Younger furniture

Younger Fonseca sideboard, 1965 in oiled teak

A Younger Ltd was a high quality British furniture manufacturer that led style and contemporary taste in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Younger furniture was low volume, well made and aimed at the top end of the market. Younger was amongst the first firms to make Scandinavian style furniture in the fifties and one of the first manufacturers to abandon the style in search of something more original in the late sixties.

Younger teak furniture

As early as January 1955 Younger marketed their first teak dining suite, Moselle. Two years later, they introduced Volany, a new range of teak furniture which they sold for a further ten years.

Younger's top designer was John Herbert, the firm's design director. He won three awards from the Furniture Makers' Guild in 1960 for a sideboard and two tables. All three were similar to contemporary Scandinavian furniture. The sideboard was constructed from solid afromosia, an African wood of similar colour and appearance to teak; manufacturers often used it to complement teak, because it was easier to work. John Herbert veneered the drawers in teak and completed the design with simple, round, wooden handles. The first of the two tables combined teak and rosewood veneers, a combination that was to become very popular later in the 'sixties, the other was made in solid afromosia.

In the mid sixties, John Herbert moved away from teak when he designed a new dining set in African walnut for Younger. The firm was indicating a move away from popular taste and pioneering a new direction in furniture.

Younger teak sideboard, 1960s (image Designtwenty)

Younger's 60s furniture

By 1967, teak was so popular that John Nickson, Managing Director of A Younger Ltd, commented:

"instead of finding it difficult to purchase a teak dining set - as it was twelve years ago - the problem now is to find anything else!"

Younger was ready for a radical departure.

John Herbert and his assistant, Alan Pledge, spent a few weeks locked away in Herbert's home in Kent thinking up new ideas. Their new furniture was modern, but had the imposing grandeur of traditional Spanish design.

There was a hexagonal dining table mounted on a large central pedestal on a hexagonal plinth.  This went with high backed, upholstered, dining chairs which were completely different from anything else on sale. 

There were grand storage cabinets, 6 ft 6in in length in several, different designs. One had ecclesiastical looking doors with arched windows, guarded by diamond wire mesh. Another had Georgian style paneled doors, with large recessed circles resembling the front door of a grand town house in miniature. Both were mounted on large plinths, with a hint of the classical pillar and a heavy appearance.

Younger offered several very different finishes. There was a new wood, louro, from central Brazil, finished in a traditional polish. Furniture with this finish could have belonged to an important Mediterranean official, perhaps someone like James Bond might have visited on one of his missions. Younger also offered an entirely different look to the same furniture by using coloured veneers. They offered red, green or black stains, all transparent so that the grain pattern of the wood showed through. The traditional veneer finish appealed to the older generation; the coloured pieces were for the young.

As well as these finishes, there was also a white melamine, painted finish.

Younger's furniture from this period was seen in some of the most fashionable middle class houses. There was a small Younger unit in the melamine finish in Cliff Brumby's living room in the 1971 Michael Caine film 'Get Carter'. Brumby's living room contained a role call of design classics from the late sixties. He also had G-Plan's World's Most Comfortable Chair and a Parker Knoll recliner.

Younger's new furniture was for the expensive end of the market. It might have looked exciting, but it was out of reach for most people. The fashion for coloured woods did not last. Furniture was an expensive purchase that most people wanted to last several years. Coloured woods might well have been fashionable in the late 'sixties, but people wanted to keep their furniture until at least the late 'seventies and some for the rest of their lives.

Younger Toledo furniture, 1970s (picture supplied by Phil Rounce)

Younger Toledo

There were radical new ideas in furniture in the early seventies. In 1970 there was a brief craze for wet-look synthetic upholstered furniture. The fashion did not last for more than a year. In 1971, the novelty of the Earls Court Furniture Show was an early waterbed. Younger introduced several innovative ranges of furniture in the seventies. The most successful was Toledo from 1972. This range borrowed heavily from traditional Spanish style. The popularity of Spanish holidays led to a greater appreciation of anything from Spain. Paella was a popular dish and people had a taste for Sangria. Younger's furniture was not as popular as package holidays though and it remained an expensive and exclusive product.

