Secondhand Ercol furniture - buyer's guide

There is a strong market for secondhand Ercol furniture on eBay. I recommend eBay for anyone who wants to buy or sell Ercol. As a buyer you will get the widest choice and the best prices. As as seller you will get the best price.

Read our guide to Ercol furniture on eBay:

Ercol Windsor chair

Ercol Windsor Chair

The Windsor Chair is the classic. It was the design that the brand was built on and the characteristic that is carried forward to the modern Ercol brand.

Pay from £20 to £50 for the classic Ercol Windsor Chair on eBay. You may have to pay more per chair for a matching set of 4 or more chairs.

Ercol coffee table, 1960s

Coffee table

This is my favourite of the Ercol range. The coffee table has a lovely blend of modernism and traditional style. It perfectly captures the spirit of Ercol design. The coffee table can be used on its own to create a retro look, or to complement other Ercol pieces.

Pay from £80 to £200 on eBay.

Ercol coffee table on eBay

Ercol dining table and chairs

Dining table and chairs

Ercol is particularly suited to dining rooms. This is the classic family dining table from the 60s. It was made in English elm, which is now impossible to get. This dining group from the early 60s shows the look.

Expect to pay from £300 for Ercol Windsor dining tables in good condition.

Also look for Ercol dining chairs separately on eBay.

Ercol sideboard, 1960s

Ercol sideboard

To complete the dining room layout add a vintage sideboard. The Ercol sideboard from the 60s combined modern styling with traditional workmanship and materials. It is a well made and practical piece, better suited to smaller rooms than some of the large Scandinavian style sideboards that were its contemporaries.

Pay from £200 to £300 for the classic Ercol sideboard.

Ercol day bed

Ercol daybed

The daybed is a very original design. It can be used as a sofa, or occasional bed. These are very popular today. Expect to pay £200 to £400 for a good one. Restored examples can fetch up to £1000.

Ercol day beds on eBay

Collection and delivery

If you are worried about transport, there are a number of couriers that specialise in furniture collection and deliveryEven if the seller doesn't offer a courier, you can usually arrange for one to pick the item up and deliver it to you. Always contact the seller first though.

By Steven Braggs

Your comments

"Hi I am looking for a child's chair preferably by recoil. I was wondering whether you had one or were likely to get one" Rebecca 18/05/2013

"I've got a collection of ercol fuiture & 6 tulip chairs &the table 2 match all in nead of attention as they have been used but not from behind the grave also x3 /2/4 bits of plywood peaces in about 20 bits in all , that's not counting my moms bits believe its time 2 pass then on 2 the next keeper and 2 enjoy them , I'm trying 2 get apoxament prices unrestored and resored if you have any more information ill be pleased 2 hear from many thanks mr T" Paul tonks 12/08/2013

"Hi, my house is full if Ercol furniture bought in the early 60's & it is just as good today as it was then. However I need some studs for the seat pads, the ones in the base of the chairs is ok, do you know where these can be obtained.
Thank you," Ali Lockwood 19/08/2013

"We are thinking about purchasing an Ercol from 1960 dining table and chairs. I believe 4 of the chairs are quaker chairs, and the two end chairs are the goldsmith chairs (at least they look like that). The seller is asking for $299 for the whole set, do you think that is a good deal? Also, how should we take care of it if we purchase it? Thanks,

John" John Ballenger 09/11/2013

"Hi John,
I think this is a reasonable price if the chairs are in good condition. You shouldn't need to do much to them if they are in good condition. If they are tatty, I'd pass on it. best regards" steven 10/11/2013

"Hi,we have 4 original blue label ercol windsor dining chairs,they are original 1960's with date stamp underneath.the cushions are missing if they had them? We have been told they could be quaker but we don't know. They are in good, clean condition, where would be the best place to sell them?" alison butterworth 04/12/2013

"hi there
we have a round drop side dining table and 6 dining chairs, all in perfect unmarked condition, the gold stamp has the number 369 on it and says made in high wycombe buckinghamshire england 1979. the chairs have detachable cushions with them, also very good condition. can you give me an idea what the set is worth, together or separately? thanks" ann 30/01/2015

"I have a l960 sideboard that I would like to sell. How do I get a quote for the item
Doreen" doreen hester 30/03/2015

"i have 1960's ERCOL Set of QUAKER Design Dining Chairs and table
how much would you buy it for
many thanks" mrs eastment 07/04/2015

"we have to sell in Colchester:
4 dinning chairs vintage light oak, 2 carver
2 seater settee
2wing back chairs
1 rocking chair 1 armless chair all matching and in good condition" K Crossman 07/06/2015

"Hello, I have an ercol 3 seater sofa to sell. It's got a high back and light wood. Could you advise who may wish to buy it.

