World War II German binoculars - manufacturer codes 1939-45

Dienstglas 6x30 BMJ by Hensoldt & Sohne, M. Optische Werk A G Wetzlar
Dienstglas 6x30 BMJ by Hensoldt & Sohne, M. Optische Werk A G Wetzlar Image by Simon Spiers.

World War II German binoculars were marked 'Dienstglas' meaning service glass. Pre-war glasses used by the German military had the maker's name. Often it was Zeiss.

From 1939/1940 onwards they used a code to identify the maker. The code usually appeared on the back of one of the prisms.

There were a huge number of manufacturers that made glasses for the German military. Some were in occupied countries. Look down the list to see Paris and Warsaw-based businesses.

There were also well known German manufaturers, Zeiss and Leitz, which had several different factories.

behErnst Leitz GmbH, Wetzlar
bekHensoldt Werk fur Optic u. Michanik, Herborn
blcCarl Zeiss, Jena
bmjHensoldt & Sohne, M. Optische Werk A G Wetzlar
bmtSteinheill & Sohne, Munich
bpdOptische Anstalt CP Goerz, Vienna
bygJ OH. Wyksen, Optische & Feinmaschin, Katowitz
ccxOptisch u. Feinmechanishe Werke Hugo Meyer & Co, Gorlitz
croR Fuess Optische Industrie, Steglitz, Berlin
ctnHanseatische Werkstatten fur Feinmechanik u. Optick Freidricks & Co
cxnEmil Busch AG Optische Industrie Rathenow
cznEmil Busch AG Optische Industrie Rathenow
dklJoseph Schneider, Kreutznach
ddx.Voighlander & Sons, Brunswick
dowZeiss Ikon, Goerzwerke, Zellendorf, Berlin
dpwZeiss Ikon AG, Stuttgart
dynRunge & Kaulfuss, Rathenow
dzlOptische Anstalt Oigee, Berlin
eafMechanoptick Gesellschaft fur Prazasions - tecknik, Aude and Reipe Optische Industrie, Babelsberg
eawR Winkel, Gottingen
esuSteinheill & Sohne, Munich
esoOptische Werke G Rodenstock, Munich
eugOptische Prisions Werke GmbH, Warsaw
fcoSendlinger Optische Glaswerke GmbH Zehlendorf, Berlin
fwrOptische Anstalt Saalfeld GmbH, Saafeld
fzpH Kollmorgan GmbH, Berlin
ghpRufs Co, Kassell
gugUngarische Optische Werke AG Budapest
gujWerner D Huehn Optical Industrie, Steglitz, Berlin
hdvOptische Werk Osterode GmbH, Osterode, Harz
hkmCarl Braun AG Optische Industrie Nunberg
jfpDr Carl Leiss, Optische Mechanische Instrumente, Steglitz Berlin
jveOptisches Werk Ernst Ludwig, Weixdorf
krgEmil Busch AG Optische Industrie, Rathenow
kweGamma Feinmaschin u. Optische Werke, Budapest
lmgCarl Zeiss, Jena
lwgOptische Werke Osterode GmbH, Freiheit bei Osterode (Harz)
lwwHuet et Cei (Het & Co), Paris
lwxOPL (Optique et Precision de Levallois), Levallois, Paris
lwySociete Optique et Mechanique de Haute Precision, Paris
pvfOptische Werk C Reichert, Vienna
cagSwarovski, Tyrol
emqKarl Zeiss, Jena
laeHeinrich Zeiss, Gastingen
rlnCarl Zeiss, Jena
juxNedinsco (Zeiss affiliate), Venlo

The table was compiled mainly from a J A Davis catalogue from 1959, together with some information from Binoculars, opera glasses and field glasses by Fred Watson.

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Hi seen a 6x30 set code FVS"KF"thought i'd ask as nothing listed here,maybe produced in Poland or france maybe,thank you in advance.


Hi. I have binoculars, but the markings on them seem different to any others I've seen so far. On the left it says D.F.03 6fach . UF, with the second row sayingDIENSTGLAS No 4398.

The right says Emil Busch. A - G. Rathenow. They are brass. Hope you can help.

james stoops jr

romar germany 44703 is all that is on it.


We have a ww2 German range finder marked Em 1.25m R(L), the marker code is fwq not be able to find info on this. Thanks

T.Halvor A. Holm

D.F. 10X80. O dkl X. What does these figures mean?


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