Parker Knoll

Contemporary furniture from Parker Knoll, late 1950s

Parker Knoll furniture has always promoted values of quality and comfort. It was a brand people aspired to own. In the 50s and 60s, Parker Knoll embraced modern as well as traditional design. The firm specialised in chairs and sofas.

The history of the company goes back to Victorian times. Unlike most furniture manufacturers, which were started by cabinet makers, the founder of Parker Knoll, was an upholsterer. He began in the trade as an apprentice in 1862.

After several years in the furniture trade, Frederick Parker started his own business in 1889, manufacturing furniture from premises in Drummond Road, Hampstead, London. Frederick Parker then moved the business to High Wycombe, the centre of UK furniture manufacture in 1897, forming a limited company known as Parkers with his four sons in 1901.

Parkers specialised in the manufacture of sofas and chairs, sticking to Frederick Parker's roots in upholstery. The Parker-Knoll trade mark was introduced in 1931.

Parker Knoll Serino, 1950s

Like many firms, Parker-Knoll was involved in the manufacture of aircraft in the Second World War. After the War, it resumed furniture production, making Utility chairs. Once the Utility Scheme ended in the early 50s, Parker Knoll continued with the manufacture of traditional sofas and chairs, but like many other firms also experimented with contemporary style.

Their take on contemporary was always restrained and well proportioned. Parker Knoll aimed at a market where comfort and build quality were important, though the company was not afraid to embrace the contemporary style and mix and match approach to colour that was popular in the 50s.

Parker Knoll also continued with traditional designs. They made a classic style wing chair in the 1930s. In 1951, Parker Knoll introduced the Penshurst wing chair. It was such a timeless desing that Parker Knoll still makes it today.

Parker Knoll Recliner, 1970s

The Recliner

The recliner was a new development in the 60s. Several manufacturers made a reclining arm chair suitable for relaxing after a hard day's work. The Parker Knoll recliner was one of the best. Their advertising, firmly rooted in the social mores of the day, suggested that the housewife could use it, but only whilst her husband was out at work. It could recline to an almost horizontal position.

The recliner became an instant hit and was a desirable object in homes of the sixties and seventies. A variation of this classic design is still made today.

Parker Knoll Recliner on eBay

Parker Knoll Statesman chair, 1960s

The Statesman

In the late sixties and early seventies a status symbol from the office found its way into the home: it was the black leather or vinyl office executive chair. Some people needed a desk and office chair at home; others thought what was good enough for the boardroom was good enough for the lounge.

Both Hille and Conran specialised in contract furniture. Some of their designs for office use also found their way into fashionable homes. The high backed swivel chair, suitable for the top executive's office, looked equally as good in the modern home. The swivel chair on pedestal base became a modern status symbol. It was seen as the chair of the man of the house. With its deep-buttoned, high back, swivel pedestal base, Parker Knoll's Statesman, right, looked the part.

Parker Knoll made good profits throughout the sixties. In 1961 it opened a furniture showroom in London. In 1962 the company bought new land at Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire and built a new factory as an additional production facility to its High Wycombe base. The new factory originally manufactured chairs and sofas under the Cornwell-Norton brand.

Parker Knoll sofas, 1970s

Parker Knoll in the 70s

Parker Knoll retained its status as a luxury aspirational brand in the 70s. The firm was able to work five days over the period of the three day week because its factories had their own generators.

This advertisement, left, from the early seventies tried to persuade people to make the extra sacrifice needed to own a Parker Knoll suite and emphasised that it need not be as expensive as they thought.

Parker Knoll fabrics, 1970s)

The textiles business ran alongside the furniture business from the late 1940s onwards. Parker Knoll Textiles made furnishing fabric used in Parker Knoll and other upholstered furniture.

Parker Knoll continued to make profits in the early years of the 80s, when many other British furniture firms struggled. In 1981 it bought struggling cabinet makers Nathan for £650,000.

The Parker Knoll brand is still in business today, promoting similar values of quality and comfort that saw it become a respected household name in the past.

Parker Knoll model names and numbers

We have compiled this table from contemporary advertisements and brochures. Please accept that it is not fully complete. However, it should provide some help in identifying Parker Knoll models.

