How much did things cost in 1956?

These are some prices of a few items in 1956.

1956 priceInflation adjusted
Gallon of petrol5s 4d£5.10
Pint of beer (bottled) [*]2s£1.90
Espresso in a coffee bar7d to 1s 3d[1]55p to £1.20
20 cigarettes [*]3s 10d£3.60
Loaf of bread (white, unwrapped) [*]10½d83p
Loose leaf tea [*] 4oz1s 7½d£1.50
Sugar 1lb [*]8d63p
Pint of milk [*]7d55p
Butter ½lb [*]1s 10½d£1.80
Cheddar cheese 1lb [*]3s 2d£3
Margarine 1lb [*]1s 9d£1.70
Lard 1lb [*]1s 6½d£1.50
Eggs 1 dozen [*]3s£2.80
Potatoes lb [*]2½d20p
Cabbages lb [*]4d32p
Onions lb [*]6d47p
Eating apples lb [*]1s95p
Oranges lb [*]1s ½d95p
Ground coffee 8oz [*]4s 2d£4
Cocoa lb [*]4s 6d£4.30
Coal - 1cwt [*]7s ½d£6.60
Bush TV56 17"television 80 guineas£1,600
Bush DAC 90 radio £16 10s£310
Pam 710 transistor radio (Britain's first transistor radio) [2]£31 10s£600
Qualcast Powered Panther lawn mower£25 15s 9d£490
The Daily Mirror newspaper2d16p
Average house price£2,003£38,000
Ford Anglia car£541£10,000
Electrolux refrigerator58 guineas£1,200
Hoover washing machine£47 16s£910
Invincible Popular vacuum cleaner£21 10s 3d£410

Prices are in pounds, shillings and pence.

Some shops priced more expensive items in guineas. A guinea is one pound and one shilling or £1.05.

The inflation adjusted prices are based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

For a comparison of prices in 1956 adjusted for incomes see Income adjusted prices for 1956

By Steven Braggs, December 2021, updated May 2022


[1] 'Coffee comes to town', published in The Manchester Guardian 6 April 1956, page 13

[2] 'Radio! Radio!', third edition by Jonathan Hill, published by Sunrise Press, page 288

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