Archie Shine furniture

Archie Shine Hamilton sideboard by Robert Heritage (Image: Design Council Slide Collection at
Manchester Metropolitan University, copyright Design Council)

Archie Shine was a British furniture manufacturer which produced some high class Danish inspired designs in the late 50s and throughout the 60s.

Archie Shine pioneered the Scandinavian style in Britain in the late 50s. The Scandinavian, and particularly the Danish look, was simple, elegant and with long, low lines. It was always high quality craftsman made and well proportioned. Teak, afromosia and rosewood were the favourite woods. The Danish look became classic middle class good taste in the late 50s, usurping more traditional looking furniture and the lighter looking modern furniture favoured at the time of the Festival of Britain in 1951. The Danish look became much more mainstream and popular in the 60s.

Robert Heritage designed the famous Hamilton sideboard for Archie Shine. It was based on the classic Scandinavian, long, low lines. Robert Heritage won a Design Centre Award for this sideboard in 1958.

Archie Shine sideboard, 1960s (image lovelyandcompany)

Archie Shine continued with this style of sideboard into the 60s. Their sideboards are typically large, long and low, in the Scandinavian style.

Robert Heritage's design career continued to develop in the 60s. He did lighting design for Rotaflex as well as working for Gordon Russell.

Buy Archie Shine furniture

Today the best place to find Archie Shine furniture is eBay. It was quality, expensive, furniture when it was new, but today it is still relatively well priced. Expect to pay £300 to £500 for an Archie Shine sideboard in good condition. Hamilton sideboards will be worth more, around the £1000 mark. Archie Shine dining room suites fetch £200 to £400. Although there are often bargains to be had on eBay.

Archie Shine furniture on eBay

By Steven Braggs

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Sheila Giacobbe
I think I have a Robert Heritage sideboard / credenza I would love to have this confirmed to see if my hunch is correct.
Anne Maddison
I have inherited an Archie Shine rosewood dining table and sideboard. The table is oval with polished stainless steel splayed legs and the sideboard has a sliding top which reveals a working electric hot plate. I would love more information as I have not seen anything similar.
I new archie personally used to drive him and his wife to functions such a nice couple, archie was always polite he lived in London can't remember the flats name he lived in his factory was in upper Clapton e5 many years ago. Bless them both
Andrew Tavroges
Currently at V & A looking at Heals Staples archives which include full size drawings for Archie Shine pieces still being made in 1976 including Dorrington and Bridgford and also a few of Gazelle and Monte Christo ranges which I've not seen before. Notice that a couple of people on here have a Gazelle table and would love to see photos . Andrew Tavroges
I have an Archie Shine "Knightsbridge" Sideboard by Robert Heritage that I'm looking to sell due to moving and too big for the room. It's in excellent condition and been well cared for. Would be grateful if someone could let me know best place to sell it (not ebay) or who to contact. Lynn 13.09.18
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