70s Fondue set

70s fondue set

Fondue originated in Switzerland and the classic fondue is always made with Swiss cheeses: Emmenthal and Gruyére. The word 'fondue' is derived from the French word, 'fondre', which means to blend.

By 1960, Marguerite Patten claimed the fondue was becoming popular. Her 'Cookery in Colour' featured fondue recipes with a decidedly English twist: 'Cheddar Fondue' and 'Tomato Fondue', as well as the classic 'Gruyére'.

It was in the seventies that fondue parties really took off in the UK. Originally a reminder of a Swiss dish tried on a skiing holiday, fondue parties soon became the up-to-the minute thing to do; but by the 80s, it was decidedly naff.

Fondue sets are available again as everything 70s is fun once more. For real authenticity, source the genuine article from the 70s on eBay. Look for bright orange fondue pots and forks with teak handles.

Classic Swiss Fondue

  • 15floz/450ml dry white wine
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 12oz/350g Emmenthal cheese
  • 12oz/350g Gruyére cheese
  • 2 tsps cornflour
  • 3 tbls Kirsch
  • Seasoning to taste
  • French bread

Serves 4

Prepare the bread in advance by cutting into small squares. Add the wine and lemon juice to the fondue pot and heat over a low flame. Gradually add the cheese, constantly mixing the ingredients. Once the mixture has started to bubble, add the cornflour which has been blended (until smooth) with the Kirsch, and season to taste. Keep stirring and simmering for 3 minutes, then enjoy with a bottle of white wine.

Do you remember fondue parties from the 70s, or maybe you've hosted a fondue party recently?

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Your comments on fondue

"I have an olive green fondue set from the 70's with complete set of forks, & book that came with the set. All original. Photo available. Also included is a new set of sterno, so the set can be used now. Interested in selling this, but not sure of the value or pricing amount. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks JoAnn" JoAnn Martin

Hi Joann, I wouldn't expect it to be worth a fortune. I would value it at around £10 to £15 if it is in good condition. Retrowow

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