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Motorola Dynatac 8000x, authur:Redrum0486, distributed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

The Motorola 8000X, or to give it its full title, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, was the world's first hand held mobile phone. It was the original brick mobile phone from the Yuppie era of the 80s.

Recent reports of Motorola 8000Xs selling for over 1000 have fuelled a new interest in these old brick phones.

If you are wanting to buy one of these on eBay, then it pays to know as much as possible.  The Motorola 8000M and 8000S are very similar.

How to identify an 8000X

Small LEDs

The main distinguishing feature between the 8000X and the later 8000M phones is the display. The 8000X had small LEDs. The 8000M, 8500X and later phones had larger LEDs. The small LEDs are also shared with the 8000S, which was a cheaper version of the 8000X and seems to be more common.

Often this does not help on eBay as the batteries in these phone often do not work, meaning that the display is not visible. The screens on both types of phone are the same size and look exactly the same when the phone is off.


On most of the 8000Xs I have seen, the first nine buttons, have just numbers on them, not numbers and letters. This is also true of the 8000S. However, the original publicity shot for Motorola shows numbers and letters, so this might not be an ideal guide.  US versions of the phones may also have letters and numbers.

The 8000S has one fewer button in the bottom row. It does not have the 'Fcn' key and the 'Lock' key is moved up one.

On eBay now:

On the 8000M, the function keys always appear to have capital letters on them, but on the 8000X and 8000S they start with a capital letter, with the remainder in lower case lettering. So it would be 'Lock' on the 8000X and 8000S and 'LOCK' on the 8000M. I am not certain this is always the case, but this looks to be a good rule of thumb.

The 'Snd' button on the 8000X and 8000S, seems to be orange/red rather than pink/red on the later phones.


The DynaTAC 8000X was sold in several colour combinations. I am aware of tan and grey, black and white, dark grey and tan and white. There may be other combinations.


The Dynatac 8000X was sold with several logos. Sometimes it just said 'Motorola'. BT also sold this phone with their own logo. Their Motorola 8000X does not have the black and red stripe logo. This was introduced on the 8500X and later.


The Motorola 8000X was available in the US from 1983 and in the UK from 1985. It seems to have been still on sale in 1988 in the UK and it was relatively cheap by then, selling for £599. By 1990 both the 8000S and 8000X did not appear to be on sale in the UK. The 8500X had taken over.

Motorola serial numbers

The serial numbers on Motorola phones allow you to date the phone quite accurately. This information can be useful to help confirm the identification of the phone.

Serial numbers are of the form 123ABC4567 or 123ABC45678 where the the second 2 letters determine the year and month of manufacture. The second letter gives the year.

As far as these phones are concerned the important numbers are:


Ebay sales of Motorola 8000X

6/9/2009£460BT Logo
17/9/2009£605Motorola logo black/tan
11/10/2009£1036Sale not completed; item relisted
21/10/2009£1054Located in Austria
21/10/2009£1358DynaTAC Prototype IV

Our view on values

By March 1986 there were over 50,000 mobile phone users in the UK. Whilst a large proportion of these may have owned bulky transportables, rather than hand held phones, there must still be thousands of Motorola 8000Xs out there. More than enough to keep most collectors happy.

After the appearance of the Daily Mail article - Hello, I'm on the brick!, two Motorola 8000Xs appeared on eBay within a week. My guess is there are more out there and the price will go down.

Note: this a new collecting area, so if you have any other tips about identification please add to the comments section. Or if you believe any of this information to be inaccurate, please let me know.

Whilst I have done my best to make this information as accurate as possible, Retrowow cannot accept any liability for any losses incurred from using the information provided in this article. Mobile phones are a very new collecting area and not all of the relevant facts may be known at this time.

I have a Motorola 8000x that I am interested in getting rid of. Anybody interested, or know what I should ask for this?" Adam 05/12/2011

"i have a motorola 3300 with charger and 3 batterys all in working order i want to sell it but dont know where or the value can anyone help me." kelly grove 09/03/2012

"Hi Kelly,
eBay is the best place to sell mobile phones. Have a look at the eBay price guide on

I would expect to get at least £100 for a good one.

best regards" Steven 09/03/2012

"I would like to know how one would access the lock and unlock feature of these Motorola 8000 series phone. Is there a PDF available of these phones that I could get?" Jeff Baker 26/03/2012

"I really enjoyed this article but had trouble following what you were saying about serial numbers. In your example umber (123ABC4567) which letter represents the year, A, B, or C? I have two phones I think are 8000s models 472GSLT659 and 472GSE8536 both in Canada." Marek 16/05/2012

"Hi Marek, The second letter gives the year. However, the first of your numbers has 4 letters which doesn't conform to the pattern and the second suggests 1993 which seems very late for an 8000S." Steven Braggs 16/05/2012


I just purchased a DynaTAC 8000s and the serial number is 645CNE1788. The N shows that it was made in 1988 but what part of the code shows what month it was made? Just curious.

Also, many of these phones either don't power up or when they do they don't display anything. Is there any way to fix these so they at least power up and make the sounds or show something on the screen?

Mike" Mike 28/06/2012

"The third letter gives the month. The E means the second half or March.

