Vintage cigarette packets

Collection of vintage cigarette packets: Wills Woodbine, Wills Gold Flake, Players Navy, Wills Capstan, Lambert and Butler Rhodian, Craven A, Black Cat and Ogden's Robin

Collecting vintage cigarette packets is a guilt-free way to enjoy the smoking culture of the twentieth century. Smoking was a huge part of life in Britain, the US and Europe. Cigarette packets represent an important source of social, cultural and marketing history.

There were a huge variety of brands, each with a particular personality portrayed in the packaging and advertising of the time. The evolution of pack design shows both changes in marketing technique and period graphic style.

Cigarette packets from the 1920s and 1930s

Pictured right above, is a collection of cigarette packets from the 20s and 30s. On the top row are two of the most popular cigarette brands of all time: Player's Medium (or Player's Navy) and Wills Wild Woodbine. Woodbines were cheap cigarettes targeted at the working man. Strangely, Woodbine was named after a wild flower. The intricate nineteenth century packet design remained current until the mid 1960s. When Wills changed the packaging, the public were having none of it and Woodbine sales continued to head south. Those in the trade knew this rebranding as 'the rape of the Woodbine pack'.

The star of the Player's Medium packet was bearded sailor known as 'Hero'. The original design, featuring the sailor a lifebelt and the sea, was used until the 1960s. Also in the top row is Wills Gold Flake, which was Wills' premium brand. Wills Capstan was an attempt to compete with Player's Medium. On the bottom row, Carreras Black Cat was heavily promoted in the interwar period and was one of the first brands to offer cigarette coupons which could be exchanged for free gifts. Craven 'A' was an early tipped or filter brand aimed initially at women smokers.

Players Navy packets on eBay

Market leading cigarettes from the 60s: Rothmans King Size, Benson and Hedges Special Filter, Embassy Tipped, Players Navy, Players No6 and Woodbine

Cigarette packets from the 1950s and 1960s

Wills Woodbine and Player's Medium continued to dominate the UK market in the 50s. However, change was on its way. Filter or tipped cigarettes were becoming more popular both for health reasons and for economy. They used less tobacco, so the duty payable was less. Also cigarette coupons, which were dropped in the 30s following a 'coupon war', returned. J Wix successfully introduced coupons to its Kensitas brand in 1956.

In the sixties the two established market leaders, Player's Medium and Wills Woodbine lost out to two new brands. The most popular cigarette brands of the 60s were Embassy Filter and Player's No6.

The prestigious cigarette to be seen with in the late 50s was the new king size. The most successful king size brand of the late 50s and early 60s was Rothmans King Size. However, Gallaher's Benson and Hedges Special Filter, with its distinctive gold packaging, was number one by the end of the 60s.

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Cigarette packets from the 70s

Cigarette packets from the 70s

Illustrated left is a collection of cigarette packets from the 70s that shows how smoking habits changed in the face of health issues and changes in the market. The old favourites are still there: Player's No6 and Embassy. However, they were joined by mild versions: Embassy Extra Mild and Player's No6 Extra Mild. The rise of the mild cigarette was a 70s' phenomenon. Benson and Hedges Silk Cut, pictured bottom middle, started this trend.

Which? Magazine named Silk Cut as the mildest UK cigarette in 1972. Although, the Which report was intended to convince people to stop smoking, it gave an enormous boost to Silk Cut sales. (In fact there is no evidence to suggest mild cigarettes are any better for you.).

The other big trend ran in the opposite direction. King size cigarettes were increasingly popular. John Player Special, with its distinctive black packaging, was a rival for Benson and Hedges.

King size cigarettes also went down market and were available in the cheaper brands. Both Player's No6 and Embassy had king size versions. You could buy cigarettes in a bewildering number of different sizes: international, king size, regular, intermediate, mini and sub-mini. Collectors of cigarette packets from the 70s should look out for different sizes in all the popular brands, for example, Silk Cut, Silk Cut King Size, Silk Cut No1, Silk Cut No5, Silk Cut No3, as well as Silk Cut Extra Mild.

At the same time competition from US cigarette manufacturers started in earnest in the 70s. The famous Marlboro brand with is cowboy print advertising campaign started to take sales away from the home grown brands.

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How to collect cigarette packets

There are several ways to collect cigarette packets. You can buy complete unopened packs, empty packets, slides from the hull and slide packs or fronts only. eBay is the best place to source vintage cigarette packets.

Packet fronts or sleeves

In the early days of collecting cigarette packets, collectors kept the front only, cutting out the rest of the pack and discarding it. This method makes for the most compact collection, but is frowned upon by collectors today. It is also the cheapest way to get into the hobby. You can buy a whole collection of fronts for only a few pounds.