Buy Younger furniture secondhand

If you are looking for Younger furniture, there is a small, but regular quantity of sideboards and dining tables and chairs on eBay.

Younger teak sideboards sell for £200 to £400 on eBay. The Toledo range from the early 70s is something of a bargain. You can pick up the storage units for less than £100. Given the quality of the original manufacture this is amazingly cheap.

Younger furniture on eBay

There are a number of couriers that specialise in Furniture collection and delivery Even if the seller doesn't offer a courier, you can usually arrange for one to pick the item up and deliver it to you. Always contact the seller first though.

Your comments

"I am looking to buy a pair of replacement joiners (type of hinge) for my Toledo table.

They join the two extension pieces together in the centre and open up when the table is extended and are stored underneath the top when closed.

Any help to where a similar fitting might available would be appreciated.


Colin Alford" Colin Alford 24/01/2015

"could you please tell me if the company Youngers Furniture is still in existence. I purchased a Younger Toledo dining table and chairs, sideboard and Footstool. When I purchased it I was told that the wood was German Oak, and would like to contact the company to discuss further as am now told it's not German Oak but is chestnut and Ash" Mrs Joan OatEs 19/03/2015

"We have one Younger Tolado dark wood 3 draw side board.
Extended dining room table that has a centre pull out & the extension is in the centre along with 4 chairs & 2 carvers with arms, which are bespoke & match the table.
We are located in Northampton & are seeking offers." Sally spencer 23/04/2015

"reply to Joan Oates. I can confirm that the woods are chestnut and ash and most definitely not oak. I sold Toledo during the late '70s along with other british and foreign brands that are sought after today." David 16/08/2015

"Hi we are currently moving house and we we have a full set of youngers bedroom furniture in immaculate condition looks like teak or rose wood is it worth anything as we need to sell it on. For space?" Steve cross 13/09/2015

"Yes it's worth money. You will need to check prices on eBay. Furniture from the 50s and 60s in teak or rosewood will be the most valuable. best regards" Steven 14/09/2015

"We have a Younger teak side board which is very plain and has no handles. Only has teak overhangs on drawers and push opening on left hand side giving access to double shelf and open side for larger items. Do you think this is worth holding onto or if sold how much would I ask." Freida Whitson 08/10/2015

"Hi Freida,
Younger teak sideboards can sell from between £50 and £400. Have a look at recent sales on eBay. It often depends on how the item is presented.

Personally I would hang onto it. Younger was a quality make and prices today, do not match what they cost when new. best regards" Steven 09/10/2015

"I am looking to buy two Alfromosia Dining Chairs by Younger. I already own 4 and would like another two." Rodney Foster 22/10/2015

"We have the Younger hexagonal plinth dining table and upholstered chairs mentioned in your article. We cannot find any information anywhere about this piece aside from this website. Does anyone else out there have this set? If so, do you know what it is worth?" Rebecca Maindonald 09/11/2015

"Does anyone know where I could get replacement handles for the Younger Jamestown bedroom range?
I have had no luck with most all of the websites I have tried. Some are close but just don't fit" David 13/11/2015


I'm looking for 1 carver chair from Younger's designed by John Herbert made in Afromosia Teak.

Can supply photos of the chairs we have if needed.

This is to give my Mum a bit more support when she is at the dining table.


Wil" Wil 06/02/2016


I have a carver I have just bought and re-oiled using danish oil. It still has the original black vinyl seat.


Mike" Michael 27/02/2016

"I have youngers Toledo table & upholstered chairs x 4 plus 2 x carvers plus glass footed sideboard 5ft high" Ray beer 03/04/2016

"I have an A younger 1960s teak Fonseca extending dining table and 4 chairs. Need to sell due to move" Helen radcliffe 09/04/2016

"I have a Toledo table and would like to know if the table surface is chestnut over ash or the other way around. It needs resurfacing so thus info would be useful." jo 02/06/2016

"Hello, my parents have a full set of Toledo dinning furniture, extending table, 4 chairs, sideboard, glass fronted bookcase on cupboard, side table and coffee table. All bought in 1973. They are downsizing and much of it may have to go, I suspect it will make almost nothing in the local auction. Does it have any value and how would be best to sell it? I realise that 50's/60's teak is the in thing at the moment so is it better to hang onto or is it just to big and antique looking to ever be popular again? Many thanks." Duncan 21/07/2016

"Looking for a younger 9 drawer bedroom chest of drawers (cherry wood).

