(*) In 1949 catalogue

Crystar 6x30

Crystar was a civilian version of the binoculars Wray produced for the RAF in the Second World War. It was significantly lighter than the military version. It weighed just 15½oz.

Wray made both eyepiece focusing and central focusing models.

Magnivu 8x30

The Magnivu was made in the popular 8x30 size. It was aimed at horse racing enthusiasts and anyone who wanted general purpose binoculars.

Flight 9x35

The Flight had 'bloomed' or coated lenses. It was similar to the Ross Stepruva. This proved a popular size. It was a bit more powerful than the standard 8x30 glasses. At the same time it offered better vision on dull days due the slightly larger objective lenses. However, it was still a compact size and easy to carry.


The Brystar was larger Zeiss-style binocular. It was offered in 7x50 or 10x50 form. The 7x50 glass was meant for night vision or nautical use. The 10x50 was increasingly popular for general use.

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"Interesting article. I have just purchase a pair of Wrayvu 9x40s which do not appear in your list.
Quality is surprisingly good, the eyepieces were dirty, but on cleaning them, the quality image was apparent. Oh, a charity shop purchase for £9, case and binoculars show virtually no sign of use." Andrew Tinsley 14/08/2015

"Thanks. I'll ad them to the list. Wrayvu were like Ross Solaross an attempt to bring the cost of binoculars down in the late 50s, before the onslaught of the Japanese brands in the mid 60s.
I think you got a bargain" Steven 17/08/2015

"Have just acquired some wray magnivu 8x30 with a number 120728 on the bending bar, just wondered what year they were made.
Cheers." Denis 08/03/2016

"I have just obtained a pair of Wray Raylux 8x30 binoculars complete with leather case. The binoculars are in first class condition. The serial number is 107172. Can you possibly let me know more details about this model?" Grahame Johnston 14/04/2016

"I have just bought a pair of wray clearvu 8x30 , number 123029 from a charity shop for five pounds and I'm wondering if you could provide any information on how to clean/ service them or details of anyone who could do it for me. Also what year are they from and where they a quality pair of their time or cheap and functional. Thanks. Andy" Andy radford 01/06/2016

"I have a pair of "WRAYSTAR 8x40"s in transit from an e-bay vendor. Can you give me any information on this model?" Carl George Vandal 25/05/2017

"Have recently inherited my Grandfathers' Wrayvu 9x40 binoculars and brown leather case.

Grandad purchased these binoculars to take with him on the Union Castle ships he worked on.

The serial number is 162466. I would be grateful if anyone could date them?

They have dioptre adjustment in the left eyepiece. Marking lines on the pivot face from 55-75 degrees and come with the original stud through slit black leather strap.

Still in good useable condition. Patina of use all over.

The are comfortable. Solid and fit nicely in big hands.

Very pleased to have them and feel they will probably give good service for many more years to come." DaveFloyd 15/12/2017

"I recently acquired a pair of 11x60 'Wray Eleven binoculars'. Serial Number 192342. Lenses excellent but right hand eyepiece dioptre setting has seized up. Am gently giving it repeated applications of WD40. Can anybody add any info please? Thanks." Brian Taylor 01/01/2019

"I acquired some Wray VU 9x40 including original case. The serial number is 175156, any info on these and how to refurb would be greatly appreciated. The centre adjustment is tight but moves and the right side diopter is slipping on the grub screw so doesn’t adjust correctly but they are good quality visuals through the lenses. Well used but seem to think as others do that these will still give many more years service if given some care. Any info please ?" Richard Holland 05/01/2019

"I have some Wray VU 9x40 binoculars number
Do they have any value?
Thank you." Bill Griffiths 14/08/2019

"I'd say £10 to £30 depending on condition. Assuming no optical issues.

best regards" Steven 15/08/2019

"I have a pair of 7x50 Wray binoculars. Serial no. 205010. Can you tell me when they were made. Thanks
Howard" Howard Smith 28/10/2020

"Hi Howard,
I don't have serial numbers for Wray. Can you tell me if there was a model name on the binoculars or any other markings please. best regards" Steven 28/10/2020

"My Brystars Are 15x60, One to add to the list" Steve 02/12/2020

"Hello, I have the Wray & London Wide Angle Coated "Tower" 6 x 30 binoculars (# 102038). Do you know the value?" VALERIE 02/12/2020

"Hello I have a pair of Wray Tristar 6x30 binoculars
Numbers on them are - 199447
Can you tell me value and a bit about hem please . I have thd original leather Homa case" June 14/03/2021

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