With the older hull and slide type packs some collectors kept only the sleeve. This was slightly better than keeping the front of the pack only. Sleeves are a bit more expensive than fronts. They can also be worth buying if you have a scruffy sleeve and a good slide, especially if the pack is rare.

Empty packets

Another way to collect cigarette packets is to buy empty packets. They are cheaper than full ones and you can amass a larger collection more quickly as they are more common.

Very rare packets can go for £100, but expect to pay between £1 and £5 for an empty cigarette packet from the 30s to the 70s.

Vintage cigarette packets on eBay

Full packets

Full packets are rarer and consequently expect to pay more. However, prices of £5 to £10 for post-war packs are still common.

Expect to pay more for packs with contents and original cellophane wrapping. There is an increasing interest in packets from the 50s, 60s and 70s. So don't hang around!

Sadly full packets are no longer sold on eBay.

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Resources for cigarette packet collectors

The official website for the Cigarette Packet Collectors Club of Great Britain -

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"Hi, I recently discovered around 10 packs of 200 boxed (and full) Silk cut cigarettes from the 1970's.Is it worth trying to sell them or should I just hang on to them?Thanks:)" Dawn 21/04/2013

"You could try one on eBay and see how it goes. Full or 'live' packs are always worth more than empty ones." Steve 23/04/2013

"I would like to buy empty cigarette packs all over the world.

I`m very interesting in camel packs too." Esteban Gimenez 27/09/2013

"hi i have a ogdens robin cigarette packet empty and a marlboro mini packet full and sealed ,could you give me some idea on value many thanks leroy" leroy lucas 28/10/2013

"Hi there I have a box of 5 wild woodbine apparently from 1915 is there any value in them
Regards mick" mick 15/12/2013

"I have found a empty pkt of wild woodbine cigarettes. Is there any value please - thanks." PAULINE PLAYFORD 08/02/2014

"Hi Pauline, It is probably worth around £2 to £5 depending on condition. Woodbine was the most popular brand of cigarettes from the early 1900s to the 1950s so there a quite a few around. Best regards" Steven 09/02/2014

"I have a complete packet of woodbine which containing 3 cigaretts is there any value please. thanks" Donald Arblaster 09/03/2014

"Hi Donald, Full packs are generally worth a lot more, although having just 3 cigarettes will probably not make that much difference. Condition of the pack is more important." Steven 10/03/2014

"I have an empty package of Ogden's Fine Cut (tobacco?). Package says patented 1923 10 cents - It's a green paper package that I can't find a photo of online. Any ideas?" Sabrina 24/03/2014

"Hi Sabrina, There are quite a few tins on Google images. I also saw that famous album cover by the Small Faces, Ogden's Nut Gone, but you're right there don't seem to be any packets. There is a picture of an Ogden's Juggler Fine Cut Tobacco on flickr.
best regards Steven" Steven 24/03/2014

"I have a 1930s empty packet of carreras club Virginia cigarettes 10 cigarette size is this of any value?" jane 20/04/2014

"I have a empty packet of Carreras club Virginia cigarettes is this of any value?" jane 20/04/2014

"I have a full packet of three wild woodbines cigarettes could somebody give me a value and the year? Thanks!" Phil 01/05/2014

"Hi I have a packet of 3 Embassy Regal cigarettes with the 3 cigarettes in the box. The pack has been opened. Is this a collectors piece? I have never seen a 3 pack before" Di 04/05/2014

"Embassy Regal in a 3 pack would have probably been a marketing give-away, possibly from 1969 when Regal was introduced. Probably not great value (around £5), but certainly interesting.
best regards" Steven 04/05/2014


i have the full collection of Viscount King Size Carton Packaging in great condition (1970s).. The carton packaging has Australian places and details about places on them, quite interesting to be honest. There is a total of 30 or so different ones. Any idea what they are worth? I have seen nothing on ebay or any other places selling them." Jesse 30/06/2014

"hello was reading comments on this site, i have got packets of unopened cigarettes for example "robin Hood""boy" "Essex" "park Drive Gallaghers. Are these of any intrest or value" mike suffield 30/06/2014

"Hi Mike,
A full 10 pack of Park Drive from the 70s sold on eBay for £15 recently. If these are older packs, which they sound, they could be worth much more, may be £20 to 330 each. best regards" Steven 30/06/2014

"Hi Mike,
A full 10 pack of Park Drive from the 70s sold on eBay for £15 recently. If these are older packs, which they sound, they could be worth much more, may be £20 to £30 each. best regards" Steven 30/06/2014