Many thanks" Rebecca 16/07/2015

"Is there a marking on Ercol furniture (2-seater sofa & armchair) that authenticates it as Ercol? I'm going to look at a 2nd suite that looks Ercol style but I want to be sure before buying. Thank you" Kim Higgins 17/07/2015

"In the 60s Ercol furniture often had a transfer showing the Ercol lion. I'm not sure how modern Ercol is marked, but the style if very distinctive.

best regards" Steven 17/07/2015

"I am downsizing and need to sell a large mahogony oval, extendable, table in very good condition (it has always been covered up), with 6 chairs, not in such good condition. I'd be interested to know what I could ask for this - I live in Colchester, Essex." Anne Reynolds 07/10/2015

"I bought my first Ercol Windsor piece, a sideboard from the 50's. The sideboard is different than the one pictured above, but has those amazing curved oval shaped handles like the one in the picture above. One of the oval handles has a break in it and I would like to get a replacement. Do you have any idea how to source one of these handles?" Dam 18/11/2015

"Hello there I have two Ercol Windsor blue label carvers well used and solid how much could I ask for when selling them thank you" eileen beers 21/03/2016

"I have a sideboard, bureau, table and 4 chairs and a coffee table all Ercol and about 50 years old in good condition. Do you know of any Company who would be interested in buying these item" kenbloor 18/04/2016

"I need a guide price for 4 original Ercol Butterfly chairs in fair condition.CH" Barbara Sketchley 20/04/2016

"Hello, I live on the oxon/northants/warwickshire borders.
I have been restoring Ercol furniture for the last 8 years. I am always interested in purchasing more items. If you have any or require any advice, please contact me" Susan Brown 12/05/2016

"Hi Susan,

I have some pieces you may be interested in. How would I best contact you?" Paul Dyson 22/05/2016

"Hi Susan I have an ercol evergreen chair I need to sell.Its in good condtion but has couple straps gone. The seats are used and slightly worn but frame is in very good condition" Yvonne 01/06/2016

"I have around 50 Ercol plank tables. Elmwood. Excellent condition. Superb for many uses, kitchen at home, small eateries, restaurants, cafes, bistros etc. The number one iconic, contemporary furniture brand.Can sell as one complete lot for a keener price." Brian Lavery 16/06/2016

"What is a fair price for original butterfly chairs." Barbara Sketchley 20/06/2016

"I'm looking for a Grand Windsor table in reasonable condition. Does anyone have one for sale?" Julian 24/06/2016

"I am selling several pieces of ercol furniture in immaculate condition but I have no idea what it's worth and would love some advice on what to put it on eBay for." Frances 10/07/2016

"I'm looking for 4 ercol Penn chairs (not ladderback or carvers) ideally in colour New Dawn. How much can I expect to pay for these?" Beverley 10/08/2016

"I am looking for a buyer for a number of ercol products. Can anyone help?" Shelagh 11/08/2016

"I have 4 ercol chairs for sale swan backone with arms three without northamton area2 2/9/2016" pat barratt 02/09/2016

"I have a well used and worn Ercol Windsor sideboard (1960s). It needs some tlc, I would rather give it to an enthusiast to restore than take it to the recycling centre. Location Runnymede Surrey." Peter 18/09/2016

"Hi all, I'm searching for a Ercol side board in blonde wood shade to go with a dinning table I've inherited. If anybody is selling?" Louise Knight 22/09/2016

"Hi Susan Brown 12/5/2016, I have a three seater and two armchairs, (purchased in the 80's), the wood is perfect, there are two sets of covers, the only downfall is it needs new arm padding. Wonder if you would be interested." Jan 27/09/2016

