Retro telephones - resources

More on retro telephones:

The Telecommunications Heritage Group

A society devoted to vintage telecommunications and the preservation of vintage telephone equipment.

UK Telephones

This site has a vast quantity of pictures of all types of vintage telephones and plenty of additional information.

British Telephones

A superb site containing a wealth of detail about all types of British telephones, including circuit diagrams and extracts from original GPO publications.

Sam's Telecoms Index

A very useful collection of articles about telephones. There are guides on how to dismantle vintage telephones from Candlesticks to Trimphones.

Telephone dealers has a large selection of telephones from the 20s to the 80s, as does offers some very high quality phones from early candlesticks to Trimphones. - A small family run business which sells, buys and services antique and vintage British telephones.

Books about vintage telephones

Old Telephones (Shire Library) gives a good overview of phones from the earliest days to the 1960s.



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