Retro telephone price guide

How much should you pay for a retro telephone? How much is my phone worth? I have compiled a guide researching dealer prices, as well as what these phones fetch on eBay. Dealer prices are higher, but you usually get some sort of guarantee and a working, restored phone.

Unrestored phones on eBay are the best bargains, but you will need to know how to rewire one if you want to use it. There is also no guarantee that it will work. Trimphones are particularly tricky to fix.

Model Price range Buy
200 series
232 telephone (image Neil Carpenter, Antique Telephones) 162, 232 Black good condition: £150 to £300 (dealer), £75 to £150 (eBay); cracked or damaged £50; Red, white or green £500+
300 series
332 telephone 332, 312 Black good condition: £150 to £300 (dealer), £50 to £150 (eBay); cracked or damaged £30; Red, white or green £300+
700 series
706 telephone 706, 746 All colours good condition £40 to £100 (dealer) £20 to £40(eBay); damaged/scruffy - don't bother! Top tip: blue and yellow phones are rare and not more expensive right now
Trimphone 712, 722, 1/722, 2/722 Standard colours good condition: £40 to £100 (dealer), £20 to £40 (eBay); Phoenix (Snowdon collection): £80+


200 series phones

Recent years have seen a movement in the value of these phones. Dealer prices continued to rise although it is still possible to get 200 series phones from a dealer for around £150. Features such as a drawer and a bell set will increase the value.

Prices on eBay have slumped, it is now possible to get unrestored examples in good condition in black for around £50 to £80. Cracked or damaged phones are worth a lot less.

It is difficult to access the value of coloured phones, as there are fewer for sale. However, these seem to have held up well and are worth in excess of £500. Phones complete with bell set and in perfect condition in white can sell for £600 to £800. Red and green phones are worth significantly more than white ones. Green phones can fetch up to £2000 and red ones up to £1500.

300 series

These phones are worth slightly less than the 200 series. Unrestored black phones start at £50 on eBay.

The white 300 series is the bargain. These phones can sell for around the £150 mark on eBay, if you are lucky.

Dealer prices are still high and start at £150 for the black phone. Red and green phones will fetch in excess of £400.

700 series phones

Prices of these phones have increased in recent years. However, bargains are still possible. Unrestored phones on eBay are where the best deals are to be found. Beware though, of overpriced 'buy-it-nows' and two tone phones made up of parts from other phones.

Dealer prices range from £40 upwards. Rare examples, e.g. 706 phones, originally fitted with metal dials are worth a lot more. Be very careful though, it is very easy to retrospectively fit a metal dial to one of these phones.

Top tip: colour does not seem to affect price much. So if you are after a bargain, seek out blue 706s which were very rare and yellow 706s (but be careful of faded ivory phones).  This does not apply to the very similar looking 746.


Dealer prices are quite high for original Trimphones, particularly the Phoenixphone (Snowdon collection). Expect to pay £40 upwards for a bog standard Trimphone from a dealer and upwards of £90 for the Phoenixphone.

eBay prices vary a great deal. Again unrestored phones are where the bargains are to be found.

There is very little difference in price between push-button and dial phones. 712 and field trial Trimphones are exceptionally rare, but do come up from time to time on eBay and can be surprisingly cheap. No doubt few people know what they are.

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