"Still no info on carton packaging of Viscount Kings, 1970 Australian landmarks packaging." Jesse 06/07/2014

"I have an old cigarette packet that's still sealed and wondered if you could tell me it's approx age and value?
It's a packet of Silk Cut Number 1's with ventilated filter.
I've looked online and think it could be mid 70's but cannot find a photo of the exact packet to verify,just similar ones.
I can enclose a photo,it's in very good condition considering it's age I think." Marc Patrick 10/08/2014

"i have an old 5 woodbine packet with signature does it have any value" steve 09/09/2014

"Looking to start a collection, is there any value in these?" Joe Walsh 21/10/2014

"i have 2 full packets of fan light extra large
cigaretts made by the co-op between 1928 to
1937 they have been in my family from new i have looked on the internet but cannot find any others are they worth anything." kevin jones 31/10/2014

"Hi have an unopened box of Benson and hedges senator cigars, which I believe are from the late 70's any idea on the value of these? Cheers" Stephen 13/11/2014

"Hi We recently found an empty box of lambert and butler wavely medium from when the house was built which would be around 1900

the box has medals of quality dates from 1894, so im assuming its from around that time

would that be of any interest to a collector?" Harry Stewart 28/01/2015

"Hi; I have a pack of Philter cigarettes from 1960; It is all white filter with 1" of tobacco; is there any value? Any info would be appreciated; thank you." katalina 01/02/2015

"Hi I have got an old packet of benson and hedges special mild unopened they are in white box with gold around the sides and they have old Bond Street on box under logo. They have low tar written on seal and no health warnings. Are these worth anything and how old are they? Many thanks kelly" Kelly rason 10/02/2015

"Hi there I've got two vintage camel light hard pack's that are both still in their plastic wraps, one is a collector pack and has a c-note!. Just wondering if they are likely to be worth anything?. Thanks and regards Brad." Brad 12/02/2015

"Hi ive got a wild woodbine cigarette box dated 1885 in perfect condition. If you are interested email me and I will send you pictures. Cigarettes not included." conor little 12/02/2015

"Hi Connor,
Do you mean a packet (cardboard) or a box made of wood or metal? Sorry to disappoint, but all Woodbine packs had the date 1885 on the back. It refers to when the cigarettes were first made, not the date of the actual pack. Up until 1916 Woodbines were sold only in packs of 5 with a paper wrapper. best regards" Steven 15/02/2015

"Hi my partner found a full blue pack of embassy regal. From some years ago they were found in the wall cavity whilst at work. Would these be worth anything as they don't sell them. The original building is 100 year old." Nicola 16/02/2015

"Hi Nicola,
Embassy Regal was introduced in the late 60s. If the pack has no health warning it was made before 1971. Full packs can be worth £5 to £10. Best regards" Steven 17/02/2015

"Hi, I found an empty 5 pack of senior service. It's red and white packaging?" Allison 20/02/2015

"I thought I would drop you a line and introduce myself and my web site to you. My web site is where I provide a range of information for collectors of Tobacco Tins and Cigarette packets. Some of the information may be of interest to your membership, in particular the index of English Cigarette manufacturers and the brands that they produced or sold during the period from 1870 -1980. The index details the brands that were sold, the pack sizes that were made and the years that each variant was on sale." john turner 02/04/2015

"Hi, I have an unopened packet of Gallahers De Luxe Medium no health warning still in plastic wrapper. I also have Albany, Players, Kensitas. All unopened and in wrappers. What are they worth?" Helen Convery 20/04/2015

"I have closed and full packs of old Lucky Strike (soft withot filters and hardpack with) and old Barklay. All packs are in top condition and undamaged." Nils 02/05/2015

"Hi, I have a cigarette tin labelled Taddy & Gos. Myrtle Grove cigarettes with picture head and shoulders of a lady wearing a large hat (Ascot style). Would you be able to tell me the age of the item and approximate value,please. Many thanks." Tudor 30/05/2015

"Hello we have found a full, still sealed packet of consulate cigarettes pack of 10 from roughly the 60's would you know if any value? Thanks" Su simpson 12/06/2015

"A full pack from the 60s would be worth about £5 to £10. Best regards" Steven 13/06/2015

"Hi. I have 2 printed sheets of W.D & H.O. Wills cigarette packs. Gold Flake
Has 80 on the sheet. 20 Wild Woodbine Has 72 on it. Are these of any value to someone or is it as pretty much like the rest worth a tenner
& not worth doing anything with them." Arch 17/06/2015

