G-Plan Brandon upholstered chairs

G-Plan Brandon B400 easy-chair and settee

B400 settee and easy-chair

Settees and easy-chairs

G-Plan's Brandon range refined what sofas and armchairs should look like. Gone were the bulky, overstuffed three piece suites of the past. These compact, but comfortable, settee and chairs were much more suited to modern homes. It is a pity that furniture manufacturers of today do not take more note of these designs from more than fifty years ago.

G-Plan Brandon B406 easy-chair and settee

B406 settee and easy-chair

G-Plan Brandon B500 easy-chair and settee

B500 settee and easy-chair

G-Plan Brandon B402 easy-chair

B402 easy-chair

G-Plan Brandon B409 easy-chair

B406 easy-chair

G-Plan Brandon B404 armless easy-chair

B404 armless easy-chair

G-Plan Brandon B405 pouffe

B405 pouffe

G-Plan Brandon B403 television chair

B406 television chair

List of Brandon upholstered chairs

Number Description Height (inches) Depth of seat (inches) Width (inches) Price (1956)
B400C Easy chair 29½ 19½ 28 £16 8s 6d to £21 3s
B400S Settee 29½ 19½ 49 £26 8s to £35 17s
B401C Wing chair 36 20½ 30 £30 7s 6d to £26 10s
B401S Wing Settee 36 20½ 50 £30 2 to £40 9s
B402 Chair 30½ 17½ 24¾ £12 5s 6d to £16 1s
B403 Television chair 29½ 19 20½ £13 7s 6d to £18 2s
B404 Armless easy chair 30½ 17½ 23 £9 19s to £12 15s 6d
B405 Pouffe 16 20 20½ £5 11s to £7 8s
B406C Wing chair 36 20½ 30 £21 3s to £28 13s 6d
B406S Wing Settee 36 20½ 50 £31 5s to £42 1s 6d

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