MG cars of the 1970s

MGB, 1964
MGB GT, 1971-2, showing the recessed black grille that was introduced in 1970

MG made both sports cars and saloons in the 1970s.

There were two ranges of sports car, the MG Midget and the larger MGB.

The tradition of MG saloons ended in the 1970s. The MG 1300 was phased out in 1973 as production of the Austin/Morris 1100/1300 was coming to an end.

Complete list

A complete list of MG cars from the 1970s is:

Sports cars

Saloon cars

Sports cars


MGB GT Mk 1978-9
MGB GT Mk 1978-9 shoulding the so-called rubber bumpers introduced in 1975

The MGB and MGB GT continued from the original 1960s' designs into the 1970s. For the 1970 model year there were some styling changes. The cars had a recessed black grille. There were changes to the seats and interior trim, rostyle wheels and British Leyland badges.

From then on MG followed the American practice of annual model upgrades.

The most significant changes were:

In 1973 the MGB GT V8 was introduced. It used the aluminium Rover V8 engine.

The last 1000 MGBs were built as LEs (Limited Editions). They had special wheels, a unique bronze paint colour, a front spoiler and special badges.

The very last MGB was built on 23 October 1980.

For more information see MGB and GT

MG Midget

MG Midget 1500
MG Midget 1500

At the start of the 1970s the MG Midget was the MkIII introduced in 1966. However, it received some styling changes in line with what was happening to the MGB. The 1970 model year Midget had a black recessed grille, roystyle wheels and new style seats.

In 1974 the Midget was upgraded to the Midget 1500. It had the 1500cc engine from the Triumph Spitfire 1500 and similar style black bumpers to the 'rubber bumper' MGB.

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Saloon cars

MG saloon production ended with the last MG 1300 in 1973.

By Steven Braggs, August 2022

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