Old money quiz - questions and answers

Quite a lot of people have asked us for a complete pub quiz style old money quiz.

This quiz has three sets of questions: easy, moderate and expert.

Most of the answers to these questions can be found on this web site.

Easy questions

  1. How many old pennies were there in £1?
  2. How much was a bob, as in 'bob a job'?
  3. How many shillings were there in a pound?
  4. How many old pennies were there in a shilling?
  5. How much was half a crown?
  6. How much is a shilling worth in decimal pence?
  7. What letter was used to denote a quantity in old pence?
  8. Which of these was worth the most? A crown, a sovereign, a pound or a guinea.
  9. How many sides did a brass threepenny bit have?
  10. Which of these was worth the most? A florin, a sixpence, half a crown or a shilling?
  11. How much was a farthing worth?
  12. How much was a guinea?.


  1. 240
  2. One shilling (or 5p).
  3. Twenty
  4. Twelve
  5. Two shillings and six pence.
  6. Five pence.
  7. d
  8. A guinea, it was £1 and one shilling or £1.05, a sovereign was a pound and a crown was five shillings or 25p.
  9. Twelve
  10. Half a crown. Half a crown is two shillings and six pence, a florin is two shillings and sixpence is half a shilling.
  11. A quarter of an old penny.
  12. Twenty-one shillings or £1.05.

Medium questions

  1. How many farthings are there in £1?
  2. What was special about silver coins minted before 1947?
  3. Which UK coin had a picture of a wren on it?
  4. What famous ship featured on Britain's halfpenny coin?
  5. How much is a 'tanner'?
  6. What does 'lsd' stand for in old money?
  7. If you bought a jar of coffee for 1/11 (1 shilling and eleven pence) and gave half a crown how much change would you get?
  8. What metal were 'silver' coins made from after 1946?
  9. There were two versions of the one shilling coin minted between 1937 and 1966. What were they commonly known as?
  10. What was the last year when you could spend an old money coin in the UK?
  11. When was the last time you could spend a white five pound note in Britain?
  12. In which pre-decimal years did the Royal Mint issue crowns since the Second World War?


  1. 960.
  2. They contained at least 50% real silver.
  3. A farthing.
  4. The Golden Hind (or the Pelican).
  5. Sixpence.
  6. Libra Solidus Denarius.
  7. 7d (seven pence).
  8. Cupronickel.
  9. English and Scottish.
  10. 1993. Bonus: which coin was it? Answer: a florin.
  11. 13 March 1961.
  12. 1951 (Festival of Britain), 1953 (The Queen's Coronation), 1960 (no reason), 1965 (the Death of Sir Winston Churchill).

Expert questions

  1. How much was a groat?
  2. What was special about the florin when it was minted in 1849?
  3. What do the following coins have in common: halfpennies and pennies minted in 1860, half crowns, shillings and sixpences minted in 1816, florins minted in 1849?
  4. What was the last country to use the pounds, shillings and pence system?
  5. What was the last year the farthing was legal tender?
  6. What was the last date on normal circulation pre-decimal coins?
  7. What was the last year silver threepenny bit was minted?
  8. What plant was featured on the first brass threepenny bit?
  9. How much was a 'Joey'?
  10. What was the last year you could spend a £1000 note in Britain?
  11. Put these coins in order of size (diameter), smallest first: halfpenny, penny, shilling, florin (two shillings) and half crown.
  12. In pre-decimal slang, how much was a dollar?


  1. 4d (four old pence).
  2. It was Britain's first decimal coin, as it was one tenth of a pound.
    Bonus: it was called godless and graceless because the Royal Mint missed out some of Queen Victoria's titles.
  3. They were the oldest coins of their type still legal tender before decimalisation.
  4. Nigeria.
  5. 1960.
  6. 1967 Bonus: there was a special proof set issued in 1970.
  7. 1945.
  8. Thrift.
  9. It was either a groat (4d) or latterly a silver threepenny bit (3d), so three or four pence should be allowed.
  10. 1945.
  11. Shilling, halfpenny, florin, penny and half crown.
  12. Five shillings.

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