"These are pretty rare. Do you know the age of them? It might be worth a go on eBay. Since I haven't seen one for sale it's hard to give an estimate. The age/era would affect value quite a bit. best regards" Steven 18/06/2015

"Hi I have an empty packet/cardboard of Virginia A cigarettes and also an empty sleeve of wild woodbine cigarettes." Pam Simpson 04/07/2015

"I have found an empty packet of Wills's Star cigarettes cork tipped for 15 cigarettes. Are they rare as we cannot find any on the Internet. Can you give me an approximate value of this. BOU" J richards 17/07/2015

"I have a box of 10 Gallaher's Clubman Filter Tipped still has content and plastic wrapping...never been opened. What are they worth?? And where do I sell them?" Rhys 10/08/2015

"I have a unopened pack of Camel cigs from the 80s are they worth much" Ray 14/08/2015

"Hi i have a packet of benson and hedges king size special filter.the opening tab has the embossed b&h the packet itself has the logo then a blurb "traditionally the name associated with perfection..." special filter in cursive writting red
Then benson and hedges bold black at the bottom.
Special filter on the side is cursive in black. Could you possibly give me an approximate age of them?" vanessajane 21/08/2015

"My husband found a full box of woodbine cigarettes unopened and still in cellophane when sorting his late father's things. There are health warnings on the package tar is 13mg 1.0mg nicotine. Do they hold any value?" Michelle 26/08/2015

"Hi, I have unopened pack from 1880's of Goodwin Guinea Gold, 3 G's. In very good condition. Any known value? Thanks!" Bob 28/08/2015

"i have 2 books of petrol coupons from the 1950s are they worth anything" m a liddle 30/09/2015

"Hi I have recently found an empty 10 packet of star cigarettes is it of any value ?
Cheers Dave" Dave Cullen 17/10/2015

"I found a packet of 4 Wild Woodbine cigarettes , complete with cigs . Light blue & russet colour ,digit 4 ,top left corner , and made in Dublin printed on pack .packet is of thick paper rather than card .
Un-usual quantity packet ?
Any idea of time -line for manufacture ?
Any idea of possible value to collector ?
I cant find any helpful info on the web ?" John Ring 19/10/2015

"Hi, I am just getting into collecting cigarettes, my preferred era is early 20th century including both world wars. Can you please tell me what the blue tax paper seal is? What does it mean, why is it there? It talks about tax having been paid, perhaps you could explain. Thank you, Simon." simon 29/10/2015

"i have a packet of 200 BAIRAM (MILD TURKISH)cigarettes in original brown paper packaging manufacturer THE BALKAN CIGARETTE Co Ltd LONDON ENGLAND.Please advise on price expected or anyone interested." kerry 30/10/2015

"I have an empty pack (excellent shape) of 1988 Players Plain 25 pack. Is it worth anything to anyone?

Bev" Beverley 11/11/2015

"I have a tin cigarettes pack on the can they said been marking off more than 200 yrs it said made by Larrillsrd company,if you can can you give price, Thank you" Ray 19/11/2015

"i have two full packs sealed with tax stamp of german origin one fleiger and matrose are they worth anything?
Jim" Jim 08/12/2015

"Hi! I have one full pack of woodbine cigarettes and 4 full 5 packs of the same. Are these worth much?

Thank you." Rosie 04/01/2016

"Ihave a wills woodbine similar to wild woodbine mint condition cant find pictures any where" Paul 26/01/2016

"Hi, I have an old pack of wills woodbine (empty) on all the pictures I've seen the pack says Wild Woodbine....but on mine it says Wills Woodbine....could combine explain why that is please?" Barbie 26/01/2016

"I have a pack of wills woodbine with all 5 cigarettes inside and wonders if they are worth anything thank you." Jean 01/03/2016

"Hi, I have a 200/20 carton of Embassy king size. Unopened, still with plastic wrapping. It seems a shame to open it and sell the packets separately, are there carton collectors?
Thanks" Jeff 01/03/2016

"I have Wills Gold Flake Honey Dew full pack of 20 unopened and sealed. Any ideas of value?" Karen Grove 14/04/2016

"I have just found an empty packet off wild woodbine cigarettes 10 pack, also has grand diploma of honour on the back and it has Antwerp international exhibition 1885, worth selling? Thank you" Cori 04/05/2016

"HI i have a question about 1950's cig packs. when the government started to put penny's in cig packs where did they put them and could you see it threw the plastic." nick 24/05/2016

"yes looking for value of a tin i have its is early 1900 i believe its THE ALBANY and THE ALBANY CIGARETTE STORE C&E HAWKINS FL SMITH REG. MONTREAL CANADA S BURLINGTON GARDENS LONDON ENG." RANDY 27/05/2016

