G-Plan coffee tables

Some of G-Plan's earliest marketing suggested buying a coffee table as a wedding present so that the happy couple could begin their G-Plan collection. Today a coffee table is a good piece to start a collection of retro furniture with too. It brings a touch of style to any room and G-Plan coffee tables were some of the most stylish pieces of furniture of the retro era. This is our selection of some of the best designs to look out for.

G-Plan Brandon coffee table, 1950s (image dirtybanjo)

G-Plan Brandon coffee table

This G-Plan Brandon coffee table, right, was known as a Cocktail Table. The glass top was for cocktails before a meal. The designer was Victor Bramwell Wilkins (V B Wilkins). It was finished in light oak, as used in the rest of the Brandon range. This table dates from the early 50s.

These tables were also made in a darker mid-oak finish.

G-Plan circular/oval coffee tables

This is one of the most collectable G-Plan coffee tables.

G-Plan circular coffee table (image Upholstery Art)

G-Plan made both circular and oval versions of this table. The finish is usually in teak, although in the later 60s a white finish became very fashionable and some of these table are in white. Some of the oval ones have an all-glass top.

The design dates from around 1969 and was by V B Wilkins.

These table are often called 'Astro' by some dealers and collectors, but Gomme used that term for the table pictured below. If you would like one of these expect to pay around 100 for a good one on eBay, although you can get restoration project for a lot less.

G-Plan Astro occassional table, 1970 (image Upholstery Art)

G-Plan Astro occasional table

For 1970 V B Wilkins designed this very stylish occasional table for G-Plan. It was known as G-Plan Astro and was described as an occasional table rather than a coffee table. It was finished in teak and afrormosia and sold for £32 10s in 1970.

This design is also known as the G-Plan 'Spider' by some dealers and collectors.

This is a much rarer design and when I looked I only found one for sale on eBay.

G-Plan hexagonal table (image billygoatgruff22)

G-Plan Hexagonal table

The Hexagonal table was designed by V B Wilkins in 1967. It marked a radical departure for G-Plan at the time. It cost £19 10s at its launch.

This is also a rare piece. These do come up on eBay from time to time, but expect to pay around £300.

G-Plan coffee table, 1973

70s G-Plan tiled coffee tables

This design, by Leslie Dandy, dates from 1973. In the informal 70s, low coffee tables were popular as people often sat on the carpeted flooor. This design, with the tiled top, is typical of the period. It was also available in a teak finish. Like most G-Plan furniture it is solidly constructed and well made.

These tiled coffee tables are quite common. You should be able to get a one in a good condition for around £50.

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"We have a G-Plan Hexagonal table. I purchased it in 1968 or 69 from Jones the Furnishers in Northampton for £21.00 It is always admired by everone who has seen it." R. Lenton 14/10/2011
"iam doing my place 80's look and want to know more about this site" derrick 24/01/2012
"I have a teak finish, solid surround coffee table that was purchased around the 1960's. My problem is there is not a makers name or label any longer on the table. I have photographs but unable to forward them to you on this site.
The table has an aluminum-moulded base consisting of a round stem with four legs extending outwards, on which a plastic disc fitted underneath at each end.
The table top within the solid rounded edging has from the center out, sections of (possibly veneered) whereby the grain comes out from the center in triangle-like sections.
size is 1.2 meter dia.
Can you enlighten me as to the possible designer?
I believe it is not Australia made.
I live in Sydney Australia
Thank you" Sylvana Vandertouw 22/10/2012
"My wife has inherited a teak g-plan dining set (chairs, table, sideboard and also a coffee table). They are rather charming and we are considering whether to design a new kitchen/diner entirely around them - the dining table has some water damage and would need restoring; however we have a four year old boy and are wondering if they could ever be entirely practical? Can the dining table serve as a general table for doing homework, arts and crafts etc or will it soon be ruined? Can it be given any sort of plasticised or other hard finish to protect it?" Jonathan Tafler 31/03/2013
"Did gplan make a coffee table in oak, I have just bought a table that has a glass section at each end and a Marquette pattern wooden centre, it has a single draw that can be accessed from either side of the table. Just wondered if it woul be their usual teak or oak?


Ian" Ian Craig 03/07/2014
"Advice on renovating a g-plan all wood coffee table please?" ken lovejoy 24/07/2014
"Hi I just found a gplan table in a skip. Gutted though , because the people chucking it had literally just smashed the glass , to fit it in the skip!:(
I could cry. However I'm wondering if you could source a glass top to fit it please?" Bo 15/01/2015
"I've just bought the smallest (from a nest of three) square coffee table at a charity shop. I think it's the Astro style. The top is a bit scruffy so I've carefully rubbed it down.
Do I now wax, teak oil or varnish it? Not sure which to do. - can you suggest please.
Thanks" Jan 26/07/2015
"Jan, Ken Lovejoy: I wrote a blogpost about g-plan table renovation:
http://volfidesign.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/how-to-remove-annie-sloan-chalk-paint.html" Martina 29/08/2015
have you heard of Gplan making a round sit at table that hides a cocktail tower in the centre? there is a button that you press in the center and up pops a console for glasses etc. I cannot seem to find any on the internet, hope you can shed some light
Sarah" sarah 22/07/2016

Were there other companies that made/copied the 1967 G-Plan Hexagonal table ?
Also should the mark be a stamp or a red sticker on this table ?

Thanks" alan christopher 15/11/2017
"How thick should the glass be on a round Astro G plan coffee table and should it be bevilled or plain edge? Any idea how much it would cost?" Robert Drew 18/06/2018
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