"Hi Susan Brown 12/5/2016, I have a three seater and two armchairs, (purchased in the 80's), the wood is perfect, there are two sets of covers, the only downfall is it needs new arm padding. Wonder if you would be interested. Please let me know how I can contact you. Thanks" Jan 29/09/2016

"Hello all, I have four blue label blonde elm Quaker chairs for sale all with original stud fixed cushions. They are in great unrestored condition stamped BS KD 1960 2058. Message me on Instagram """ dave 30/09/2016

"Can I buy original or reproduction oval sideboard handles to replace 2 broken ones anywhere? I have recently become a proud owner of such a sideboard and would love to restore it to its former glory..." Barbara 07/10/2016

"Hello, I have a full living room and dining room filled with Ercol furniture and I am looking to sell all of it. A full recovered 3 pce suite, absolutely new condition, no marks. Also a separate 3 seater sofa and chair in same recovered material. Lots of Windsor display units, some less than 2 years old and a full dining room suite in new condition. I can supply pictures should you be interested. Thank you for your time.
Kind regards,
Lynn Morris" Lynn Morris 15/10/2016

"I have 2 1969's ercol 427 lounge chair carcasses are they worth selling as can't afford to restore myself" Morvern Campbell 05/11/2016

"Hi I have a blond wood, original woodwork, immaculate condition Evergreen 2 seater sofa, reupholstered in Ivory/cream Ercol fabric , purchased from the ercol shop. Professionally upholstered. Any Idea to value, and best place to sell. Thank you" Diane lyon 06/11/2016

"I am after an Ercol armchair - anyone looking to sell?" Laura 14/11/2016

Hi Susan Brown and anyone else that may be able to help.
I have 2 Ercol armchairs which I cannot find in the Ercol archive. I am trying to find out what range and year they're from and as they don't have the original cushions what they should look like. Hopefully someone might be able to help me. I have pics but can't see anyway of attaching them. I am considering selling but wanted an idea of what they may or may not be worth." Sandy Evans 18/11/2016

"I need a frame for an Ercol Evergreen/Springtime Easy Chair. 60's/70's ish old, Golden Dawn. Good condition.

I have entered the text four times, what am I doing wrong?" Alan Cunningham 04/01/2017

"I am looking for an Ercol Evergreen or Springtime Second Hand easy chair, in good condition. Golden Dawn I only need the frame, so cushions are not of prime importance." Alan Cunningham 05/01/2017

"I have two Ercol rocking chairs for sale, dark beech, good condition. What sort of price should I expect." Tony Tancock 07/01/2017

"I am looking for either an Ercol 427 or a Bergere lounge chair frame or complete chair if anyone can help thanks" Adrian Webb 10/01/2017

"Hi - I have just put three Ercol chairs up for sale on EBay if anyone's interested! 🙂
1 x 525 lounge chair with cushions
2 x 445 lounge chairs
Cheers" Jan Branton 01/02/2017

"I am looking for Yorkshire high-backed dining room chairs in golden dawn." Denise ware 02/03/2017

"I have a Blenheim Bureau, dining table plus four ladderback chairs, a dresser, corner unit, coffee table and bookcase, all blonde. It is all for sale due to bereavement in family. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you be interested." Glen Williamson 06/03/2017

"I have an ercol dining table and four chairs,a two seater settee with spare set of covers and a single ercol chair. I have no idea what price to ask for these. They have been in my family for 30 years and due to my mum's passing they are all for sale." Sarah Allen 11/04/2017

"I have an Ercol two seater high back Windsor Greensleeves sofa for sale with cream cushions for sale in excellent condition. What is this likely to fetch? Please contact me if you are interested." Linda Stocker 31/05/2017

"Hi, I would be interested to know how much you would expect to pay for the 90th anniversary blue, pink and red pebble tables, second hand? Thanks" Chloe Speakman 01/06/2017

"Hello, I have a small two drawer dresser in a dark color with peg construction. It has an ercol tag and design number on it. I have searched high and low online and can't find anything like it. Can you give me an idea of where I can look? I tried the link that takes you to the old ercol catalouges but still no luck! Thank you!" Rick Sweeney 28/06/2017