PK716BurleighArmchair c1952
PK717CromfordArmchair c1952
PK720PenshurstWing chair 1951 to date
PK723BreconArmchair c1952
PK724BramberWing chair with open arms c1952
PK725PerthArmchair c1952
PK728LanarkArmchair c1953
PK729AmberleyArmchair c1953
PK731LeyburnArmchair c1960
PK732LincolnArmchair c1953
PK733LanfordSmall chair with arms c1960 to 1980s
PK734LangdaleContemporary wing chair c1953
PK735PembrokeTraditional wing chair c1953
PK735AlburyContemporary easy chair c1954
PK737LangoldContemporary armchair c1954
PK743DenhamSofa bed c 1955
PK745Hawkhurst Sofac1960 to match Penshurst to 1980s
PK747NewlynPadded dining chair c1955 to 1970s
PK749FroxfieldCompact armchair c1955-1980s
PK750FrithCompact wing chair (styled to match Froxfield) c1955 to 1980s
PK751RoslinContemporary dining chair with arms c1960 to 1980s
PK752ObanContemporary dining chair c1960 to 1980s
PK902High NewtonContemporary high-backed chair c1959
PK904NutleyContemporary wing chair c1959
PK908TuxfordContemporary small chair c1959
PK917MalvernContemporary armchair c1960
PK918KedelstonTraditional wing chair c1960-1962
PK919KnebworthMatching sofa for Kedelston
PK925LudlowContemporary armchair c1959
PK926ChepstowContemporary armchair c1959-1960
PK924RaglanContemporary wing chair c1959-1960
PK927DunsterContemporary armchair c1959-1960
PK928HighworthContemporary high-backed armchair c1960 to 1980s
PK929HighwingContemporary high-backed armchair with wings c1960 to 1980s
PK935GavotteThree-seater sofa c1960
PK936GavotteChair c1960
PK937TrivisoSwivel coffee table c1960
PK938MaltonSmall contemporary armchair c1960-1965
PK939TiranoSmall swivel chair c1960
PK945AndanteContemporary chair/unit seating c1960-1965
PK941SiennaContemporary armchair c1964-1965
PK947AdagioContemporary chair/unit seating with arms c1960-1965
PK950MendipContemporary armchair c1960-1962
PK951WycherleyContemporary wing chair c1960-1962
PK954RavannaContemporary armchair c1965
PK958HighworthContemporary high-backed armchair with padded arms c1970 to 1980s
PK959HighwingContemporary high-backed armchair with wings and padded arms c1970 to 1980s
PK960SerinoContemporary wing chair c1961-1965
PK964AbingerContemporary armchair c1965
PK967AinsdaleContemporary wing chair c1963-1965
PK970GiovanniChair c1964-1965
PK971GiovanniSettee c1964-1965
PK973RingwoodContemporary armchair c1965
PK974RockwoodContemporary rocking chair c1964-c1965
PK976Bosworth18th century inspired wing chair c1964 to 1980s
PK977BosworthFootstool for Bosworth chair c1964 to mid 1980s
PK988AshbyContemporary armchair c1969 to 1980s
PK989Ashby RockerContemporary rocking chair 1970s to 1980s
PK991Ashby WingContemporary wing chair 1970s to 1980s
PK992Ashby RockwingContemporary rocking wing chair 1970s to 1980s
PK997Ashby SeteeContemporary sofa c1970s
PK1009CastelContemporary high-backed chair 1970s
PK1014Froxfield SofaCompact sofa late 1960s to 1980s
PK1018(sofa), PK1017(chair), PK1016(high-backed chair), PK1019(rocker)Florian groupLadder-back chair, rocker and sofa c1969 to 1970s
PK1022 & PK1027Waverley SuiteCompact sofa and chairs based on a Victorian design from 1970s to early 1980s
PK1023AshtonModern high-backed chair 1970s to 1980s
PK1024High AshbyModern high-backed chair 1970s to 1980s
PK1025High AshtonModern high-backed chair 1970s to 1980s
PK1026High Ashby WingModern high-backed wing chair 1970s to 1980s
PK1038Orleans ChairTraditional wood-framed chair, 1970s
PK1039Orleans RockerTraditional wood-framed rocking chair, 1970s
PK1040Maxi SofaConvertible sofa/bed 1970s
PK1045 & PK1046Howard SuiteLuxury sofa and chairs, 1970s to 1980s
PK1048Castel with WingsModern wing chair 1970s
PK1050/51Elsinor Suite1970s
N17, N18CorshamMeeting room chairs c1970s
N18CopnorMeeting room chairs c1970s
N10, N12, N14, N21, N22, N23Compton GroupModern wood-framed sofa, chairs and table
N11, N13Conway GroupModern wood-framed sofa, chairs and table
N24QueensgateModern wood-framed chair without arms
N25QueenswoodModern wood-framed chair with arms
N26QueensdownModern wood-framed chair with arms
N27KingsgateModern wood-framed chair without arms
N28KingswoodModern wood-framed chair with arms
N29KingsdownModern wood-framed chair with arms
N30Norton ReclinerReclining chair c1970 to 1980s
N31Norton Fixed ChairReclining chair c1970 to 1980s
N32Norton 3-seater SofaReclining chair c1970 to 1980s
N57 & N58Sonata SuiteHigh-backed sofa and chairs, from early 1970s
N67 & N56Concorde SuiteCompact sofa and chairs, from early 1970s
N78?Contemporary high-backed chair c1970s
N102- N104, N105-N109, N115Evesham GroupDining and easy chairs and table
N110 & N111Ambassador Chair and SofaModern sofa and swivel chair from late 1960s to 1970s
N112, N113, N114Comus SystemUnit furniture from early 1970s
N116Nimrod ReclinerCompact reclining chair early 1970s
?KirnArmchair c1956-57
?PulfordContemporary armchair c1956
?WingfieldContemporary wing chair with sloping back c1957-1967
?MayfieldContemporary wing chair with sloping back c1957
?KinrossContemporary armchair c1957-8
?RowstockCompact armchair c1958
?MeranoContemporary wing chair c1958
?Tutshill Contemporary small armchair c1959
?SorrentoSofa to match Serino chair c1961
?Irlam chairOccasional chair, from mid-1970s
?FabrinoContemporary armchair c1962-1965
?NovaraRecliner c1969
?StrattonRocking chair with fixed base c1969
?BolaroArmchair and matching sofa c1965
?CavatinaContemporary three-piece suite
?Apollo Unit RangeFrom early 1970s
?StatesmanSwivel chair c1970

