G-Plan Fresco dining room furniture

G-Plan Fresco sideboard, c1966 (image stepheng1173)

G-Plan Fresco was a hugely successful design for Gomme. Introduced in 1966, it became G-Plan's most successful ever range.

V B Wilkins designed Fresco. He combined the pop art motif of the circle, seen on ceramics and other pieces from the 60s, with the newly fashionable sculptured look for furniture which came from Italy, with the Scandinavian style teak to produce the definitive G-Plan style.

Fresco 1966

G-Plan Fresco dining table and chairs, c1966 (image recycled*design)

The Fresco teak dining range was introduced in 1966, and comprised a circular table and four chairs, illustrated right above, and a 7ft sideboard (left above). The set was finished in teak veneer. The legs on the chairs and the legs and handles on the sideboard were made in solid afromosia.

At its launch you could buy the sideboard for £59 and the table for £34. All these pieces were manufactured well into the 70s.

Look for pieces in excellent condition. Expect to pay from £150 to £300 for the sideboard. Scruffier pieces will be worth significantly less. £100 will probably secure a good dining table and four chairs.

G-Plan Fresco sideboard, 1969 (image judithlancashirelass)

G-Plan Fresco 1969

For 1969, G-Plan added more furniture to the Fresco range. There was a gate-leg table, a new design of chair and this 5ft sideboard pictured left. All were designed by V B Wilkins and finished in teak with similar style.

G-Plan Fresco teak sideboard, c1970 (image the_english_guy)

G-Plan Fresco 1970

This taller sideboard came in 1970. It was also designed by V B Wilkins and finished in teak veneer.

At 6ft 2in wide and 4ft high, it is a substantial piece of furniture. It cost £79 10s when new in 1970.

G-Plan New Fresco

A few years ago, G-Plan launched the New Fresco range, which drew on the original range for inspiration. It is not still made and is not common. Pieces might still come up on eBay.

G-Plan Fresco models - dining room

Sideboards, dressers and storage

40702 cupboards and central drawersW 84", H 31", D 18"1966-77
40723 cupboards with drawers aboveW 60", H 33½", D 18"1969-80
40742 cupboards, central drawers, unit aboveW 74", H 48", D 18"1970-75
4073Dresser table (top)W 55", H 40", D 10½"1976-80
4075Dresser table (base)W 56", H 30", D 17½"1976-c82
40782 cupboards, central drawersW 68", H 31", D 18"1977 only
4079Dresser table Buffet topW 55", H 26", D 11"1978-c82
4090Corner cupboardW 28", H 67", D 28"1979-
4103New Buffet top unit with glass cupboardsW 72", H 27", D 10½"1980-
4105Canted sideboard/baseW 73", H 28½", D 18"1980-

G-Plan introduced the Fresco wall furniture range in 1975. This was a range of unit dining room cupboard storage.

G-Plan replaced most of their Fresco sideboard and dresser range with a new range of teak unit furniture in around 1982.

Dining tables

1987Side table with flapsD 19" L 37" (open 58")1969-70
4384Rectangular, extendableW 36", L 60" (open 78")1970-c73
4385Circular, extendableDiameter 48", open 66"1966-
4387Extendable, rounded shapeW 44" L 64" (open 82")1966-77
4388Extendable, rounded shape, pedestal styleW 42" L 64" (open 82")1975-
4389GatelegW 36" L 12" (open 54")1969-
439312-seater pedestal styleW 46" L 91" (open 119")1978-80
4394Fixed pedestal styleW 32" L 64"1977-80
4402New extendable tableW 46", L 54" (open 72")1978-80

Dining chairs

4530Fully upholsteredc1969-c73
4534Ladder back1970-c82
4535Circular seat, padded back1966-74
4538Panel back1969-70
4540High back1975-
4542Padded back1975-
4544High back carver1975-
4543Padded back carver1975-
4545Padded back1975-77
4546New style ladder back1975-8
4547Traditional style ladder back1977-
4548Padded back (like 4534)1977 only
4554Cane back1978-
4554Cane back carver1979-
4556Curved back1979-
4557Curved back carver1979-

This information was compiled from a selection of G-Plan catalogues from the 1960s to 1982. Where there is no end date given, the item was in the 1982 catalogue.

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Christopher Harburn

Hi , does anyone have a picture of model number 4078 fresco sideboard from 1977? I'm trying to identify my sideboard, regards Chris.

Hi Annika, Sorry we don't sell furniture. This is site is for information only. Best regards
Annika Alford
Hi there, I'm looking to buy a round G Plan dining table and chairs (just like the image on your website). Do you still have them for sale? If so, do you have pics and how much for?
I have a g plan sideboard and dinning table and chairs for sale. We are in Newcastle upon tyne
I have the 7ft sideboard. It is lovely! Do you know how much it weights? I don't have the equipment to do so!
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