Vintage G-Plan cabinet furniture ranges (1953 to 1969)

G-Plan began in 1953 with just one range of furniture, Brandon, finished in light or mid oak. Light oak was the fashionable look in the early 50s, mid oak, meant to appeal to traditionalists, was much less popular. Consequently today most surviving Brandon is in light oak.

E Gomme introduced new ranges to keep up with changes in fashion. A combination of rich African mahogany and ebonised finished details, 'Tola and Black', was their next range. In the early 60s, Donald Gomme, the brains behind G-Plan, left the company and the firm lost its way. They launched a number of different ranges to attempt to please to all tastes. Donald's brother, Lesley Gomme, eventually brought things back under control towards the end of the decade and rationnalised the ranges concentrating mainly on the new Fresco range in cabinet furniture.

For collectors it is important to establish which range a piece comes from. This is our summary of the main G-Plan ranges from 1953 to 1970.

G-Plan Brandon coffee table, 1950s (image dirtybanjo)


  • Launch date: 1953
  • Finish: Light or mid oak
  • Designer: Victor Bramwell Wilkins
  • Features: Splayed legs, wooden handles, simple style

Brandon was the first range of G-Plan launched in 1953.

Chinese White

  • Launch date: 1956
  • Finish: Light oak and white
  • Designer: Unknown
  • Features: Wooden handles, white drawers or cupboard doors, some brass fittings. Pieces sometimes have black ebonised legs.

For a detailed guide to Brandon see G-Plan Brandon

G-Plan tola and black sideboard, c1958, (image retroandvintagefurniture)

Tola and Black

  • Launch date: 1958
  • Finish: Tola (African Mahogony), ebonised legs
  • Designer: Unknown
  • Features: Brass fittings

Tola and Black was a new glamorous range for the late 50s. It is sometimes found without the ebonised legs, with the furniture finished in tola only.

Limba chest of drawers, 1960 (Image recycled*design modified by Retrowow


  • Launch date: 1960
  • Finish: Honey coloured limba (an African wood) with metal legs
  • Designer: Lesley Dandy
  • Features: Very severe minimalist design

Although very much in the modern style, Limba did not work for G-Plan. Stag's C-Range of a few years' earlier was much more successful. By the end of the fifties people were looking for more bling and found Limba a bit too reminiscent of office furniture.

G-Plan decorated bedroom, 1962

G-Plan Decorated

  • Launch date: 1961
  • Finish: White lacquer and pale grey laminated plastic decorated with plants in a Chinese style
  • Designer: Lesley Dandy
  • Features: Chinese style

G-Plan Decorated brought a more feminine look to the bedroom. Inspired by period Chinese pieces finished in lacquer, G-Plan Decorated combined modern style with a traditional finish. It was a break with Gomme's modernist approach to G-Plan.

G-Plan tola sideboard c1962 (image homeheritage)

New Tola

  • Launch date: 1961
  • Finish: Tola with brass handles and wooden legs
  • Designer: Lesley Dandy
  • Features: Low long look.

The new Tola (Oak finish was also available) was influenced by the Scandinavian trend of long low sideboards. However, the finish in Tola was similar to other Gomme pieces. The range included G-Plan's longest sideboard (model number 4007) which measured 7 feet 3 inches. There was a smaller 4 feet 9 inches sideboard (4005) with a similar finish. There were also two dining table options: an extending table (4305) and a drop leaf table (4310). Gomme was a little behind the times with this range. Competitors MacIntosh and Austinsuite had already started marketing teak ranges with a Scandinavian look.

G-Plan Group 3, 1962 (image courtesy of High Wycombe Furniture Archive)

G-Plan Group 3

  • Launch date: 1962
  • Finish: Oak and teak veneers, or all teak from 1963
  • Designer: Richard Young
  • Features: Simple style

Group 3 was inexpensive furniture designed for flats and small houses. Aimed at the young end of the market, it was also modern and well designed.

G-Plan Danish

  • Launch date: 1962
  • Finish: Teak or rosewood
  • Designer: Ib Kofod-Larsen
  • Features: Top quality finish. Teak furniture had rosewood handles Some sideboards had leather handles.

