How much did things cost in 1969?

These are some prices of a few items in 1969.

1969 priceInflation adjusted
Gallon of petrol6s 6d£4.10
Pint of beer2s 9d£1.80
20 cigarettes5s 2d£3.30
Pint of milk11d58p
White, wrapped and sliced loaf1s 8d (Hansard)£1.10
Colour TV rental per week (Granada)18s£11
23" Ekco black & white TV (Currys)75 guineas£1,000
Hacker VHF Herald portable radio£29 18s£380
Ronson TB 711 electric tooth brush£5 19s 6d£76
Philishave 3 rechargeable electric razor£17 2s 7d£220
Dansette Viva record player£19 4s 8d£250
The Daily Mirror newspaper5d27p
Average house price£4,201£54,000
Pepsi Cola (Tesco)10d 53p
½lb Ty-Phoo Tea (Tesco)2s 9d£1.80
Ford Cortina car£830£11,000
Electrolux refrigerator (Currys)31 guineas£410
Servis Supertwin - washing machine (Currys)72 guineas£960
Hoover Keymatic de luxe 3223H - automatic washing machine£110£1,400
Russell Hobbs K2R electric kettle£7 17s 2d£100
Family pack of Golden Wonder crisps (Woolworth's)1s 9d£1.10
Nescafé instant coffee 4oz jar4s 11d£3.10
Sainsbury's Red Label loose leaf tea 4oz1s 3d80p
Flymo Domestic hover mower£39 18s£510
Sindy doll£1 8s 11d£18
Action Man soldier doll£1 17s 6d£24

Prices are in pounds, shillings and pence.

Some shops priced more expensive items in guineas. A guinea is one pound and one shilling or £1.05.

The inflation adjusted prices are based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

For a comparison of prices in 1969 adjusted for incomes see Income adjusted prices for 1969

By Steven Braggs, November 2021, updated May 2022

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