Ann" ann fenner 02/08/2016

"We have a Toledo coffee table from the 1970s does anyone know what sort of wood it is,it has a very dark finish and we want to have it lightened thanks" Phil 02/08/2016

"Hi Phil, my parents where told, when they bought it, that our Toledo furniture was Spanish chestnut." Duncan 12/08/2016

"I have found a Maple A. Younger sideboard. The top is in a bad way, water marks etc. The rest is in good condition. Skinny metal handles that stick out. Could anybody tell me about it. Looks early. Also value as at an auction." Vicky 17/08/2016

"Our bedroom suite bought in 1962 (and still much loved) is a George Younger. My memory says it is matt French mahogany / walnut? Veneer on sapele.
We paid £192 (hire purchase for 6 months.
Is it a family inheritance or a recycling challenge? Your advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you for your help. Diana Lewis" Diana Lewis 26/08/2016

"Looking for a toledo sideboard from 1970s please - as just had a burlglary and they took the cutlery drawers!
Also be interested if there were any smaller chests produced .
Thank you" Lee-Anne Visagie 08/09/2016

"To Lee-Anne Visagie.
We have a Younger Toledo double glass cabinet with cupboards and drawers below. We are in Cornwall and would be interested in an offer as we are downsizing. It is 6ft wide and 6ft high.If you are interested I will put it on ebay with a starting price" raymond PIPE 15/10/2016

"I have Younger Toledo large extended table and 6 chairs 2are carversIAm Sideing down, Colette" Threlfall 31/12/2016

"Does anyone know how to remove the leaves from a younger Toledo table? Thanks." Geoff 14/01/2017

"I have had a Younger 6 draw chest in a darkish wood handed down to me. All draws have little wooden knob handles. On the back of the top draw is the name plate. Any ideas what age it could be and where would be best to sell. Thanks" Lolls 16/01/2017

"We have the white Younger hexagonal plinth dining table and 6 high back upholstered chairs, as mentioned in your article.Also a louvred sideboard & 2 display obelisks to match. The set was newly purchased by my parents in 60s. Any other info would be appreciated." Jan F. 10/02/2017

""I have a 2 drawer younger toledo sideboard with glass cabinet that sits on top. 5ft wide x 6ft high finished in teak & in lovely condition .. also have a 3 drawer sideboard that matches the 2 drawer would like to sell these if possible if anyone can tell me the best place to sell ? These have been in our family from new in 1972
Many thanks DARYL" Daryl 12/02/2017

"I have white melamine hexagonal table on plinth + 6 high back upholstered chairs + 2 matching display obelisks + 1 large sideboard/ louvred doors.Newly purchased by my parents in 1960s. I have no other info, can anyone help." Jan F. 12/02/2017

"We have quite a few items of furniture. Do they all have to have a name on them stating A.Younger?" Joanna 15/02/2017

"I have a Toledo table which has been well used over the years and really needs re-staining/polishing. I would like to do it myself if poss. What's the best way to go about it?" barbara 16/02/2017

"I have a lovely Younger high backed teak sideboard for sale but unfortunately it's missing the glass door on the Leighton hand top shelves but it has a blue lined cutlery drawer and is in great condition. Any offers?" Sarah Johns 07/03/2017

"Youngers Toledo upholstered dining chairs from late 1970's. Are they fireproof as I cannot see any certification to that effect" bobby 03/05/2017

"I have a Younger Bedroom Set. Wardrobe, Dressing Table, Chest of Drawers, Night Table and Headboard. It is white wood that is padded with a blue flowery material. I caanot see one anywhere. Any idea if it is worth anything. I believe an interior designer would snap it up. The Younger label is on the furniture." Caroline Cowen 01/06/2017


