Special Range telephones

From around 1978 the GPO supplied 'Special Range' telephones for a one off extra charge and higher rentals.

The GPO and their successor, British Telecom, catered to all possible tastes from a phone in the shape of Mickey Mouse, to reproduction versions of the classic Candlestick, to ultra chic modern style in the form of the 1950s classic the Ericofon. In 1981 the Special Range included:

  • Astrofon
  • Mickey Mouse phone, SR1001, introduced in 1978
  • Candlestick phone SR1005, made by STC, introduced in 1979
  • Deltaphone SR1006 (dial version) and SR1016 (PB version) - a leather clad Trimphone
  • Comtempra SR1002, a modern phone made by Northern Telecom and sold in the UK by GEC
  • Classic SR1000 - an antique style phone, introduced in 1979
  • Dawn made by Northern Telecom, introduced in 1981
  • Ericofon - Swedish modern classic, added to the range in 1980
SR 1005B Candlestick telephone, 1970s

Candlestick phones

The push-button Trimphone represented the modern forward looking aspect of the 70s which embraced digital watches, colour TV and pocket calculators. For some though, modern was old hat. The appeal of vintage design and nostalgia, which became a prominent force in the 80s, began in the late 70s.

If your idea of cutting edge style was Victorian or Art Deco, and you could afford it, the GPO provided Special Range Telephones (SRT) available at substantial extra cost. The Candlestick or S1005B is one example.

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