How much did things cost in 1975?

These are prices of some sample items in 1975.

How much were these prices for someone on an average income in 1975? To get a feel for this, I have adjusted them for the increase in incomes from 1975 to today. You can see these adjusted prices in the column 'Income adjusted'.

1975 priceIncome adjusted
Gallon of petrol73p£11
Bottle of whisky (Haig) (Key Markets)£3.39£49
Bottle of sherry (Harvey's Bristol Cream) (Fine Fare)£1.69£10.25
Watneys Party 4 (Peter Dominic)85p£12
Watneys Party 7 (Peter Dominic)£1.35£20
Pint of beer28p£4.10
20 cigarettes42p£6.10
Pint of milk7p£1
Large loaf of bread15p£2.20
22" Ultra colour TV (Currys)£259.00£3,800
20" Ferguson black & white TV (Currys)£74.95£1,100
Daily Mirror newspaper5p73p
Average house price£11,000.00£160,000
½lb Lurpack butter (Safeway)14p£2
Nescafé 4oz coffee (Tesco)35p£5.10
Can of coke (Tesco)7½p £1.10
Ford Cortina car£1765.00£26,000
Indesit fridge-freezer (Currys)£109.95£1,600
Hotpoint Supermatic twin tub washing machine (Currys)£122.95£1,800
Hoover Automatic Deluxe washing machine (Currys)£145.95£2,100
Golden Wonder crisps 8p£1.20
One dozen large white eggs38p£5.50
1lb Stork soft margarine (Key Markets) 20p£2.90
Jacobs Cream Crackers (Sainsbury's) 13p£1.90

The income adjusted prices are based on the Bank of England's Three Centuries Macroeconomic Dataset Version 2.3 - 30 June 2016. I have updated the income figures based on the ONS: Series code KAB9, adjusted to bring the figures inline with the Bank of England's.

For a comparison of prices in 1975 adjusted for inflation see Infation adjusted prices for 1975

By Steven Braggs, updated May 2022

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