"I have a lovely bedroom two drawer side chest with a shelf above it made by Younger ( name plate inside drawers ) it is a dark wood which looks like a veneer, i can see the wood i.e inside the drawers is a lovely rich dark colour but i have no idea as to what wood this is ? can anyone help please? i would hazard a guess this is from the 60's thankyou" Pippa 05/07/2017

"I have two Jamestown 9 drawer chests in cherrywood to sell. Can you give me an idea of what they are worth. Could supply photographs.
Thank you,
Jean B." Jean Bailey 04/08/2017

"I have a Younger Toledo 3 drawer sideboard for sale.
Plus the display glass cabinet

I also have the Toledo dining table...which is in pieces... table base..2 leaf and central extension..
All the sections are stored in dry garage as the yable is too large for my place. My mother brought all the above from new.....
Live in Cardiff

Resonable offers please.
Can supply photos" Julie Lanchester-Harding 16/08/2017

"I have Youngers Toledo 3 cupboard Dresser and Display Cabinet for sale on Ebay. In excellent condition. Sale due to downsizing." Mr Raymond Atthill 01/09/2017

"For general information due to downsizing I contacted a local Furniture Restorer Near Shaftesbury/Salisbury. Did an excellent job in reducing size of Youngers Toledo Dining Table. Now suitable for just 4 dining chairs and will fit my new apartment. Will provide contact to anybody interested." Mr Raymond Atthill 01/09/2017

"I have a younger Jamestown Display cabinet for sale. It almost mint condition. Top glazed units with part glazed shelves have lights inside. I have to part with it as it will not fit in new house. Any reasonable offers accepted. Can supply photographs" Dianne guard 29/10/2017

"I am desperately looking for any pieces of white Younger furniture, please if anyone has any pieces do contact me on 07730747626 or email me Thank you!" Babette Kulik 14/11/2017

"Hello can anyone tell me how to remove the top from a Toledo dining table as we can't get it in our doorway. We have tried unscrewing some things underneath but nothing seems to work. Thank you" Sharon 18/11/2017

"I saw the comment by Diane Guard (20/10/2017) offering Jamestown display cabinet for sale. Can you please ask her to get in touch with me as I am interested. Thanks." Fiona Steed 11/01/2018

"I was given a bookcase which has a tag on the back which says "Younger Furniture London Ltd. Batch production 857." I would like to find out what wood it is before I sell it on. I was told it is yew, but did Younger make yew furniture?" Michael Moore 26/01/2018

I have a Younger center extendable 6 seater dining table and five chairs (one carver "lost" in Holland).
It has been in daily use since I bought it new, I think around 1977, from a furniture shop in Norfolk. I now live just outside Vienna, Austria.
I was told at the time of purchase it was applewood and it has lovely apple red and green colours in the almost never used pull up centre section. I cannot find any Younger furniture in this style, (light farmhouse definitly not Toledo) and would welcome any info. (could post photos ?).
After 40 odd years of use it now needs the top re-finishing and I do not want it to be done badly or lose its lovely colour.
Nick" Nick Nixon 04/02/2018

"We are looking for two extra dining chairs or carvers in Youngers' Toledo Ware. We are based near Droitwich, Worcestershire." Mrs Judy Gee 17/02/2018

"Due to downsizing we need to sell our Youngers Toledo dark wood furniture,all in excellent condition.We have an extending dinning table, 6 chairs & 2 carvers, 4 door sideboard, 4 door wall unit with lights,corner unit with glass door,bookcase with glass doors,2 door low cupboard, coffee table & a nest of tables.We are based in Stourbridge,West Midlands." Mrs Jean Jay 22/02/2018

"Due to downsizing we need to sell our Youngers Toledo furniture, 4 door sideboard, 4 door wall unit with lights, bookcase with glass doors,corner unit with glass door,2 door base cupboard,D shape extending dinning table,6 chairs & 2 carver chairs, coffee table,& a nest of tables. All in excellent condition" Mrs Jean Jay 23/02/2018