How to use the date information

Some models were produced for a considerable length of time. The Penshurst is still being made today and the Froxfield was made from 1955 to the 1980s. Others were very short-lived.

The dates shown above are where the model first appeared in Parker-Knoll's adverting. Where there is a range it shows the first and last dates we could find. It does not mean that the design was not produced after those dates. This list is a work in progress and we shall update the page as and when we obtain more information.

Parker Knoll wood finishes

Parker Knoll customers could choose from an extensive list of wood finishes for their chairs. In the 1960s the following were available:

The colours reflect contemporary taste. Lighter colours were in vogue in the first half of the 1950s. Mahogany and ebonised finish reflect tastes in the later 1950s and into the 1960s. The teak and rosewood finishes reflected an interest in Scandinavian style, which was becoming popular in the UK in the 1960s.

Parker Knoll usually supplied the Penshurst wing chair in antique walnut, although customers could ask for other finishes.

More information

See for more details.

Your comments

"Parker Knoll today is not the same company and no longer produce spares for the 'old range', the brand name was sold in 2005. I am looking for new rocker bushes for my Statesman chairs and they don't make them!!!!;" Michael Hawkesworth

"i remember going to vist my great grandfarther with the rest of the family and he was always sat in this rather lovely parker knoll chair! he was never out of it , that was his chair and no one else was aloud to sit in it! just shows that it must have been a gd chair!" Frances Keenan

"Hello, I wonder if you could help, i was left two small chairs which are very comfortable. The model is PK 1022-7. They need re-covering but i am interested to find out more about them as i have never seen this model anywhere before. Many thanks, " Mike Seaward

Hi Mike, A chair of similar model number sold on eBay recently. The seller dated it 1970, although I can't confirm it was the same design. Retrowow

"I have 2 Parker Knoll chairs that have Parker Knoll registered trademark on them but don't have a style number. They do have a small plaque that says 'Made in W.A. by Boans. European labour only' They have wooden arms and coil spring back and base. Could somebody please tell me something about them." lesley rasheed

"Hi,i have 6 Parker-knoll chairs stamped PARKER-KNOLL MODEL NO.P.K.751/2MK1 WOULD LIKE TO FIND OUT THEIR VALUE------We bought them second hand in the 1960's" stan burgess


"i have 2 parker knoll chairs maked mpk1140 what are worth" dickerson


It's very difficult to get an idea of value with out seeing the piece. Condition is everything.

The best way to value any piece of furniture is to look at eBay completed listings. That will give you an idea of how much similar pieces sell for." retrowow 22/04/2010

"I have an unusual chair for sale, all timber with curved back and arms, it has a stamp on the underside that appears to read the number: 3524 and ten a stamp that reads:CC41 i can send photos please help regards simon" Simon 21/06/2010

"i have seen a 1970s swivel rocking chair in a second hand shop. the man has told me it is a parker knoll chair - how can i be sure it is? thanks" karen 17/07/2010

"I've got an unusual styled Parker Knoll rocking chair inherited from my husbands grandmother 25 years ago. It has got this registered trademark Model No P.K. 1031/4. Please do you have some information about value and which year it was made. Many thanks Claire Dean" Claire Dean 31/10/2010

"I have been given an old, what looks like a 1930s Parker Knol sofa with drop down arms. It has a number and make on the underneath frame - PK743.