G-Plan introduced Danish in 1962 in response to competition for Scandinavian imports. It was a move upmarket for Gomme and today G-Plan Danish is Gomme's most sought after range. See G-Plan Danish for more information.

G-Plan Collector, 1962 (image courtesy of High Wycombe Furniture Archive)

G-Plan Collector

  • Launch date: 1962
  • Finish: American walnut
  • Designer: Unknown
  • Features: Rounded off square metal handles, panel doors.

Gomme was very active with new ranges in the early 60s. Collector was more traditional looking than contemporary G-Plan.

G-Plan Young Idea (bedroom)

  • Launch date: 1963
  • Finish: Light oak with walnut rosewood and white lacquer contrasts
  • Designer: Unknown
  • Features: Built-in type furniture

This new range of bedroom furniture for 1963 was designed to look built-in. The range included chests of drawers, dressing tables, wardrobes, cupboards and headboards.

G-Plan Country Style, 1962 (image courtesy of High Wycombe Furniture Archive)

G-Plan Country Style

  • Launch date: 1964
  • Finish: Bleached oak
  • Designer: Richard Young

Country Style was plain furniture finished in natural oak. It followed the trend of pine finished kitchens which was just beginning in the mid sixties.

G-Plan Quadrille bedroom suite, 1965 (image courtesy of High Wycombe Furniture Archive)

G-Plan Quadrille

  • Launch date: 1965
  • Finish: Teak
  • Designer: R Bennett
  • Features: Simple style, teak finish handles, similar to Fresco, but smaller.

Quadrille was modern bedroom furniture in a simple style and teak finish.

G-Plan Fresco

  • Launch date: 1966
  • Finish: Teak
  • Designer: Victor Bramwell Wilkins
  • Features: Teak finish, sculptured look.
G-Plan Form Five wall unit, 1968 (image courtesy of High Wycombe Furniture Archive)

Gomme introduced Fresco in 1966 for the dining room. It had a sculptured look to it and the chairs had circular seats. This was one of Gomme's most successful ranges and remained in the catalogue for many years. For more information see G-Plan Fresco.

G-Plan Form Five

  • Launch date: 1967
  • Finish: Teak
  • Designer: R Bennett
  • Features: Teak finish, modern look

Form Five was a range of modern furniture in a simple minimla style introduced around the end of the 60s and exbanded in the early 70s. Gomme dropped the range by the mid 70s..

