piece comes from. This is our summary of the main G-Plan ranges from 1953 to 1970.

G-Plan Brandon coffee table, 1950s (image dirtybanjo)


Brandon was the first range of G-Plan launched in 1953.

Chinese White

G-Plan tola and black sideboard, c1958, (image retroandvintagefurniture)

Tola and Black

Tola and Black was a new glamorous range for the late 50s. It is sometimes found without the ebonised legs, with the furniture finished in tola only.

Limba chest of drawers, 1960 (Image recycled*design modified by Retrowow


Although very much in the modern style, Limba did not work for G-Plan. Stag's C-Range of a few years' earlier was much more successful. By the end of the fifties people were looking for more bling and found Limba a bit too reminiscent of office furniture.

G-Plan Decorated

G-Plan Decorated brought a more feminine look to the bedroom. Inspired by period Chinese pieces finished in lacquer, G-Plan Decorated combined modern style with a traditional finish. It was a break with Gomme's modernist approach to G-Plan.

G-Plan tola sideboard c1962 (image homeheritage)

New Tola

The new Tola (Oak finish was also available) was influenced by the Scandinavian trend of long low sideboards. However, the finish in Tola was similar to other Gomme pieces. The range included G-Plan's longest sideboard (model number 4007) which measured 7 feet 3 inches. There was a smaller 4 feet 9 inches sideboard (4005) with a similar finish. There were also two dining table options: an extending table (4305) and a drop leaf table (4310). Gomme was a little behind the times with this range. Competitors MacIntosh and Austinsuite had already started marketing teak ranges with a Scandinavian look.

G-Plan Group 3, 1962 (image courtesy of High Wycombe Furniture Archive)

G-Plan Group 3

Group 3 was inexpensive furniture designed for flats and small houses. Aimed at the young end of the market, it was also modern and well designed.

G-Plan Danish

G-Plan introduced Danish in 1962 in response to competition for Scandinavian imports. It was a move upmarket for Gomme and today G-Plan Danish is Gomme's most sought after range. See G-Plan Danish for more information.

G-Plan Collector, 1962 (image courtesy of High Wycombe Furniture Archive)

G-Plan Collector

Gomme was very active with new ranges in the early 60s. Collector was more traditional looking than contemporary G-Plan.

G-Plan Young Idea (bedroom)

This new range of bedroom furniture for 1963 was designed to look built-in. The range included chests of drawers, dressing tables, wardrobes, cupboards and headboards.

G-Plan Country Style, 1962 (image courtesy of High Wycombe Furniture Archive)

G-Plan Country Style

Country Style was plain furniture finished in natural oak. It followed the trend of pine finished kitchens which was just beginning in the mid sixties.

G-Plan Brasilia

Brasilia was simply styled teak furniture inspired by Scandinavian design. The range included a large 6 foot 9 inch sideboard. There were smaller sideboards, sideboards with cupboards on top, three different styles of dining room chair, two dining room tables and a gateleg table.

Brasilia was dropped from G-Plan's catalogue by 1971.

G-Plan Quadrille bedroom suite, 1965 (image courtesy of High Wycombe Furniture Archive)

G-Plan Quadrille

Quadrille was modern bedroom furniture in a simple style and teak finish.

G-Plan Fresco

G-Plan Form Five wall unit, 1968 (image courtesy of High Wycombe Furniture Archive)

Gomme introduced Fresco in 1966 for the dining room. It had a sculptured look to it and the chairs had circular seats. This was one of Gomme's most successful ranges and remained in the catalogue for many years. For more information see G-Plan Fresco.

G-Plan Form Five

Form Five was a range of modern furniture in a simple minimla style introduced around the end of the 60s and exbanded in the early 70s. Gomme replaced the Form Five range with the Fresco wall furniture range in 1975.

See also G-Plan ranges 1970 to 1979

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Hi I have a Brandon bedside table with shelf on top and a Brandon chest of drawers with mirror and lift side storage inside top.drawer .don't suppose you know what it might be worth


hello, i have a tola and black extendable dining table - perfect condition, and six chairs (upholstery redone) - wondering if eBay is the best place to sell it and how much I should put it up for… Thank you for your amazing information on this site.


Hi any information and idea of the worth of both wardrobes and dressing table would be very helpful. Thinking maybe from the 60's? Not sure if they are worth anything?

Hello, I have a G-Plan Tola drawer unit. It is badly damaged and I am taking it back to the teak veneer in order to restore it. I am trying to figure out what the colour is that was used to lacquer the drawers. It looks like a dark oak? Any suggestions much appreciated.
Hi Steve, Firstly I'd like to thank you for the comprehensive information you've so kindly provided on mid century furniture which I've found invaluable. Please could you tell me the difference between 'Tola', 'Tola & Black' and 'Librenza' or whether they are all names for the same range of furniture? I'd also appreciate any advice you could give regarding the value of a 'Tola & Black' wardrobe, chest of drawers and dressing table as prices seem to be varying wildly. Many thanks for any help you can give!
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