I would like to het it properly restored as it has sentimental value, but I can't even find any info about the model. Would you know how old it is?

thanks" Joanna Hannam 07/11/2010

"We bought a Cornwell Norton brand 3 piece suite in 1971. It has been reupholstered once and seen 2 boisterous children grow up. We still have the suite but have been unable to bring it with us to our new house as it is too large but still very comfortable. I understand cornwell norton were part of the Parker knoll group and base in Ireland. Is this correct?" muriel chadwick 09/11/2010

"Hi, I have just purchased a parker knoll armchair on e-bay,it was advertised as a "genuine parker knoll armchair in excellent condition" should it have a parker knoll brand stamp on it? as mine does has parker knoll on fabric that covers seat springs. is this usual? Kind Regards. Cliff" clifford Ford 26/01/2011

"Hello, I was left two Parker Knoll uphlstered chairs by my aunt they are model 950 and this reference is engraved into the wooden underneath slats.
I can not find anything about them : can you help? are they worth re covering etc. Debra" Debra Williams 25/06/2011

"Hello. I am looking for a second hand, good condition swivel, rocking arm chair, in white, cream or black leather.

Do you have one on offer?

Thank you for any help that you can give me." meneca richardson 15/08/2011

"Hi. I have a chair by Parker Knoll (PK 754) . Can you provide any information as to the original wood colour / type and fabric colour / type as my chair is looking a bit sad and needs restoring. Many thanks. Trev" Trevor Harris 04/09/2011

"I am looking to buy a vintage, fully upholstered Parker Knoll wingback but I want the one with "straight" NOT Queen Anne- style front legs. Are you able to tell the model number I should be searching for? Many thanks" Terry 07/10/2011

"Hello! I recently bought a Parker Knoll chair and (seperately) a matching sofa. I have no idea how old either of them are, would you be able to tell me? The number on the bottom of the chair is 757/8/9/60 mk2. Thanks." Sukie 07/10/2011

"I have 3 parker knoll armless chairs which when purchased were upholstered in yellow red and blue covers and could be put together to make a setee.thepk trade mark is engraved with model no on frame of each chair 945/7 mk.2.
they have since been recovered in brown and gold draylon. can anyone put a value on these.THANKS" bill smyth 24/10/2011

"HI, i bought a parker knoll armchair model PK752 in the second hand shop for a fiver, wud love to recover it in a fabric thats original, so cud you forward me a link or signpost me to some info, plus wud love to know how much it originally cost and how much its worth now....probably a fiver lol
Many Thanks Anne-Marie xx" Anne-Marie McAleenan 22/03/2012

"I have recently bought a Parker Knoll sofa 743. I would like to buy another. Do you know of a dealer who might have one?
Thanks Linda." Linda Russell 15/04/2012

"I have a fibreglass shell swivel chair, model pk 939. I believe it was manufactured in 1959, and had a Danish designer, subsequently winning the company a design award that year. In the 15 years I,ve owned it, I have found no more information or come across another model. Can anyone provide any more detail?

Thank you." keith oliver 04/06/2012

"Hi Keith,
It's definitely Parker Knoll with a PK model number. I think 1959 might be a bit early for a fibre glass chair from Park Knoll. They went for conservative rather than cutting edge modern. Could it have been made in the mid sixties? Do you know the name of the designer?

best regards" Steven 05/06/2012

"Hi Steven,

Thanks for the response, I know it suprised me. The date was given to me by Parker Knoll from the PK number before the company went belly up' a number of years ago. The date was further confirmed from a list of design awards from 1959 which referenced the model number. Unfortunately, after writing down the designer, I misplaced it and have not found either the name or original list. It was not someone I recognised through? I did see a sofa in the same style from a late 50's furniture exhibition, again I can't seem to find that again. A mystery indeed!