See also G-Plan ranges 1970 to 1979

Your comments

"Hi. We have been clearing my mother's bungalow. She has some nice pieces of 1950's G-Plan Tola and black with brass fittings in good condition with just a few scratches. Where is the best place to sell and what sort of price should we ask? There is a dressing table, chest of drawers, sideboard and dining table with 6 chairs (which have been recovered) I do have photos.
Rowena" Rowena 25/01/2013
"Hi Rowena, By far the best place to sell G-Plan is eBay. However, condition is everything. Tola and Black sideboards usually go for £30 to £50. The table and chairs might be worth slightly more, around £60 and the dressing table about £30. Expect from £20 to £50 for the chest of drawers. I would advertise them separately, not as one lot. Best regards" Steven 26/01/2013
"Hi, I have a G-Plan dressing table with triple mirror in immaculate condition, I'm not sure which wood it is (oak/light colour). Is ebay the best place for me to sell this, what starting price should I put ? any idea how much I can expect to get ? Thank you" holly 07/03/2013
"Hi Holly, The oak dressing tables don't seem to fetch much on eBay. May be around £30. You might want to start at about £19.99, then at least if there is only one bidder, you won't let it go too cheap. Good luck!" Steven 09/03/2013
"Hello! I have some G Plan E Gomme (Gold label) drawers. They look exactly like the Brandon range BUT they are a very dark wood (darker than teak). They are in excellent condition (4 drawers), but I have tried researching them and can't find their existence anywhere! Do you know if the Brandon range was ever done in a dark wood. It's not varnished from what I can work out. Any help appreciated." abigail gaines 08/01/2014
"Yes indeed. Gomme made Brandon in a darker oak as well as the more fashionable light oak. I think the idea was to appeal to those with more traditional tastes. The design was still modern of course." steven 08/01/2014
"Hi - wonder if you can help? I have a set of four E Gomme G plan [gold stamp] light oak dining chairs with low wooden back bars and tan leather [not upholstered]seats.They look to me 60's or early 70's ? So far I have been unable to find an image of or details about these chairs - any help would be much appreciated." michael 22/02/2014
"I have purchased a V Wilkins design coffee table with curved ends and glass top - which I believe is the Tulip design (1970's?) - and a three piece suite also with curved arms. Do you know if this was also designed by V Wilkins?
Thanks" Lesley Hodgkins 24/07/2014
"hi, i noticed tola and black launched in 58 yet i have acquired a t & b cocktail table dated 2nd july 1957. could this be right ?" edd 13/09/2014
"Hi there. I have two bedside cabinets plus matching dressing table in the Tola and black range but rather than the typical half moon type brass handles they have circular handles. I can't seem to find any other peices with these handles (I want to replace the dressing table for a chest of drawers) Are the handles I have original? Please help." Phil 27/02/2015
"I have a G-plan bed settee with 2 matching chairs. They were bought 1950/1960. I would like to sell them but don't know how to value them. I can email photographs of the furniture.
Thanks" Michele Pick 14/06/2015
"Hi there... I have a nest of tables that I think might be G Plan. I think the sticker may have fallen off though. Is there anywhere that I can find pictures of the ranges to compare? They are darker wood - mahogany I think. The legs are exactly the same as a teak Quadrille set that I had, but the surfaces are flat and not raised at the edges like they were. I have looked on eBay and not found any others the same. Can anyone point me in the right direction? All help appreciated.
Thanks, Tara" Tara 17/08/2015
"I have a g plan dresser it is Tola Black from 1958.With ebonisd legs
Also a G Plan dining room table to match with 4 butterfly chairs dating to the mid 1950.
where is the best place to sell these and at what price.
All are in very good condition" sylvia 16/10/2015
"I have 1967 G Plan Comfort Lovers furniture consisting of 2-three seater sofas and 2 armchairs in very good condition. Can you tell me if there is any value in these items please. Where would be the best place to sell?" Lynn Clemenson 27/10/2015
"thankyou" 13/03/2016
"Hi. I have g plan decorated. Metal legs with flowers printed on front. Drawers. They have the gold label e gomme in drawers. Any ideas on prices" Letitia 17/03/2016
"I have a G plan Display Cabinet, I think it maybe Mahogany, I am not sure of the year but I recall my Mother buying it in the 60s and would like to know if it would be of any value.
thank You Gwen." Gwenllian Fry 31/03/2016
"I sent sent a message about a display cabinet I have and I described it as Mahogany but it may be more like American Walnut.
Gwen." Gwenllian Fry 31/03/2016
"I have EGomme Tola sideboard plus dining table to match with extending plank underneath, 4 chairs ghastly black plastic leather look and 2 pale green upholstered seats. Also a wee coffee table to match - my Mum got whole set in early 60s for her silver wedding and sadly my Dad died just weeks later. However have had them now past my silver wedding and they have never suited my cottage - time to move on but best way dispose? Live 100 miles north of Glasgow" Lizzie Lou 13/04/2016
"I have a g plan bedside table type of thing. Not seen it anywhere else. It's 6ft long and runs the length of a bed it's about 1ft deep and the bed pushes underneath. It's really nice but I don't want it anymore. Any ideas what it's called?" Donna Law 27/05/2016
"Hi i have 2 gold stamp bedside cabinets i was wondering is it better not to paint them up or leave alone or revarnish the top and paint the legs black allso are they worth any money and were to sell them many thanks karl" karl mccabe 20/06/2016
"Hello, I have inherited a beautiful g plan, extendable, round dining table but will need to take the legs off to move it into my new house. The legs appear to be glued on buy I'm sure they must come off somehow. I can't find any info or tutorials for this. Any help much appreciated. Thanks" Jade 20/07/2016
"We have 1961 g plan decorated Chinese laquer bedroom suite would to buy extra drawers but I have never been able to find any for sale.
Any suggestions
ThaLInks" brian hereward 14/09/2016
"We have G plan Quadrille bedroom furniture : 3door wardrobe,gent's wardrobe,dressing table need of some attention what sort of price and what interest is there in such furniture." Anne 22/09/2016
"Hi, I'm after a bit of advice. I have recently bough a G plan wardrobe (i'd say its a gentlemen's wardrobe, Tola and Black). Only problem is its in a off white lacquer/paint.

