Decimal toys and games - 1968-71

Decimal toys and games
Decimal toys and games: Waddington's Sum-it (decimal version), New Money Snap and New Money Dominoes

In the run up to decimalisation in 1971, people could buy toys and games to help them get their head around the new money.

I wonder how many children unwrapped a decimal currency game on Christmas Day in 1970 or a Parker Decimal T-Ball pen?

Although the games were aimed at children, it was probably the adults who needed to put in more mental effort to understand the new currency. Most kids found it easy.

These are a selection of the 'new money' games you could buy from 1968 to 1971.

Waddington's Sum-It

Waddington's Sum-It - The Decimal Currency Game (1968)
Waddington's Sum-It - The Decimal Currency Game (1968)

Sum-It was a classic Waddington's game. They made an old money version for many years.

Sum-It was similar to card collecting games like Rummy. The idea of the game was to collect seven cards which added up to a secret total on a 'Sum-It' card. There were seven 'Sum-It' cards. Each player got one at the start of the game.

Each player was also dealt seven cards. One card from the pack of the remaining cards was turned up. Each player in turn could swap one card from their hand with the up-turned card or the top card on the pack.

The winner was the first player to have collected seven cards which totalled to their hidden 'Sum-It' card.

In the original version the 'Sum-It' cards were:

In the decimal game there were only six 'Sum-It' cards, all different:

The new 'Sum-It' playing cards had the values in both decimal and £sd. It was easier to add up in decimal, so the new Sum-It game was easier.

New Money Snap

New Money Snap
New Money Snap

New Money Snap was published by the Decimal Currency Board. It was similar to ordinary snap in that you had to match identical cards. However, there was a difference. Equivalent amounts in Sterling (£sd) or new money were allowed to match.

These matches were allowed

New Money Dominoes

New Money Dominoes
New Money Dominoes

New Money Dominoes was designed by Eric Wagstaff. It was made by Medallion Press Limited in 1970.

Eric Wagstaff also designed a similar game to New Money Snap called Snip-Snap.

Wagstaff used the same principle as in New Money Snap. Equivalent values in new or old money could match.

Ten shillings matched with 50p and one shilling matched with 5p. It used the same fractions of old pence to match with new ½p, 1p and 2p.

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