"i have packs of old airline cigarettes. one opened. the others not opened. they used to give them out on airplanes...any value? thank you in advance." laura 09/07/2016

"Hi I have a old cigarettes packet and would like to know more about it and a rough price of it or hold onto it a bit longer.
The packet is a 20 packet or what it looks like it is a kensitas packet it is white with a butler on it In a red circle.
If you could get back to me I would be grateful.
Shaun" Shaun bright 12/07/2016

"Forgot about these brands being an ex smoker of 15 years, brought back a few memories and coughs." Garry 19/07/2016

"Hi guys i was at work to day and found an old and empty pack of fags the name on them is black cat cigarettes is it worth any thing thanks" Karl 05/08/2016

"I have a cigarette pack ( Tobacco) from tuckett and sons tobacco co. Hamilton Ontario. it has army navy on it with the pictures of two military men in what appears to be ww1 uniforms and half a canadian postal stamp dated in 1800s. can you give me any info on it because I cant find any pictures of it. Thank you" William Robertson 10/08/2016

"I have a pack of 20 king size number 6 unopened and in mint condition , what price would i get ?" John J Polland 16/08/2016

"I am wanting to buy a 1970's packet of John Player Special cigarettes can anyone help ?" 17/08/2016

"I have a whole bunch of sleeves from all the different eras who/ where do I go to sell them in NS?" Megan 19/08/2016

"Hi, I have some sealed JPS black from the 70s or 80s. They are in the slim broad packets. No health warning. I can see you get bombarded with queries but wondering if you had any idea as to the value. I have 400 in total: one sealed 200 box and another almost sealed 200 box with all packets inside sealed. cheers Straker" Straker 28/08/2016

"Hi, They are probably older if the have no health warnings. The UK health warning came in 1971, although packs sold in Duty Free often did not have them. As to value, they would probably sell for £5 to £10 each on eBay. They would fetch less if sold in bulk.

I generally recommend that people check eBay sold listings for accurate valuations.
best regards" Steven 29/08/2016

"My father has a full 25 pack of Black Cat Cigarettes (Blue Color) with the plastic intact. We think they are from around the 40's no health warning and would like to know what the value could be. We have been unable to find a comparable item via eBay or a general Internet search." Bonnie Turner 02/09/2016

"I have an old purple boxed packet of gold tip cigarettes,they have a House of Commons gold seal/House of Lords seal inside.Called Sweet & Twenty,made by Moustafa,Piccadilly,London.W Can anybody tell me anything about them please." Tj 09/09/2016

"Hi....I have discovered a collection of assorted empty cigarette and cigar packets in the loft. Is there anywhere or anyone in the Nottingham, Derby, Lester area we could take them to for selling? Thanks" Fran 18/09/2016

"I have two packets of 5 fanlight extra large cigarettes made by the co op most of the tobacco
is still there I have contacted the co op and they have no record of them, any ideas." Kevin jones 30/09/2016

"I have a pack of lilliput cigs with a holder
19 cigs in pack one missing
Pack has fallen to pieces
Smallest cigs ever made.
Any info on value and history?" Roy 16/10/2016

"hi i have a pack of 20 kensitas club cigarettes
witch has kensitas coupon in side unopened
any idea of the value" mohammed 30/10/2016

"I found 8 unopened packs of Dunhill International 20. Italian edition from when father-in-law went to Italy years ago. not sure how old..I know the last time he went was 1990." John 11/11/2016

"Hi i have ups black clock,that i have not seen anywhere from years,any idea of the value.Raj22/12/2016" RAJ PATEL 22/12/2016

"Hi I have an empty packet of Ogdens Tabs 5 for 1 D green colour any idea of value" David 24/12/2016

"I see that eBay UK will not allow you to sell full packs of cigarettes anymore - even with the disclamers - I have 4 full and pristine packs of Rothmans King Size (50s/60s)and trying to sell them to raise money for our charity. Any idea where I can?" Susan Lane 06/01/2017

" posiadam opakowanie po papierosach z 1917 firmy Tabak & Cigaretten Fabrik SULMA F.L WOLF DREZDEN" Franciszek Dolas 22/01/2017

"any chance susan lane selling the rothmans could get in touch" les 25/01/2017

"hi i have a full unopened sealed cylindrical tin of 50 capstan medium cigarettes can u tell me age and what they worth please i have been told they was for the armed forces in world war one and had them in the trenches with them" melvyn price 06/02/2017

"My Nan's family used to run a shop selling cigarettes and she had collected over 100 different brands dating back to w.w 2 to 70's most have original celophane packaging except early packs for obvious reasons. All contain original content and are in prestine condition relating to age. Anyone interested in adding to there collection contact me for details and pricing.