Keith" keith oliver 07/06/2012

"Hi - I have recently bought a parker knoll suite comprising a three seater and chair from the Gavotte range and another chair which has the model no - 938, I understand this is a malton chair and was one of a series of special edition chairs? Do you have any information about these models as I cannot find very much on the internet. They are all in fantastic condition as the original upholstery has been under loose covers since they were bought back in the 60s. Thanks" Penny 17/07/2012

"Hi , I would just like to know the value of a Parker knoll chair , model number 713. Any info regarding date etc would be great too. Thanks" Pip 04/09/2012

"Hello, i've brought a chair from a charity shop, a bit bash up and the fabric ruined. But it was so comfy that i took and started to strip the fabric off so i can re upholstery and notice its a Parker Knoll model no PK 748/9. Could you please tell me what the chair range call and when its was made etc. Is there a value on this? Regards" C Frampton 10/09/2012

"I just wanted to let you know that Frederick Parker was my great-grandfather. Philip Harvey Parker was my grandfather and one of Frederick's younger sons. Philip married Linda Lovelace Ribbons and they had five daughters: Louise, Molly, Josephine, Audrey and (Gwendoline)Mary. Mary was my mother. She married my father while he was serving in Canadian Army in England during the second world war. They had five children; four sons and one I know I have many cousins in England and possibly worldwide. I would love to know who and where they are and if any of them are aware of their Canadian family. I would appreciate any information you can tell me.

sincerely and anxiously awaiting your response I am,

Shirley Ann Meyers Moore" Shirley Moore 12/09/2012

"I have been searching for ages for a Parker Knoll orthopaedic chair, preferably in light coloured wood. Can anybody point me in the right direction?" Sheila McMichael 13/10/2012

"Hello,my name is andrew bennett,i was one of the last apprentices at Parker Knoll.
I renovate and buy and sell Parker Knoll chairs from my workshop,i always have a selection of finished and ready to renovate chair available to look at.
I also supply new foams,armcaps and headpillows as to Parker Knoll spec.
Thanks andrew bennett" Andrew Bennnett Upholstery(Chipping Norton) 19/01/2013

"I have two gorgeoud Cornwell-Norton sofas with drop-down ends, dating from the 1960s. One of the castors has broken. The mechanism is different from those one can buy generally today. The castor has a hole in it which fits onto a prong on the bottom of the sofa - nowadays they are the other way around. Can anyone point me to a source of the type of replacement castors I need?" Linda Savage 03/02/2013

"my mother has left me a 1930s arm chair with sprung seat and base, wooden arms that are moulded into a rounded shape and 4, 2 x 2 legs approx. in dark wood and green upholstery, has it got any value for re-sale please" mrs slater 11/02/2013

"Hi, It's hard to tell without seeing it. Parker Knoll chairs in good condition sell for around £50. If you check eBay completed listings for something similar, that should give you a good idea. If it's tatty and needs recovering it would be worth a lot less. Best regards" Steven 12/02/2013

"Both my statesman egg swing/rocking arm chairs need replacement base spring units. Can anyone help?u" Meryl gregory 18/02/2013

"I have a rocking chair which I bought about 25 yrs ago. It has the number PK 973 4 in the wood both sides but not on the webbing. Is this usual? It was advertised as being recently french polished and reupholstered. Recently I have been trying to value it but a lot of the chairs I have looked at seem to have the Parker Knoll name in the webbing. I would appreciate some advice. Thanks. Jacquie." Jacqueline 07/03/2013

"i have two parkerknoll kids chairs that are called the prince and princess chairs.the model number on prince chair is pk 1108-9. i still have the original card for the chairs from the old pk company.would anyone know what their worth would be." michael 25/04/2013

"I have a Parker Knoll, Model no PK 733. MK2.
WHAT IS IT WORTH." Jayne Osborne 13/05/2013


I was wondering whether you'd be able to tell me when a PK two-seater sofa with a stamp PK 720-MK 3 was made.

Many thanks!" SR 16/08/2013


i have two parker knoll possible fireside winged backed P.K.976 with two matching foot stools 977C in blue floral print. In excellent condition, was just wondering what they might be worth" mel kelly 07/10/2013


I have a Parker Knoll chair no PK 1146-1150, covered in dark green velour with wooden arms and matching, padded headrest. It has battery-operated lumbar massage built into the back. Just wondering what it might be worth on Ebay." J. Townsend 09/10/2013

"Does anyone know where I can get some PK fabric Utah Blue to make some more cushion covers for my Columbine sofa. It was bought about 20 years ago

Thanks for any help" Sally Woodhead 24/10/2013

"Hi I am looking to sell my Parker Knoll chair model number Pk748/9. It has been re upholstered in cream cord fabric and is in good condition except for a few scratches. Please could you give me an idea how old it is and how much it may be worth as I cannot see the same on eBay

Many thanks" Wendy 06/11/2013

"Can anyone tell me if Parker Knoll made a children's size black vinyl Statesman swivel chair, I had one as a child and have still got it. I can not find another like it on the internet, it was bought for me in the very early 1970,s. And is an exact replica of the standard size chair. Many Thanks." Deborah Davies 29/12/2013

