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Robert Welch's designs for the firm J & J Wiggin, which marketed Old Hall tableware, are some of my favourite collectables from the fifties and sixties. They capture the spirit of the age. Robert Welch used a new material, stainless steel, to create some striking modern designs.

Old Hall products were one of the most desirable household items in the sixties. They were a favourite wedding present, and like G-Plan, it was a brand people aspired to own.

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Although always collectable, there has been a renewed interest in Old Hall and particularly the Alveston range. Values are appreciating and it looks to be a good investment.

Old Hall Campden coffee set, by Robert Welch

Campden range

Robert Welch became a design consultant to Old Hall in 1955. His first design, produced in collaboration with David Mellor, was the Campden range. The inspiration came from modern Scandinavian style. The Campden range included cutlery, but the most famous designs from the range were the toast rack and the coffee set. Robert Welch won a design award for the toast rack in 1958.

The range is severely modern and the teak handles on the coffee and water pots add to the Scandinavain feel.

Pieces have a satisfying weighty feel to them. They are marked 'Designed by R.Welch, Old Hall England, 18/8 stainless steel.

Expect to pay in the region of £30 for the coffee pot and £50 for the set. Toast racks are more common and sell for £7 to £10.

Old Hall Campden fork (image Suzanne Ollivier)

Old Hall Campden cutlery

The cutlery is expensive if bought in single pieces; they sell for about £7 each. Old Hall Campden cutlery sets are better value.

Old Hall Alveston tea pot by Robert Welch

Alveston range

Alveston was Old Hall's flagship range in the 60s. Designed by Robert Welch in 1962, its profile was both modern and amusing. The shape gave rise to the alternative name: Aladdin.

The Alverston range is a firm favourite amongst Old Hall collectors; the tea sets are particularly prized. A full Alveston tea set comprising teapot, water jug, milk jug and sugar bowl will sell for £200 plus on eBay. Expect to pay at least £100 for the teapot on its own, although you should be able to pick up an Alveston range water jug for less than £50 on its own.

Alveston cutlery

The Alveston range included a full set of cutlery: knives, forks, spoons and soup spoons. You will need to pay around £400 for a full set, but individual pieces sell for about £7 each. Original pieces from the 60s will be marked Old Hall England. Oneida bought the Old Hall brand in the 1980s. They manufactured this design in the Far East until recently. There is little difference in value between the newer and older versions.

Old Hall Super Avon coffee pot by Robert Welch (image Richard Asbury)

Old Hall Super Avon

New for 1970 Robert Welch designed this ultra modern tall coffee pot. Originally the range did not have a name, but it later became known as Super Avon, following on from an earlier design called Avon. There was also a milk jug and sugar bowl, as well as a very rare vacuum milk jug.

These coffee pots sell for £60 to £100 on eBay as they are such an iconic design. With a renewed appreciation of the 70s and early 80s, they are likely to increase in value.

Old Hall Connaught teapot, 1960s

Old Hall Connaught

The Connaught tea service was Old Hall's most popular range. It was not designed by Robert Welch, but by Leslie Wiggin. However, it is still well proportioned and of high quality.

The Connaught is a great everyday teapot. We use one every morning for a pot of tea with our breakfast. It is also the bargain in the Old Hall range. Tea pots and sometimes full sets can be bought for around £20. So if you want a cheap way to start collecting Old Hall, then begin with the Connaught range.  It is of far better quality than the majority of stainless steel teapots from this era.

More on Old Hall

The Old Hall Club website is a very good source of information on Old Hall.

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Your comments on Robert Welch Old Hall


Do you know where I can purchase a RW1 bright table fork. I was given my cutlery set as a wedding gift 15 yrs ago. My late mother in law and I had so much fun visiting the Robert Welch store in England and picking the set.My table fork has gone missing and would love to keep the set in take. I have contacted the company and they have advised me that the RW1 brite is discontinued. Please contact me if you can help or know anyone that can.

Thank you,
Ingrid Richardson
USA" Ingrid Richardson 30/11/2010

"I am seeking a retro (50s?) gift for my Father: I'd like to replace a table lamp he once had. The lamp stood atop a metal pole afixed to a little table with black screw on legs. There was some kind of picture on the actual table top. Any suggestions?" Indie 26/12/2010

"I have a 5 pc tea service for sale, tray ,teapot, hot water jug, sugar and cream jug in the Alvaston pattern. Would you be interested in purchasing same. It is in MINT condition never been used and been in my possesiion since 1968." Ian Parry 17/04/2012

"I have a boxed set of Old Hall cutlery which I think is Alveston design although there is nothing to confirm this on the cutlery or the box, There are 76 pieces in all and it is in beautiful condition, it includes fish knives, forks, serving spoons etc. Each piece is marked with Old Hall, Stainless, Sheffield, England.

