G-Plan Brandon

G-Plan Brandon room setting, 1956

Welcome to the first of our more detailed guides to G-Plan furniture. We shall examine each G-Plan range in full detail, giving model numbers and pictures. This guide focuses on Brandon, Gomme's first G-Plan range from 1953.

Brandon was finished in light oak, which is by far the most common; although there was a darker walnut finish, which is comparatively rare. At the time Gomme choose to hedge their bets by adding a darker range of furniture to the more contemporary light oak.

Illustrated, right, is a room setting from the Brandon range in light oak. It shows both dining room and sitting room furniture. In the foreground is a dining table.

The dining room is separated from the lounge by a room divider. It was popular to feature the idea of open plan living.

For more detail on sitting room furniture see:

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