I have recently purchased two Parker Knolls - pk951 chairs.
They are currently covered in blue fabric, and only the wooden feet are bare.
I wonder if the chairs have previously been covered, as I have seen some PK chairs with bare wood on the arms.
If anyone has any information on these PK chairs or images of chairs of the same model please let me know as I would like to learn more about them, also if anyone knows how old they might be?
Thanks so much, will look forward to hearing more! f" ff 15/01/2014

"I have some wall and corner units with parker knoll stickers but they look like Nathan furniture. Anyone know the connection? Its been puzzling since I inherited a Nathan sideboard which looks the same but doesn't seem as good quality. Just curious really
Lyn" lynne marsden-mcardle 30/03/2014

Hi I have what i think are two statesman chairs and a sofa no on the tickets are (sofa n.110/111) and chairs -P.K. 1028/9/30 could you give any info on actual style name of each and year of origin or point me in right direction to find this out regards Annie" Anne Patricia Berrington 07/06/2014

"I have a parker knoll chair pk 1108-9 childrens chair with a date 1986. Can you tell me is it a real parker knoll ?.
Regards john s" John stevens 16/07/2015

"That sounds right. Parker Knoll did us PK numbers to identify different pieces.

best regards" Steven 17/07/2015

"I have a PK918/19 suite comprising 2 seater sofa and 2 armchairs ,it was bought and restored/recovered in the early 70's do you know when it would have been made? I've seen individual chairs before but not a sofa ,any idea what it might be worth ?" Pat 05/08/2015

I've got a Parker Knoll swivel chair
Vinyl, in great condition..
Wondered if it was anygood to you..Open to offers..

Mick" Mick Glynn 17/08/2015

"Hi there I have a Parker Knoll armchair.
Registered PARKER-KNOLL trademark. REG NO 166 High Wycombe England
I would like to know if it's of any value/interest.
Cheers Sam" Sam 27/09/2015

"I have a swivel chair ModelPK 10830B
Product code 5529
The swivel black plastic bush is worn out Please advise where may I purchase another bush.
Thank you" Albert Marsden 25/10/2015

"I have a parker knoll wing back rocking chair and wondered if it is worth keeping. It has been in the family for around 35 years and was recovered in vinyl so looks reasonable. Can you help please." Yvonne Smith 26/10/2015

"Hi, I have found a statesman chair an the number is P.K. 1028/9/30
Could you tell me the manufacturing date from this??
Tim" Tim Preston 31/10/2015

"Hi, I have acquired a set of 11 Parker Knoll dining chairs. Teak frame with faux leather. Model PK 1089/90. Any idea of the date of manufacture?" rafae khan 07/12/2015

"I bought a child's chair in 1985
It is stamped underneath in ink "PARKER KNOLL
Design Copyright Mobile PK 1 108-9"

I was told at the time the chairs were made to keep the workers busy when there was a lull in production. I don't think many were made. It cost £50, what is it worth now I wonder? (The child is now 32 and living in Australia)" liz Oliver 12/01/2016

"Any news of old Parker Knoll workers [Temple End] having thoughts of a reunion ? could include G plan High Wycombe etc. ????" BrianAdkins 13/02/2016

"I have a chair ref 918/19. Anyone know when it was made?" Mags 25/02/2016

"I have a Parker Knoll small chair model number no 733. It needs restoring and ideas on worth before and after restoration?" Martin Cartwright 07/06/2016

"I have two P.K. 1028/9/30 cream vinyl swivel arm chairs. egg style.looked at others for sale. Seen similar. But none that look nearly as trendy. How old are these, and how much could they be worth?" Martin Darbyshire 11/06/2016

I have a Parker Knoll chair; it has wooden arms with a decorated wooden panel under each arm. It's in the style of Arts and Crafts reclining armchairs,(3 positions) and bears the Model number PK 988/1023.
Anyone any idea about date of manufacture?
I'm keeping it because it is beautiful and functional!!" James Treacy 09/08/2016

"Hi im have parker knoll eggs sofa and 2 eggs chairs brown leather very nice nearly new. Im maybe for sale but do no how much pk number 1028/9/30
Thanks" Csabi kriszi 23/08/2016

"I have two Parker Knoll armchairs, model number PK 717. I have seen several adverts saying mid century and one saying 1930's. Can anyone tell me when this model was manufactured, please." Paul Mollatt 12/09/2016