"Younger Jamestown furniture. - I have a lots of mint condition Jamestown furniture in cherrywood in mint condition including dining table,2 carver and 4 other chairs , large display cabinet with centre drinks cupboard, side board, nest of tables , corner cupboard, wardrobe etc

All as New - contact me if interested" Paul langhorn 01/03/2018

"Younger Jamestown furniture. - I have a lots of mint condition Jamestown furniture in cherrywood in mint condition including dining table,2 carver and 4 other chairs , large display cabinet with centre drinks cupboard, side board, nest of tables , corner cupboard, wardrobe etc

All as New - contact me if interested 07712 634380" Paul langhorn 01/03/2018

"I recently bought a lovely Youngers Cheval mirror mounted on a chest. I believe it is from the Jamestown range and it was made from a lovely teak or rosewood finish I think. I have tried unsuccessfully to find another online to see how much it would be worth. I have painted it in Ivory white and sealed it. The drawer of its chest looks like 2 drawers with 4 ornate brass handles but when it is pulled open it is in fact one deep drawer.
I have also just bought a lovely Youngers matching bedside chest in the same style and wood. It has a slide out shelf at the top with single pull out drawer below and a deep drop-down door at the bottom. I am about to paint it in the same Ivory white to match the Cheval mirror. I would like to sell both pieces as a matching pair but again I can't find a chest exactly the same to get an idea of price. Both pieces are in excellent condition and both have the Youngers badge and despatch labels. Can you please help? I can send photos if required. Thankyou." Maureen Kennedy 27/03/2018

"I am looking fora Younger Toledo Four Door sideboard. Preferably in the North East of England." Shirley Foster 29/04/2018

"A Younger Bedroom Furniture Set for sale.
About 1960s
Size:- 69ins high, 48ins wide, 22ins deep
Size:- 98ins wide, 32ins high, 16 ins deep
Dressing table with mirror
Size:- 67ins wide, 20ins deep, 45ins high" Serena Buckley 08/05/2018

"07712186261 (only text)" Serena Buckley 10/05/2018

"Has Mrs Jean Jay sold the youngers toledo four door sideboard. Thank you" Shirley Foster 12/05/2018


I have just purchased a side board second hand and it has a few water stains to the surface and lacks a bit in lustre. Could anyone recommend a product to use to wax or oil the surface?

Many thanks." Catriona 11/07/2018

07544684692" CHERYLE WILLIAMS 30/08/2018

"Am looking for a pair of afromosia bedside tables and or headboard in east midlands area. 20/102018" Jennifer Christian 21/10/2018

"I am looking for a youngers cherrywood bedside cabinet please. Derbyshire/Yorkshire/Lincolnshire/notts" Elaine 27/10/2018

"I am desparately looking for dark wood toledo coffee table if any one is selling one please. Berkshire, hampshire area" Michele 29/10/2018

"I have a 6 -8 seater dining table, with 6 upholstered chairs, and a large dresser all in very good used condition, looking for a good home. All Younger, we think cherrywood like a pine but narrower grain. lovely furniture.
If interested call 07969137884" dennis chalk 30/10/2018

"We have a Toledo 3 seater settee and matching armchair which was re-furbed about 10 years ago with new Leather Cushions but we would like to get it back to its original design (Draylon - Spanish pattern ?) Cannot find any original pictures. Anyone know where we can see original range?
Seen loads of Dining and bedroom furniture and cabinets but hardly any suites." Richard Kimber 15/12/2018

"We have a Youngers Toledo 6-8 extending table, 6 fully upholstered tall chairs, a 3-door sideboard and nest of 3 tables for sale at £150. Bought in 1977/8 there is some wear and tear and the sideboard has slight damage on back edge of top. Nottingham area. If interested, please phone 07712 527505." Judith Coombes 02/01/2019

"Looking for a two door Youngers willemsberg (yew but looked like pine) wardrobe.
Anyone wishing to sell or know the whereabouts of one.
Please contact 07990982279" Robin Middleton 01/02/2019

"I wondered if there is a catalog anywhere showing all their designs" Julie 07/02/2019