Do you know if it was originally sold like this or has someone ruined it? The inside is beautiful, the outside not some much. Also what would you recommend for stripping it back to the teak.
Any advice you could give would be gratefully received.


Ben" Ben Collinson 07/12/2016
"I think it is probably original. Try searching on google images for G-Plan Chinese White. You should see some pictures. I definitely would not strip it off. All the best" Steven 11/12/2016
"I am trying to eemove the legs from an extending circular G Plan table. I gave removed all visible screws but still they are firm. All offers of advice would be welcome." Rosie 18/02/2017
"I have a G plan drink cabinet it has a glass cupboard on top 4 shelves pull out tray to mix the drinks and a draw then a cupboard underneath with bottle shelves in it has a dark red G plan metal badge inside I've been trying to find out how much it's worth as I am down sizing any help please" Theresa Buckley-Brown 06/04/2017
"I have table and chairs .Think they are
e gomme .Back is dark laminated with four screws in.Black legs gold seat.Looking for replacement screws." Jean Kolar 20/08/2017
"Hello I have been left alot of furniture from my daughters great great grandmother one item of which is a Gomme furniture Sunburst mirror I also have a round one which is from same collection era, I'm just wondering if there is any worth in them before I decide if we're to paint them or not.
Thanks in advance
Sam" Sam 24/08/2017
"Hello, my mother-in-law had a beautiful curved sofa in the late 60's/early 70's which had a wood inlay to the upright of the arms. It was covered in a sort of boucle fabric and was the most comfortable sofa ever. It was very modern in design for that era. I have tried everything to find the name/picture or better still to locate one with no success. No manufacturer makes anything that comes close to the design or comfort I remember of this sofa. Do you know any information that could help??" Lynne Casson 06/09/2017
"Hi, I have recently purchased a small G Plan sideboard/cabinet. One of the handles is broken and I am struggling to source a replacement. Any idea of where to start? Also, it might help if I could identify which model I have, any tips? Many thanks Vicki" Vicki jones 09/10/2017
"Hi I have inherited some Stag G Plan bedroom furniture, do you buy it? Not sure how old it is?
Hope you can help me
Louise" Louise Beason 05/12/2017
"Hi Louise,
Sorry we don't buy furniture. The website is for information about vintage and retro. I would sell on eBay if you want to get the best price. All the best, Steven" Steven 06/12/2017
"I have an e gomme gplan tall sideboard 4055 with unusual brass inset handles. What date of manufacture would this apply to as cannot find in catalogue?" Andy 01/04/2018
I have a G Plan Albany teak 135cm headboard which I purchased 1988. This is in excellent condition and the pad has been recently reupholstered in a mink/fawn material. Very nice looking item. Can you suggest where best place to offer for sale and suggested value please.
Thank you ken 26/08/18" Ken smith 26/08/2018
"I have Brandon furniture for both the living and bedroom. Really unsure on value as for Brandon walnut sideboard and dining table the dining chairs aren't part of the set. Plus for the bedroom two Brandon bedside cabinets plus a headboard. I can't find the headboard anywhere. These are in oak. Do you know if they did a headboard?" Fran 30/09/2018
"I am planning to refurbish a G Plan Librenza coffee table which I understand is tola with ebonised legs.Any advice please on the products to use as I have worked with mid century teak before but not tola.I did hear that black leather dye would work on the legs after fine sanding but all advice most welcome.


Jane" Jane Digby 21/10/2018
"We have a G.Plan table where the top pulls apart to open the extension panel. Trouble is it is very, very stiff and somethings we can't open it at all. Is there a solution to this problem please." Eileen Fisher 23/10/2018
I just bought a tulip g plan sofa with the intention or re-upholster it.. diy project. However, everytime we sit or get up, the sofa is extremely squeaky. I was wondering if there is a way to tackle that before reupholstering or whether I need to live with it, given the age? I canít figure out if it s the wood or something else .. thanks in advance." Cristina 07/11/2018
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