"Hi I have a lovely retro parker knoll recliner in good working order . Currently with covers but there is a need for restoration on the seat cushion. Great upcycling project. Offers?" Sue Handford 19/09/2016

"Please could advised me when roughly these parker knoll chairs were manufactured
model number PK1022-27
Model PK 747 1014
Model PK 750
Model PK 729 MK3" Reema Appadu 12/10/2016

"Hi. I have 2 Parker Knoll chairs. Wooden frames (includes arms) with dark green leather upholstery. Stamped Feb 1956 21B/2051AM
There is also a stamp of a crown
I think they might well be Utility Office / Army chairs. I would love to know more about these chairs. I am also very keen to buy more, either with arms or without. or in the style of.
Many thanks Mary 01.11.16" Mary Norden 01/11/2016

"For Reema Appadu - PK1022-27 - 1980
PK747-1014 a 1970
PK750 a 1970
PK729mk3 - before 1970
I work on those models when I was working there in 1970" Robin Edwards 15/11/2016


I inherited some time ago a pair of reclining easy chairs with deep seats (similar to the chair on the famous poster "What did you do in the Great War daddy") from my grandparents - I think they were given them as a 20th wedding present in 1933

They are stained oak with plinth feet on the front 2 legs. The springs supporting the back cushion are flush mounted where they pass through the uprights

The Patent No is 322638. One of the chairs is also stamped Y 8841

We would be grateful for any details about the chairs, age, design and possible value. The seats and backs have been reupholstered

Thanks in anticipation, Simon Taylor 27.12.2016" Simon Taylor 27/12/2016

"I have an old Parker KNowl chair, model N30 Cornwell Norton. I would like to know the year it was made roughly and whether it has any value today ?
Many thanks
N Gelister" Nicole Gelister 23/01/2017

"Hi there, I have two chairs which I had believed to be genuine Parker Knolls chairs however can find no stamp/model number on them. Would this suggest they are not originals? Many thanks" Sharon Davis 28/01/2017

"How much would a PK 1028/9/30 be worth and where could I sell it ? Has been re-upholstered so not original orange vinyl covering. In need of recovering / re-upholstering again." Linda Gray 12/04/2017

"Hello, I recently purchase and adorable little sofa daybed from a thrift store. It has fold down arms and a flip over back. It IS upholstered in a lovely cut floral mohair. The plaque on the bottom front reads Parker Knoll P.K. 1103/4/5
I was hoping you could tell me a little about its age. Thank you so much!

Sincerely, Glenna Eck" Glenna Eck 17/04/2017

"I have a chair with model no RK 750 NK2 and just wondered how old it is, if anyone could help tia" Brian Doughty 18/04/2017

"Hi I have 2 wooden armchairs that are beautiful condition. They don't have any upholstery at all but do have straps across the bottom where a sponge seat could go. It has been suggested to me today that they are original parker knoll but I can't find just wooden ones online. Can anyone advise me on how to find out please?" Rose Kingsley 28/04/2017

"I have 2 mint condition arm chairs and a 2 seated all model number p.k 1022/7 I have a full set I have only ever seen the arm chairs where could I sell this" Katriona Gorman Lynch 03/05/2017

"Hello, I have a large Parker Knoll armchair.which my husband finds v comfortable. It has a model number PK 976C How old is this and is it worth me having it recovered? Thank you." Jane Moorhouse 15/05/2017

"HI there, I hope you can help me. I have a pair of Parker Knoll armchairs model 720 and I am trying to find out approximately what year they would have been manufactured. The stamp on one of them is 720/745/1013. It has what looks like the original fillings such as horsehair, hessian and webbing.I hope you can help. Many thanks!." Carla Learoyd 17/05/2017

"Looking for info on an antique Parker Knoll, model No.P.K. 743 sofa, age approx. value etc. (in good condition)" Sylvester 17/05/2017

"Can some one please help me I have a Parker knoll chair 1158-1169 and I would like to fine out the age of it.
I'm about to strip it down to re-upholster.
Many thanks,
Mandy." Mandy 24/05/2017

"I have a orthopaedic dark red leather Parker knoll chair with adjustable head rest,it has a plack with number pk 1146-1150 guess number made have you a idea of value as I want to sell" dave 02/10/2017

"What is the difference between models MK720 vs Pk720?" suzanne jerreat 10/10/2017

"Hi I have 2 what I think, are parker knoll statesman swivel egg chairs but I cannot find any name or number on them, how do I find out if they are genuine? And if so how much would they b worth? Thank you" Denise EDWARDS 16/10/2017

