Guide to Barr & Stroud binoculars


The following is a table of Barr & Stroud models which were produced between 1950 and 1971 with approximate dates of manufacture.

Model number Specification Production run Focus type
CF5 6x24 1930-1962 Central
CF19/CF19A 6x24 1930-1962 Independent
CF10 6x30.5 1929-? Central
CF20/CF20A 6x30.5 1929-? Independent
CF18 8x30.5 1929-1971 Central
CF38/CF38A 8x30.5 1929-1971 IF version of CF18
CF24 8x30.5 1932-1971 Central
CF27/CF27A 8x30.5 1932-1971 Independent
CF43 10x42 1948-1971 Central
CF53/CF53A 10x43 1948-1971 Independent
CF28 7x42 ? Independent
CF29/CF29A 7x42 Up to ~1970 Central
CF30/CF30A 7x50 1932 to ~1965 Independent
CF31 7x50 1934-? Central
CF60 7x50 1969-1971 Independent
CF37 10x50 1948-1966 Central
CF47/CF47A 10x50 1948-? Independent
CF39 12x50 1948-? Central
CF49/CF49A 12x50 1948-? Independent
CF46 15x60 1949-? Central
CF56/CF56A 15x60 1949-? Independent

Source: Compiled from information in 'We're certainly not afraid of Zeiss - Barr & Stroud binoculars and the Royal Navy' by William Reed (published 2001).

How old are my Barr & Stroud binoculars?

You can date your Barr & Stroud binoculars from this guide published by the University of Glasgow Archive Services.

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What about the CF50?

Any info on those at all

MMr hearn

I have a pair of 1934 cf41 binoculars

How do I remove the prism covers ?

Do they screw off or pull off?

Would be grateful for help on this


Can someone help me date my cf41 binoculars serial no.58750 ..ap no. 1900
John tate
Very helpful data ,suggest WilliamReids book ? we are certainly not afraid of Zeiss?DIAHI
Alan kelly
I work in a charity shop and and pair of cf37 10 x have come in would u be able to to give me a date plus valuation and advise whether they were military or naval Thankyou [email protected]
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