"Need to re cover a cherrywood dining chair trying to find material, any ideas" Karen 10/02/2019

"Looking for items from the Pierre Fontaine range in cherry wood to match existing furniture 07791766500" Terry 11/03/2019

"I bought my Younger Dining Room Suite from Ponsfords in Sheffield in the late 1960's. I have always loved and cared for the suite but always wished for two more dining chairs. I have four chairs and two carvers. The chairs are Moller design in teak and originally had black seating. Does anyone have this type of chair for sale?" rachel gunning 17/03/2019

"Hi, I have a younger side unit with 2 doors, 4 drawers and plinth at the bottom.
It is the same sort of size as the taledo range but the doors have a square design in the middle instead of the 9 squares on the taledo units, it has the Younger tag on the inside of the door, I cant find the unit anywhere online to compare this one with but I'm looking to price it to sell, any help would be most appreciated, thanks" Chris Dean 23/03/2019

"We have just purchased a dining room suite, I believe it be be from the Jamestown range, there is a very small area in the centre of the table where the vener is lifting slightly, what is best way to get this repaired,? Are we able to do it ourselves, or does it need professional attention
Many thanks" Rosemarie Baker 15/04/2019

"Offers invited for a Youngers Toledo book case/display cabinet. Dark solid oak.
Please contact" Pauline 15/04/2019

I have a full set of Younger living / dining room furniture in the Pierre Fontaine range in cherry / nutmeg as they called it for sale.

There are:
1103/1133 Three door display sideboard, beveled glass.
1161 & 1168 Bookcases
1164 Corner unit with beveled glass doors

Corner and sideboard are illuminated.

I can send pics of the items and the catalogus pics as needed.

Please call for further info: 01382 534451
(note: there is a spam filter so if you withhold your number you won't get through)" Euan 05/06/2019

"Terry 11/3/2019 Messaged" malcolm darrington 11/06/2019

"How can I remove the hand pulls that open a cabinet door" Mike Kingdon 21/06/2019

"I'm after the triple red cherry wardrobe. Anyone out there willing to sell one?" Jean 02/07/2019

"I have a nine drawer, beautifully made chest-of-drawers, in what I believe is Rosewood with two matching, three drawer bedside tables. I am looking to replace the, now dull, brass handles. Does anybody know if they are available?
They have a tag on the back which says YOUNGER FURNITURE (LONDON) LTD MODEL/PROD NO 892
01932 761131" Pamela Cabannes-Barrall 10/09/2019

"A Younger Ltd bedroom items in auction 5th Oct 2019. Andrew Smith & sons. Itchen Stoke Winchester" J clare 04/10/2019

"A well looked after Cherrywood dining room suite for sale:

All purchased together in 1988. It's in Stafford and I can deliver free within 20 miles.

Younger Jamestown Cocktail Unit (804.835) about 5' x 5' with Glass display cupboards, drinks cabinet, drawers and cupboards
Pedestal, "D End" Extending Table (817)

6 Fanback Chairs (828)

Also a smaller cabinet.

Call 07973 157383 for details and photos. Thanks!" John Wilson 25/11/2019

"I have Jamestown dining table chairs coffee table and 3 very tall display cabinets with bar, bureau and end corner cabinets. Immaculate.Tel 07905397598 Bournemouth. Very sad sale" Angela Laden 29/11/2019

"I have for sale two Younger Furniture Pierre Fontaine collection bedside cabinets in Cherry wood with a matching Cherry wood veneer bed headboard to suit king size bed. All immaculate. Can provide photos. Tel: 01223 872680" John Hammond 14/01/2020

"Trying to identify a younger teak sideboard. Can any one help. Please email so can send a photo" Ni 17/01/2020

"I have a Younger Toledo range table, six chairs and a sideboard for sale. Owned since new in the 70's and well looked after. Thanks you. 07970 548098." Derek Russell 26/01/2020

"Hi l am looking for a jamestown younger bureau please. 07703792219" Karen 13/02/2020

"I have a younger Toledo sideboard and matching coffee table in very good condition" Cari Jones 14/02/2020