"Hi, I have Parker Knoll model PK 1022-7 in brown leather and I guess it comes from the 60s. I have read all your comments and no one asked if anyone has or knows where to find old catalogs or vintage tables by model number of the furniture. A bit of a shame, because the factory is known for a long history but nothing can be found anywhere, I mean, I can not find;) Do you have anything in your stock? Do you know where to look? I think the subject is worth raising." Martin Bloch 29/11/2017

"The PK1022 "Waverley" chair is a buttoned back tub chair with a Victorian style influencing the shape.
PK1027 is the matching 2 seater settee. Production of this model ended in the 1990s." Arthur Rose 04/01/2018

"Could you please tell me a manufacture years for a wing back chair PK 720-745. Thanks." David Newman 29/01/2018

"I have 2 armchairs model number PK723/4
One is straight back and is winged back. Can you tell me how old they are please.

Kindest Regards,
Pam" Pamela Roberts 08/02/2018

"My 70's Statesman chair has a broken spring in the base, anyone know where I could get it fixed?" Jason 22/03/2018

"Hi I have two wingback chairs stamped pk 711, does anyone know the date of manufacture or how to find out please?" Kerry 04/04/2018

"Hi, I have a very good condition dusty pink sofa daybed PK 1103/4/5. Unfortunately I don't have room for it anymore so reluctantly need to sell it, does anyone know how much they are worth? Thank you" Jackie 14/04/2018

"Hi, Does anyone know who makes loosed covers for P K Norton recliners (apart from Plumbs) please." A S 19/04/2018

"Hi.I have a pair of chairs pk938 in great condition and I presume, original fabric.They seem to be moulded in fibreglass?Does anyone know anything about them?" Ali 09/07/2018

"Hi I have 2 arm chairs PK 716 can u tell me when they were made thanks" Ann 11/07/2018

"I have 2 arm chairs that have
Registered parker knoll trade mark
High Wycombe england stamped on it. There are no other dtamps or marks or model numbers. I was hoping you could tell me what years these marks wete used.
Thanking you
Katrina" Katrina Reynolds 25/07/2018

"Hi, I work for Age UK and I have two wingbacks in Green leatherette code PK 720-745 do you have any idea of age and value they are in very good condition.

Many Thanks Debbie Hall" Deborah Hall 15/08/2018

"Hi onto my 5th Beverley sofa. This time trying to find similar velvet velour material. Any suggestion please.
Thanks" Marion O'Malley 21/10/2018

"I have a few different ages of Parker Knoll chairs and a 3 piece suite that I would like to dispose of, not sure if they would be of any interest to you?
Many thanks" Jo Smart 16/12/2018

"I have a Parker knoll sofa number
Can you please tell me the year of manufacture
Thank you" Gill hardy 02/10/2019

"Hi I have three fabric chairs with Parker knoll n.38-N.90 would love to know how old they are and worth they are in very good condition. Thanks Sarah" Sarah Hedges 14/11/2019

I recently bought an rocking chair at auction. I am currently stripping down the wood and re-upholstering the wood. It is in very condition; a well constructed and sturdy piece. The serial number is PK 1038-9. Does anyone know roughly what year od decade that would be? Many thanks!" Justin Rawlings 07/02/2020

"Hi,I have had 2 identical Norton Recliners in pristine condition for over 10 years in my loft room but have never used them. They were originally owned from new by Peter Jones, a renowned Film Director at Ealing Studios. They are Dark Green upholstery with black vinyl footrests and really need to be used for their purpose rather than simply covered up in a corner. Any 'sensible' offers would considered and could be delivered up to 50 miles or so. 07974 348147 but best to send a text to avoid being ignored as a spam sales call. Thanks and Regards Phil Bailey" Phil Bailey 05/03/2020

"I have 2 parker knoll chairs PK976 and 1 matching stool PK977. Needs recovering. Are they sought after?" Heather Bosustow 29/07/2020

"Yes. All Parker Knoll chairs are collectable. Values can range from 100 pounds up to 400 depending on the quality of the renovation. Have a look on eBay. best regards" Steven 29/07/2020

"We have a PK Statesman that badly needs new rubber rocker bushes.....can anyone help please - so want to continue enjoying this design icon !" Philip Williams 13/09/2020

"Hello There,

I wanted to know when the Wingback two seater sofa PK PK 720-745 was made ?

Thank you very much
Minou" Minou Tsambika Polleros 23/11/2020

"We have two Florian chairs (PK1016, PK1017) inits original WHITE painted wood and gorgeous turquoise boucle upholstery - you might want to add it to your list. 8June2021" Geoff Lancashire 08/06/2021

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