+44 1424 772796" Garrystevenson57@hotmail 16/02/2017

"Hi there. we have a small tin and glass cigarette counter display/cigarette holder. It is all metal with 4 tiny legs and the original glass in tact. There are old Black Cat Cigarettes stickers on the top where cardboard sleeves would slide in. I believe it to be Rare and Very old.......20's, 30's" darlene macdonald 03/03/2017

"i have 1 sealed and unopened Coulters No2 Golden De Lux cork tipped cigarettes a 10 pack i think from 1940 i dont want to destroy this could you please advise. Picture available on request" Trevor 12/03/2017

" have 2 sealed and unopened Coulters No2 Golden De Lux cork tipped cigarettes a 10 pack i think from 1940, what can I do with them??" Trev 31/03/2017

" I offer empty cigarette packs of Russia for exchange." Shabanov Serzh 06/04/2017

"I have a promotional 5 pack of Sovereign cigarettes from the early nineties when Benson & Hedges first started the brand. The packet is unopened with cellophane wrapper intact. Is this worth anything and, if so, how would I go about selling them?" Antony Chaggar 07/04/2017

"Hello everyone. We found a M. Melachrino Indian cigarette box with 11 antique cigarettes still inside. My guy and I couldn't help it.. Lol.. We had to make it an even number so we lit it up and smoked one of those ancient smokes!! Now ive officially smoked worse tasting Marlboro's that have sat in a drawer for a year or better! I expected to cough and sputter but it was not too shabby!!

So the box is in great shape and the promotional inserts are all there. I am listing it on Ebay today but have no idea what this could be worth. I've done hours of research and i can't even pin down a decade!! Maybe someone here that's knowledgeable could offer assistance? That would be most welcome!
Thanks a million, Deidra" Deidre Stone 07/04/2017

"looking for unopened pack of benson hdges cigs 1950s era" mark clewlow 21/06/2017

"When I was a kid in the 60s I smoked a brand of cigarettes that was in a flat red box, not a crushproof kind of box and the filter looked like dark wood grain. Does anybody know what that brand was and what became of it?" Lou King 14/07/2017

"I have a full un opened pack of capstan navy cut cigarettes, can you tell me if they are worth anything I found them fitting a kitchen and they seem very old" Cain 01/08/2017

"I have a pack of marlboro red 4 class a cigarettess unopend still in the package . It is a complimanetary pack not for sale , is it worth anything ?" Loretta 31/08/2017

"I posted here 6mnths ago & I am still looking for info regarding early 90's all black promotional pack of 5 Sovereign cigarettes when the brand was launched. On the front it has the silver sovereign motif & brand name Benson & Hedges, on the back it says Promotional Pack-Not Nor Resale and manufacturers address- London W1. What other sites could I go about selling them or getting info? Thanks- won't tie-up this thread anymore!!" Antony 16/10/2017

"I have found an empty box of Star cigarettes W D & H O Wills Bristol & London in our attic. Can anyone shine any light on it? It has the inner sleeve in it but the bottom piece is missing. Many thanks" Karen 22/11/2017

"Hello I have a box of 2017 regal filter unopened. The old original packet with smoking kills and a picture warning on the back with an old pair of hands . How much are they worth today now that the packets have been withdrawn from the market ?" Dessie McKenzie 03/12/2017

"I have a friend with a full pack of 10 Pasha cigarets from 1940’sit is the black packet with gold writing
How much do you think he should advertise it for ?" Doug 08/12/2017

" Acquired a NOS sealed package of Player's Navy cut today. Minimal health warning about pregnant women, nothing about cancer. I'm interested to know the value and can't find it online.
Thanks." johnney 30/12/2017

"Grandparents found a carton of camel nonfilters, no surgeon general warning, no code on bottom of pack. All packs still in a thin plain brown Camels carton." Kayla B Cox 03/01/2018

I have boxers and boxers of many different and heaps of replicators of cigarette packets. 1 think there might be 5000 packets in total. And a few full packets. Any thoughts on approximate value and a good place to sell them. Thanks very much Aali" Aali 31/01/2018

"I started collecting when l was 12 years old,finding a “Flag”” cigarette box.
At first keeping the whole box then later just the fronts.l am now 70 and still can’t resist picking up the odd packet.Who remembers NSM,new smoking material! I know my collection would have worth more if l had collected the complete packets,but collecting is much better than buying." Ron Williams 07/02/2018

"I have an unopened tin of Gallagher's Medium Deluxe 50 cigarettes. I haven't had any luck finding the same online anywhere. Does anyone have any info?