"I have a younger Toledo sideboard and coffee table in very good condition need gone asap
Photos available email" Cari Jones 14/02/2020

"I have a large Toledo dresser ,it has 2 glass fronted cupboards with shelves between and 4 cupboards under , fantastic condition. But it needs to go quickly" Alison sheeran 26/02/2020

"Hello, we recently bought a small oak English wardrobe closet that appears to be much older than the 1950's. It has a metal emblem affixed inside the door w/ the engraving, "A. Younger Ltd".
I'm unable to find any information as to the when this company began, as well as older furniture examples. Do you know these answers? Thank you so much." Francine 12/03/2020

"I have a Toledo four door sideboard in good condition. Need to sell due to downsizing. 07485141960" Jenny 09/06/2020

"I have a torlado extending table with 6 chairs including 2 carvers good condition for the age we have had since new." Sarah Williams 13/06/2020

"I have a dressing table. How much is it worth?" Rebecca Dâ 25/08/2020

"I have a Younger Toledo extendable table, six chairs and a sideboard for sale. Owned since new in the late 70's (bought from Waring and Gillow, Leeds)and well looked after. Offers? collect only. Thank you. 01529 307220" Lew Paterson 05/10/2020

"I have 2 large youngers toledo dressers will be available for collection December onwards asking £250 each have had from new 1 mine and 1 my mothers contact for details" Karen down 28/10/2020

"Is there a place where we can view an answer? Please & thank you." Francine 19/11/2020

"Hi Francine,
Answers to questions posted on this page, will appear on this page. If there isn't an answer, it means the question hasn't been answered. Is there a particular question you want to see the answer for?" Steven 19/11/2020

"Younger Toledo extendable table with 6 chairs and a matching sideboard, well looked after and purchased from new. Sutton Coldfield collection only offers please if interested I can send lots of photos" JILL FLETCHER 20/11/2020

"Younger Toledo six dining chairs for sale. Recovered in turquoise dragon. All in good condition email" Sharman Haigh 23/11/2020

"We have 6 teak dining chairs stamped underneath in ink with an October 1976 date, and with a punched impression of a capital 'H'. Does anyone recognise this as a Youger's mark of any sort?" Nick Jones 30/12/2020


I was wondering if the Toledo dining table, said above to be in chestnut or ash, are solid wood, or is there any veneer?
We are thinking of getting one that has been stripped back from the original dark finish to light (the original wood) and wondered if the veneer (if any) would have been 'worn through' If its solid wood, then this obviously isnt a problem Thanks very much Rita" Rita Pritchard 13/03/2021

"I'm looking for a Younger's Cherrywood bookcase (5 shelves) circa 91.

If anybody has one of these for sale, please contact me on 07984907330.

Thanks." Molly G 28/03/2021

"I have a Youngers Toledo extendable dining table. With curved corners to the table. And pretty scroll like legs and a foot bar underneath... along with 6 Toledo chairs and 2 Toledo carvers. Originally bought by us in the 70's and carefully used! We have recovered the seats.

Ring me for more details 07909514840" Pauline 26/04/2021

"I've seen some black leather chairs at auction. they are bucket-shaped and on teak legs. Can anyone supply any details?. There is no conventional chair frame visible above the legs." Maurice Reese 02/05/2021

"Sorry should have said - they are listed as Younger dining chairs and the entire seat pad and back are covered in black leather. I anyone aware which range they are from? Maurice 07340061562" Maurice Reese 03/05/2021

"We have a Younger display shelf.It has 4 deep shelves with a drawer beneath -26" wide tapering to 12" at the top approx 6ft tall ,standing on ball feet , is this a one off or has anyone seen similar? It is painted white but may have originally been afromosia or similar. Label is on the back of the drawer." Lynne Valler 31/05/2021

"I have a Youngers Toledo table for sale.Owned from new 1976.
Extending to 8 ,lovely condition other than a small chip in the extendable part.
I can email pictures.
Thanks" G Green 03/06/2021

"I have Toledo four draws n cupboards,it has iron work underneath the cupboard,is that added later thank you" Daryl 24/07/2021

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