G-Plan World's Most Comfortable Chair

G-Plan Worlds Most Comfortable Chair (image funky.junky)

G-Plan World's Most Comfortable Chair 1962

G-Plan was going through a bad patch in the early sixties, but the World's Most Comfortable Chair, introduced in 1962, was a huge success. The swivel chair was originally upholstered in black vinyl, but other colours were introduced later.

It makes great feature chair in a lounge. You can find them in a range of different colours.

Expect to pay from £200 to £400 for one in good condition. Chairs needing recovering will be significantly cheaper, but remember the cost of reupholstering can be substantial.

Buy G-Plan chairs on eBay

eBay offers the widest selection of G-Plan chairs at the best prices. Look for pieces in good original condition, or reupholstered as new. They will be expensive to recover, so damage will affect value considerably.

Expect to pay at least £200 for a good one. Heavily worn or damaged chairs go for around £100.

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My parents have one of these G Plan swivel/ rocking chairs and it really is a fantastic and comfortable chair.

The chair also featured in the James Bond movie Goldfinger and in the Beatles movie Help where John Lennon sits on one

Diane Skegg
How did you fix your chair? I have had someone look at the springs and he reversed them which has made the chair much better and is now in a more upright position. Were you able to source new springs?
I have just fixed mine...
Diane Skegg
I also have an original 1969 most comfortable rocking chair and the rocking mechanism is faulty. Is there any hope of getting it fixed. I love my chair. Please let me know
leslie mcblain
my wonderfull chair is ageing, like me, the rocker swivel mechanism is in a bad state, I have fell backwards twice lately, any ideas how or who can repair it.I am useless at DIY
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