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Player's No6 metal sign, 1960s (image industrial-vintage-uk)

Player's No 6, is now all but forgotten, but in the 70s it was Britain's most popular cigarette. It appeared from nowhere to gain that title in 1965 and was stubbed out equally quickly by changes in tax law at the end of the 70s.

To sustain that popularity, Player's produced a huge amount of marketing material around the Player's No 6 brand. The biggest thrust of the marketing was around magazine and newspaper advertising. Coupons which could be exchanged for free gifts also played a significant part in the popularity of No 6.

No 6 branded merchandise included:

From a collector's point of view, these items represent a particular period in time. Like the Ford Cortina, Player's No 6 represented working class aspirations from the mid 60s to the late 70s. It was a cheap brand, but nonetheless associated with a trusted name in the tobacco industry.

As views about smoking have changed since the 70s, smoking related collectables have had reduced appeal. However, No 6 was such an iconic symbol of the 70 and there is sufficient distance between it and the current controversy over smoking to make a rise in the value of No 6 collectables likely.

Player's No 6 metal signs

Painted and enamelled signs were used outside newsagents and tobacconists for many years proclaiming the names of popular brands of cigarette. Everyone has heard of the 'Player's Please' campaign. However, for the cheap brands these signs were often the only form of advertising. Wills relied almost exclusively on signage to sell Woodbines from the 20s to the 50s.

Although No 6 was backed by a huge magazine and newspaper campaign throughout its life, these signs were heavily used to promote the brand in the 60s and 70s. Many a corner shop would display a No 6 metal sign.

The sign on this page (above) dates from the 60s. It uses the green and black background to 'No. 6' as seen on older packs.

Player's No 6 King Size beer mat, 1970s

Pub related advertising

Back in the 70s smoking in pubs was common. Cigarettes were sold by landlords, either over the counter or from vending machines. Pubs promoted tobacco brands on beer mats and ashtrays.

The beer mat, left, is from the late 70s after tax rules made King Size cigarettes better value.

Player's No 6 decanter Plain, 1970s (image timeless-antiques) Player's No 6 Filter decanter, 1970s (image odb-7)

Also look out for Player's No 6 decanters. They were made in a blue/green or brown glass reflecting the colour chosen for No 6 Filter and Plain packaging. They were more likely given away in exchange for cigarette coupons.

Coupons and catalogues

Like Embassy, collecting cigarette coupons was an important part of the marketing strategy for Player's No 6. The gift catalogues provide an insight into products people bought in the 70s. They are great to thumb through to see how things have changed.

Magazine advertisements

Player's promoted No 6 heavily in newspapers and magazines. The original advertisements explained the coupon scheme. The popularity of the brand was then promoted as 'Part of the British Scene'. Finally a selection of surrealistic images explained that No 6 Regular was joined by No 6 King Size. You see No 6 packets on the front of trains, on a rainbow, on two hot-rod vintage cars, on playing cards, in bottles washed up on a beach, brush painted on a wall, on balloons, on headphones and as space ships.


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"Hi there, I have found an old empty packet of player's n6 under a floor board and it's from 1965: would it have any value?
Many Thanks
Fran" Francesco 10/12/2014

"please bring back number 6 it was a great cigarette I wait for ur answer" fred wright 20/11/2015

"Hey, I have a pack of players number 6 there is only 1 cig taken out, the pack is full otherwise, I was wondering if you could help me find a value on this pack
Thank you
Ashley" Ashley long 13/05/2017

"Are the 19players no.6 for sale" Martyn Cole 26/06/2017

"I have a packet of 20 number 6 unopened and in mint condition.What would they be worth ?" John J Polland 03/09/2017

"We have a kitchen utensile set which we got from No6 vouchers over 45yrs
ago which is still in constant everyday use.
Sadly the spatula has just snapped and was wondering where to get a

Thanks - Peter." Peter Batyshev 19/11/2017

"I have a Players No 6 voucher - is it worth anything?" Moira Hartley 21/01/2018

"I've just found a bag full of no6 coupons are they worth anything" Carol Sandland 24/08/2018

"I have sealed full pack of No6 Kingsized .
Any interest. Pics etc available" Nathan 21/09/2018

"I have hundreds of players n6 coupons but they are a dark green/blue in colour , I have some packets also the same , I don't remember this pack , are they of any value ? Julie 07790993042" Julie carter 28/05/2019

"Looking for a scan of a page from 1971 catalogue, anyone got one who could help.
Museum of Gardening" clive1997 25/06/2019

"I have a unopened pack of player no6 in good condition, would anyone want to make me an offer ?
Thanks" Dean cranage 12/08/2019

"I have got a sealed packet of 10 Player's No.6 finest Virginia.
Late 60s just like they were brought today.
Could anyone tell me how much they are worth
Thanks John s" John 31/07/2020

"They used to sell for a about a fiver on eBay. But eBay has banned the sale of 'live packs'. So it is
hard to access the value." Steven 31/07/2020

"I live in Canada, I know this might not be seen by previous commenters but I'm looking to buy an unopened pack if at all possible or even some coupons. Please let me know and an email to msg!" Natalie 18/08/2020

"I know this might not be seen by previous commenters but I'm looking to buy an unopened pack if at all possible or even some coupons. Please let me know and an email to msg!" Natalie 18/08/2020

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