How much did things cost in 1974?

These are the prices of some items from 1974:

1974 priceInflation adjusted
Gallon of petrol50p£3.72
Bottle of whisky (Haig) (Fine Fare)£2.57£19.00
Bottle of sherry (Harvey's Bristol Cream) (Tesco)£1.69£12.60
Watneys Party 4 (Co-op)60p£4.50
Watneys Party 7 (Co-op)£1£7.44
Pint of beer22½p£1.64
Pint of milk4½p33p
Large loaf of bread14½p£1.08
22" Pye colour TV (Currys)£195.00£1,450.00
24" Philips black & white TV (Currys)£59.95£446.00
The Daily Mirror newspaper3-5p22-37p
Average house price£10,000.00£74,000.00
½lb Emblem butter (Tesco)10½p90p
Nescafé 8oz coffee (Tesco)69p£5.10
Can of Coke (Tesco)7½p 55p
Ford Cortina car£1519.00£11,300.00
Zoppas Fridge-Freezer (Currys)£104.95£780.00
Hotpoint Supermatic twin tub washing machine (Currys)£74.95£558.00
Bendix Autowasher Deluxe automatic washing machine (Currys)£110.00£818.00
Golden Wonder crisps 7p22p
One dozen large white eggs45p£3.34
1lb Stork soft margarine (Safeway) 18p£1.33

Average wages

Pools wins

Britain's record pools win in 1974 was £680,697. Allowing for inflation that would be worth £5 million today.

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