"Hello I have a round dining table 4 chairs all cushins attached ercol 1960 with gold labels plus two ercol easy chairs
Also an original 1960'specifications ercol furniture catalogue would love to know if there would be any interest in these fab retro items
Thanks julie" Julie Taylor 21/07/2017

"Hi I'm looking for an Ercol Springtime chair in good condition. These are like the Evergreen chairs but with a lower back. Thanks Chris" Chris 30/07/2017

"I am looking to sell a beech & elm Ercol Dining Suite. 3 door/1 drawer sideboard & plank table & 6 chairs. All in good condition considering their age. Bought back in 1960. Not sure as to how much they are 'worth'? Many thanks" Emma 02/08/2017

"Hi we have a 1980 drop leaf Table an 4 391 chairs in original used condition any idea of value as we are looking to sell on eBay

Regards" June 14/08/2017

"I have four chairs which l was told are Ercol when l bought second hand, now re-decorating and selling. They do not have an ercol mark on them. underneath have SPV 32. Would you advise?" Joyce 22/08/2017

"Hi! I have recently been given a collection of second hand Ercol windsor seat set. 2 windsor arm chairs and a 2 seater windsor sofa. These have the tension springs instead of webbing. Now am I right in discovering that these are the earlier produced windsor seats? I also have a 3 seater windsor sofa with the rubber webbing. (Which may need replacing) I'm looking to sell them on as they are just not right for is and would love any opinions in pricing or even where to start selling??
Many thanks
Liz x" Liz 11/09/2017

"Hello - I have what I believe is a genuine Ercol small elm rocking chair. There is no Ercol 'sticker' but there are some carved markings on the back of the seat. How do I actually verify if it's really Ercol? I have photographs. With thanks." Becky 21/09/2017

"I have an immaculate ercol easy chair I am replacing cushions to bring it up to safety standards and I am looking to sell it when its finished
its code is 749.
anyone interested?" sophie graham 21/09/2017

"I have four Ercol cow horn dining chairs with original cushions.
A drop leaf oval elm dining table
Large coffee table with magazine rack under
Small coffee table
All blonde elm
All in good condition. No damage just need a light rub and polish
Looking to sell but confused on pricing them" Tanya baker 19/02/2018

"I have a 1950's Ercol (either) sewing or nursing rocker chair with storage drawer. It has an Ercol sticker and still has the original cushion with "Coach" tapestry pattern. There are no arms but all joints are solid. Is there anybody looking for same? Pictures can be supplied." John Strudwick 20/02/2018

"I am looking for 2 or 4 Ercol Saville dining chairs in light elm." Carol Eves 29/03/2018

"I have a 3 seater high back Rennaisance sofa and 2 arm chairs. Golden dawn. Frames in immaculate condition, cushions need replacement. Looking to sell, live in Manchester area. Can supply photos." Christine 03/04/2018

"I have an Old Colonial extending Rectory table and 8 chairs AND to carvers with arms for sale contact (" Mrs Patricia Smith 23/06/2018

"I have Ercol Swan rocking chair not sure of its age but it was given to me by a lady in her nineties. It is like a rustic oak colour. Just wondered what price I should ask." Angela Cross 05/07/2018

"It's hard to say as not many come up for sale. There is one on eBay optimistically priced at £500." Steven 06/07/2018

"Hi I have an Ercol butterfly chair in fairly good used condition.Its currently on eBay,what is its worth?" Missy 21/07/2018

"I have original Ercol two seater settee and two arm chairs for sale.
In good condition. Around how much should I expect to get on the sale." Mitchell 19/08/2018

"I have a med/dark 2 cupboard 3 drawer Welsh
Dresser I immaculate condition, not sure what price to sell it for" Michele 21/08/2018

"Hello....I am looking to buy a quaker style Ercol rocking chair. I think I may have found one but it has no Ercol badge attached to the chair. It does however have BS2059 stamped on the under side of the wooden seat.....does anyone have any ideas if this really is an Ercol chair ??" Andy 17/01/2019

"Vintage Ercol 2 Seater Sofa & Chair. Solid Elm Frame with Chocolate Leather" Rach 07/02/2019