Cheers, Rod" Rod Burgess 21/02/2018

"I have a couple of capstone navy cut cigarettes full sealed in packets. Any idea of the value please" eviechick 13/04/2018

"I am looking for a box of Kent Cigarettes with the Micronite filter. These contained blue Asbestos-Crocidolyte and are renowned. I am a specialist asbestos safety training provider and am looking for this for my museum collection." Concrete Clive 28/04/2018

"Hi there, i got around ~60 packets, some are full packets, some not, they are mostly from Eastern Europe from 60s/70s/80s, anyone would be interested? If anyone got interested i could send pictures of how it looks like with the full details of the packages, you can write to the following email -" Dom 26/06/2018

"hi friends...i am a brazilian empty cigarette pack collector; i am looking for old packs to exchanging or buying!" murilo goncalves 20/07/2018

"I have. Comm 1970.lucky strike. Pack. Like 1930s. GREEN...! Know. How many. Made by am Tob co ?" William Eason 19/09/2018

"Have a large collection of cigarette pkts.amongst them 2 Churchmans Olympic one weightlifting and the other one for yachting. on the back it depicts the winners from 1920 to 1956 are they rare?" Joyce Yeoman 04/02/2019

"i am a cigarette pack collector, and i am looking for vintage packs to increase mi collection; if you can help me , please, contact me (, or whatsapp 55 47 99675383!
thanks a lot!

Murilo Goncalves" Murilo Gonçalves 15/03/2019

"I have 6 packets of players number 6 cigarettes with cellophane intact what price are they valued at" diane torr 28/06/2019

"I have a 20 No 6 king size . Full packet of fags . Fags all sealed. How much ???" Colin 04/07/2019

"It would probably fetch a fiver on eBay. Best regards" Steven 04/07/2019

"Ebay keep removing the post for trying to sell a full unopened pack of regals from 1970s. Any where else to try and sell them?" Laura 05/07/2019

"Looks like you can't sell full packs anymore. I don't see any for sale on eBay. I guess they think someone might smoke them!" Steven 05/07/2019

"I have a wrapped 200 pack (10 x 20pack) of consulate in great condition. Not opened. Where can i sell them?" Jamie 30/07/2019

"Hi.i have 3 packs of de resume minors.full.not opened .how much worth.also Ogden's robin. 2 packs full.not opened .in very good condition." Mark Vaughan 09/08/2019

"Hi you still have 200 pack of consulate.thanks mark" Mark Vaughan 09/08/2019

"Hi any one has 1930s or 1940s cigarette packets or avertizing.for sale.thanks mark" Mark Vaughan 09/08/2019

"Yes mark in me at" Jamie 11/08/2019

"Hi there, I have a number of tobacco items for sale, cigarette packets, cigars and pipe tobacco. All are complete and in very good condition. Some date from the 1960s. You can see some pics here -> Contact me at for more info." Michael 11/08/2019

"I have several hundred packs of full cigarette packs. I have sold most of my packs WWII and prior. but have many left. You can message me and I can send pictures or tell me what you are looking for." Linda Sloan 12/09/2019

"Hi there
would like to buy an unopened packet (packets) of players number 6
Anyone help" Tony brown 04/11/2019

"Hello! I have six frames filled with antique packs. All are still completely sealed as when purchased. It was a collection out together by 2 generations prior to me. Guessing 50-60-70s. I haven't counted the exact number of packs, but would estimate around 300 (50 per frame). Looking to sell will ship. Thanks for reading." Scott 22/12/2019

"Hi I have an unused packet of 5 Woodbine from late 50's no cellophane but packet is complete. anywhere that I can sell this? of just get an approximate value? many thanks" Hilary Boase 25/02/2020

"Hi, I recently came across a pack of 10 woodbine middle tar cigarettes still in the original Cellophane unopened. Any ideas on how much value please as I can't find any info on this vintage pack of cigarettes. All I know it's 1950's. Many thanks." Rhian williams 26/03/2020

"Hi Rhian,

Are you sure that these are not from the 70s. They didn't start classifying cigarettes as low, medium or high tar until the middle of the 1970s. Do they have a health warning on the pack?" Steven 26/03/2020

"I have a unopened sealed packet of John players navy cut from the 1930 are they worth anything?" John 04/04/2020


"I have some old pack of cigarettes from around 1965. Philip Morris, Chesterfield King and Kool Filter Kings. Also 4 packs of Beech-nut chewing tobacco and 16 packs of R. J. Reynolds rolling paper in a box.

Is this worth anything? it has been in y closet for many years.

