What do you remember of the 60s?

You've had a look at this website, maybe it brings back some memories for you.  We are doing a survey of life in the sixties and would appreciate it if you could spare us a few minutes to fill in this survey. We will be posting some of the replies on the website and using the information to gather views on the decade.

60s survey


Occupation (in the sixties)  

Age group in the sixties 

60s Music

What music did you listen to? Pop, jazz or classical. Why did you like it? For some inspiration have a look at 60s Music.
Which groups or singers did you think were cool and why?

Entertainment - TV

What were your favourite TV programmes of the sixties? Why did you like them?


What were your favourite dishes in the sixties? Can you still get them today?

Eating out

Did you eat out in the sixties? If so, what were your favourite restaurants and cafs? (Please describe local restaurants and national chains)

Did you at any of the following restaurants?

Or any other type (please specify):

Which did you prefer and why?

60s Clothes

Fashions changed drastically in the sixties. The mini was in for the second half of the decade, later hippy styles were cool. For men a sharp suit was usually worn for going out. See 60s fashion.

What did you wear in the sixties? What was hip and groovy?


Smoking was still extremely popular in the sixties. In the sixties nearly 70% of men and around 40% of women smoked. The most popular brand in the UK was "Embassy Filter".

Did you smoke? If so, which brand of cigarette/cigar/pipe tobacco? Which brands were popular? Which were "upmarket"?


What was your favourite drink in the sixties?


What were popular drinking places?


Did you own a car in the sixties? If so, which make and model and why did you choose this one?

What did you think of the new motorways and motorways service stations?


Did you move into a new house of flat in the sixties? If so, what was it like?

Issues of the day

What were the main issues that concerned people in the sixties? For example: The Profumo Affair, the Sterling Crisis and devaluation, housing, traffic, Beeching and the railways.

The big question.....Overall, do you think life was better in the sixties than today?

Please give reasons if possible.

The information collected on this form is processed in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. It will only be used for the purposes of research into life in the 1960s.

Thank you for your time.

Steven & Diane

Warning: If a blank email appears in your mail client the information has not been sent to us. Please email directly to [email protected].

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