"Downsizing Ercol 6 seater table 4 dining chairs 2 carvers + sideboard golden dawn mid 70,s good condition £300 the lot. Must be taken away." Maureen ayres 09/03/2019

"Hi Maureen, I am interested in knowing what model of Ercol table, chairs and sideboard you have. Please either leave a message on this site or E-mail me at" Brian Guy 10/03/2019

"I have a 3 seater Rennaisance sofa, 2 seater, and armchair. Frames in immaculate condition, cushions have been restuffed once. Looking to sell, live in Bristol area. Can supply photos. Looking to sell, open to a good offer." Richard 17/05/2019

"Looking to sell Ercol Evergreen High Back Armchair. Frame in perfect condition. Original covers are laundered and undamaged. New pirelli webbing. Sensible offers to" Steve 20/07/2019

"Have dark Ercol for sale -

Extending circular dining table.

4 carver chairs (fleur de lys design). Tapestry/Uholstery which I think is the original.

Sideboard/dresser." Fran Hall 02/09/2019

"Selling dark wood table and chairs..Fleur De lys design.datlay@" David Atlay 15/10/2019

" set 4 chairs dining table extends to 6 Ercol lovely quality 40 yrs old £300" Annie 21/10/2019

"Ercol seatee and Two chairs for sale" Stephen Chandler 10/12/2019

"Any fleur de lays chairs available?" Sue newling 27/12/2019

"I have a full 3 piece suit, dining table and chairs, book shelf, nest f tables and coffee table of Ercol Old Colonial furniture, looking for any reasonable offer in the Balloch G83 area in Scotland. Email me on only available until end of first week in January." Joy Fyfe 27/12/2019

"We. Have a sideboard in Golden Dawn with 3 drawers across the top ( One includes a cutlery container) there is another drawer below the middle one and 3 cupboards along the bottom of the unit. It is beautifully made and in VGC. I think it was made around early 1980s. It matches an extendable table that seats from 10-12people when fully extended. There are 4 chairs and 2 carvers, with blue/mustard pattern and the backs are high. I can send pictures if requested. We would be interested in your ideas of prices please. Thanks" Lynne Collins 06/01/2020

"I have a number of Ercol Windsor items that I have inherited from my grandfather. I am looking to sell them and have tried to do so privately but have found a number of scammers online. I was wondering where is the best place to try and sell them or if there is someone who can buy them to sell on that is reputable. Many thanks" Mrs friend 07/01/2020

"I have four Ercol Utility Marked dark wood-dining chairs with padded pop out seats. The backs have a central panel with 3 vertical lines, two scrolls either side with a rainbow pattern above it. Legs are 'bannister' type (don't know what else to call them) and base has stretcher in a H pattern.
Does anyone know what this style is called?
Many thanks, any information appreciated." Maggie 10/01/2020


I have ercol 2 seater sofa and 2 chairs for sale , good condition. It is harmony/jubilee collection. Thanks" Tammy 15/01/2020

"I have an ercol Candlestick dining set consisting of 4 chairs drop leaf table and cushions which I want to sell I have been offered £350 but I'm not sure if this is a good price the chairs are solid and in good condition" Karen 08/05/2020

"I have a ercol corner unit, very good condition I am selling. light wood, door, square design at the base, shelving open above.
please leave message on 01708 743929 only serious offers please, buyer will collect. 01708 743929 if interested." elaine day 07/07/2020


"I have a set of Ercol Old Colonial dining table and 6 chairs including 2 carvers and a set of unused cushions, near Bristol. Pristine condition, looking for a reasonable offer. Email me on" Shirley Gandhi 20/08/2020

"Hi-I am looking to find a lovely home for a 3 piece Ercol Renaissance suite -the frame is golden dawn and in excellent condition-the cushion covers may be unzipped and would be perfect for anyone looking to recover the suite-from a pet free /non smoking home -thank you" Anne 02/09/2020

"My Great Aunts Ercol 1950-1960s Blue Label 349 Love Seat, well cared for. Actually owned by my dad, we'd love to see it go to another good home for the right money! Dark wood with the nice shaped seat, only slight wear marks on the top piece of elm!" Alex Cooper 14/02/2021

"Have Errol 1954 single bed I good condition what would it be worth" Doreen Swift 09/04/2021

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