I can be reached at 480-289-1448 or

Thanks." Marty DeMarse 17/04/2020

"Hi, I have a fully intact wild woodbine card 5pack including all the cigarettes (5).is it worth anything?" Fiona 13/05/2020

"I have a sealed unopened box of 10 Marlboro Golds (2016 / white packaging with logo / pristine condition) - now that 10s have been banned, I wondered if they're worth anything - Thanks for any advice" Graham 13/05/2020

"I have 9 packets of Embassy Filter 20's ib their red and white box unopened what sort of price would I get and best place to sell them pls." Kerri Julier 26/06/2020

"I have a collection of 152 vintage packet fronts. Would these be of interest to anyone? (" Nicole 29/06/2020

"I have a wills woodbine cigarettes box totally different to the rest an on bac it says made entirely Virginia tobacco my box is not like the rest av been looking at same colour but mine different words to the rest" Jay 28/07/2020

"Hi, I have very old empty packets, 2x senior service, 1x capstan navy cut, 1x golden fern and 1x players navy cut, any idea of value please as wanting to sell, thanks" lorena 28/07/2020

"I have a collection tobacco tins and packets, cigarette tins and packets, plus advertising material, all from the 1920's and 30's. Over one hundred items in total.
interested ? Contact me" Keith Wortley 24/08/2020

"I smoked Capstan Full Strength for 15+ years (I stopped smoking over 30 years ago)and would like an empty packet to go with the rest of the varied ephemera I've collected over the years.
Please can anybody help?" Garth 26/08/2020

"I have a miniature pack of wills woodbines complete with ten ciggies inside which is inside a tiny metal box are they of any value please" Philip Moore 31/08/2020

In have a large box of LADNEK Special Virginia Cigarettes. Manufactured by the Co-operative society in Manchester.
The box contains 10 individual packets
They are all full,unopened packets (no cellophane as I think they are to early for that)
I would love to know more about them. How old they are and any possible value" Steve Robertson 10/09/2020

"I have the complete unopened hand out of Premier menthol 4 packs, case and lighter, perfect condition" Don Miller e mail 18/09/2020

"Hi I have pack of CONSULATE Mentol 19 cigarettes inside. There is any value? Thanks." Maniek 09/11/2020

"Probably not much. eBay stopped the sale of so called live packs (packs containing cigarettes) a few years ago. You can sell it on eBay empty. You will probably get about five pounds." Steven 09/11/2020

"Thank you Steven." Maniek 10/11/2020

"Hi, I have a full unused pack of Senior service WITH 18 ciggarettes inside, the plastic seal has been taken off and the pack was a little dusty when found, but the foil is still there. What's the value? Thanks" Miles 25/11/2020

"I have a full 4 pack of wild woodbine cigarettes. Any idea how old they could be or what value?
Also have a full 10 pack of gold flake still in the plastic.
Thanks, Dave" Dave 01/02/2021

"Hi, I have an old album, bought decades ago, that contain many old 1920s, 1930s cigarette package fronts. As they are just the fronts stuck into the album, do they have any value or they are merely curiosities,
Keith" Keith McDougall 22/02/2021

"Hi Keith,

Cigarette packet fronts don't have much value. Fronts from the 20s and 30s will be worth more. Tow large collections with rare 300+ sold for £50 on eBay recently. Best regards" Steven 22/02/2021

"I looking for a packet great if I open benson and hedges special filter gold vintage please whats app me 07960649085" Mark lee 30/03/2021

"I have a 10 pack of churchmans special no1 cigarettes with 8 full cigarettes still in it, and full 50g box of light tasman toasted flake that doesn't even look like it's been opened before, do you know how old would they be? And are they worth anything?" Courtz 02/04/2021

"I have 2 packets of Benson and Hedges (still sealed) circa 1990's (gold packet) - any idea where I can list these as ebay don't do full packets anymore" Nicky White 17/04/2021

"Hi, I'm have been trying to find out about a Player's Navy Cut "medium" cigarette sleeve. I have a few but one is different. They are all packs of 10 bar one which is 9 and has a price 6D.. any idea's" Shaun Rayner 24/04/2021

"Hi Shaun, It sounds like a vending machine pack. Tobacco used to be taxed by weight. When the tax went up the price of the cigarettes went up. The companies could manipulate the tax a bit by altering the amount of tobacco in each cigarette, but there was a limit to what they could do. With vending machines it was expensive to change the price on the machines. So if it took sixpences for ten cigarettes and the tax went up, they reduced the number of cigarettes so a pack still sold for 6d. They are quite rare, but I've seen a few. best regards" Steven 24/04/2021

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