How would I confirm the design? Is there any value or interest in these large boxed sets?
AF" Angela Fleming 08/07/2012

"i am desperately searching for 6 forks from the old hall (oneida) campden design. I had the knives, dessert spoons & forks, soup & teaspoons from my godmother over a period of time such as engagement, wedding & birthdays etc.Unfortunately she died before she completed her task. hence my desperation, if anyone can help, i would be extremely grateful" mary cartwright 03/09/2012

"Does anyone know where I can find Robert Welch 'Alveston' grapefruit spoons - these are small with a pointed end but are not serrated." Pat Rose 18/02/2013

"Can you help me I am looking for a super Avon vacuum flask thank you norma" Norma thomson 02/09/2013

"Dear Pat&Norma If you have not found the items you are looking for I have these items in stock with a good selection of other Old Hall items together with Viners Studio range.

I trade in Alfies Antique Mkt,13-25 Church St London NW8 8DT
Marylebone London NW8. Tues to Sat.

PS I think the early teapot on the Old Hall Collectors Site was the one I sold to Mr Wiggins." Geoffrey Robinson 01/10/2013

"looking for Old Hall - Alveston Tea Spoons" R L MACINTOSH 11/02/2016

"I am looking to replace some of my missing Campden teaspoons by Old Hall. Any chance of finding any>" Belinda Mead 03/09/2016

"Does anyone know where I can obtain Alveston serving spoons?" Nigel Aaron 17/09/2016

"I am looking for an Galveston water jug.Can anyone help? Geoffrey" Geoffrey Robinson 26/11/2016

"We are looking for the smallest (coffee?) spoons from the Alveston range." Janet Francis 29/11/2016

"Please tell me did Old Hall ever make cooking Pan in S/S with copper bottoms" Margaret Fox 01/02/2017

"Did Old Hall ever make cooking pans,I have lots of Old Hall, not just S/S but cut glass, this is just an enquiry regarding the Pans" Margaret Fox 02/02/2017

"I have a fantastic OLD HALL wine cooler stand, which as I understand was made for the commercial market ( Hotels etc) so they are very rare. I have search the web for photos to match mine or some references but no luck. The stand is 64cm high and 24cm diam on the base. It is fantastic condition, any sensible offers considered I can email pics
Cheers" richard bareham 25/02/2017

"I recommend website: based in the U.K. who have a large stock of Old Hall Alveston and Campden cutlery in very good condition." Mary Crisp 02/08/2017

"I have just found a beautiful Old Hall Super Avon coffee pot in mint condition. Beautiful piece. The only information I can see online about it is what you posted here. Is it still similar in value? Thanks" Freya 09/08/2017

"the robert welch coffee pot without "designed by r. welch' on the underside....fake?reissue?rectangle around old hall in the marking underneath..thanks" mark jaccarino 04/09/2017

"Due to recent burglary I am missing several pieces of Alviston Old Hall stainless steel cutlery. What I need is:- 1 Soup Spoon, 1 Desert Spoon, 2 dinner forks, 4 Desert forks, 5 Teaspoons, 1 Coffee spoon and 2 Serving spoons. Can anyone help?" Malcolm True 02/04/2018

"Mrs Huckles always has a good range of Old Hall Metalware and cutlery in stock, including Alveston. The website is:" Christine March 07/05/2018

"I have a boxed canteen cutlery Campden set 82 piece for sale on ebay if any one is interested. Item no 323361920115." Paul 30/07/2018

"Does anyone know where I can get a 'First course small knife' in the Robert Welch Viceroy range?" Jamie 13/11/2018

"Looking for an Alveston coffee pot for my mother. Can anyone help? 07960936424" Tam 04/03/2019

"I am looking for Old Hall Campden teaspoons (not mocha spoons). Any information gratefully received. Many thanks" Pippa 08/07/2019

"I am looking for silver plate tea spoons in the Robert Welch Viceroy rane..." Adrian 14/11/2019

"I have a boxed 82 piece set of Alveston Old Hall Stainless Steel cutlery for sale. Has been in my family from 60's." Jon 18/06/2020

I have 8 x Old Hall Alveston fish knives and forks and 8 x dessert knives and forks which I would like to sell (I have the rest of the cutlery set, but we use those). I wondered if you are still at Alfie's, when we're not in lockdown, and whether you might be interested in buying them?
Many thanks, Gaynor" Gaynor Daligan 13/11/2020

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