As far as fixing phones that don't power up, are you sure the battery is holding a charge? That would be the first thing I'd check. Otherwise I'd be struggling. Most of the ones I've had don't work. But you can't use them anyway." Steven 28/06/2012

"can't tell year of my bricks. 389GUE0283 and 0289

Both say "Loc'd" when power on. One line of led's---maybe bigger than the one shown on phone on website. Any way to unlock without knowing the 3-digit code? Thanks." Brian 03/04/2013

"Hi Brian,
The U would date them to 1994. Do you know what the model is? I don't think it could be an 8000X. Best regards" Steve 04/04/2013

"From distant memory, the 8000 range could be reprogrammed and the unlock code noted/changed when in the programme mode. To get into the programming mode, remove battery and aerial, with a thin piece of fuse wire, ball the end up slightly and using a piece of sellotape, stick the balled up end to the top right terminal (as you look at the phone from the rear) and then refit the battery leaving an inch or so of wire protruding. Earth out the other end of the wire to the aerial screw and turn the phone on. Providing you have a good conection at both ends of the wire, the phone will enter the programming mode. This is where my emory fails slightly as I think you use the # button to scroll through the programme. You can change the network here (i think 2340 was Vodafone and 2342 was cellnet) but what you are looking for is a 3 digit number. Thats your unlock code. You can change it or just memorise it. Would like your comments on this. Sgd001athotmaildotcom.
Steve" Steve 24/06/2013

"Used to repair 8000X's and 8000'S in the 80's
Steve, you need a NAM programmer to get the unlock code from the 8000 series.
These are rarer than the phones as they were limited to approved Motorola service stations. Did see one for sale recently, but missed it.
If you have an 8000S and no unlock code you can't get it out of the phone. On the 8000X, if you know the security code you can re-programme the lock code from the keypad.

As for units not powering up, this can be a few things. As I used to repair them and still have the service manual it should not be much of a challenge. Obviously, the battery should be assumed to be useless after 20 years." Philip 18/07/2013

"I have just bought a 8000x unit - its a really lovely piece of kit. Does not power on. Does anyone have a tear down or a PDF manual? I would love to get this thing working.
Or is there a repair firm anyone knows of?" James 22/08/2013

"Hi. I have a Dynatac 8000X that was made in 1989 & sold here in Australia. However, it has a green color LED dot matrix display. This particular version was definately called the 8000X according to my service manual.
Also, the original 8000X did not actually go on sale in the US until 1984. It was first announced in 1983. Motorola car phones were only available in 1983, such as the Dynatac 4000." Chris Lumsden 14/03/2014

"Does anyone know the value of my motorola 8000x with charger and leather case." Paul byworth 09/06/2014

"These aren't worth what they used to be. The leather case and charger won't add much to the value as they can be picked up quite cheaply. I would say £300 to £500. best regards" Steven 10/06/2014

"Phillip (above) You definately do not need any special programmer to check the 8000 series if you follow my earlier instructions. You can get all the info including security code in that manner. I did have to use a nam adaptor for the 4000 series though." Steve 12/11/2014

"I recently picked up what I believe to be an 8000m. It is not locked, but I would like to check and see what the lock code actually is, and whether I can change it. Is there a way to do that? *Note: Does not have the FCN key.
Thanks!" Sammy 26/02/2015

"I think the 8000M did have the FCN key. How many keys does it have in the bottom pad, 9 or 8?
Best regards" Steven 27/02/2015

"Based on your description above, it must be an 8000s.

"The 8000S has one fewer button in the bottom row. It does not have the 'Fcn' key and the 'Lock' key is moved up one."

That's how it's arranged. Is there a way to check/change the lock code on these?" Sammy 02/03/2015

I have a "French" Motorola and i can't identified this...

I can read this reference on the phone

REV.S/H: 1.2/1.1
CEPT GSM: 45001649 0356350" ROLAND 08/05/2015

"Hi Roland,
It is a Motorola 3200. Motorola's first GSM hand portable. See

best regards" Steven 10/05/2015

"hi pleas could you help me ihave just got my husband amotorola 8800x for his birthday could you tell me the date please and eny other information about the phone pleases number in side 6452uce026on whie lable other lable with green circel on ithas s 1357 4l501823 ser no6452uge656 model nof89yud8929aa" jacky 01/01/2016

"If the phone says "Loc'd", it definitely works with brute force: Type all digits from 000..999, but always press Clr before each try. Press Clr+000, Clr+001, Clr+002, ... If it doesn't work, you might have missed some range. Be focused and make a check list." Jolly 05/05/2016

"The battery was nicad so would have died many years ago. They were rubbish when new! The new price for the 8000x was £2800 and the carphone version the 6000x was £1600. I had the car phone in feb 86." John 03/06/2016

Is there any way of knowing which Motorola
8000 series phone you have as most of the 8000
Series phones from the USA seem to be sold under the networks names ie California Mobile,Cellular one,Alltel Mobile and so on

Terry" Terry 05/09/2016

"Yes, you can use the identification guide above. It does not matter if it has someone else's logo on it.

If it has small LEDs an S or an X. If it has 3 buttons on the bottom row it is X, if it has 2 it is an S.

If it has large LEDs and is from the US, it is probably an 8000M" Steven 06/09/2016

"I've recently found in my loft a boxed, brand new 8000M. Still has the green protective stickers on both ends of the battery and phone as well as the screen protector. Battery charges and holds a charge. It's marked up 'Houston cellular' on the handset where it normally says Motorola. I can't even remember buying it! Serial number is F09LFD8436AG.

Two questions: How old is it and what's it worth?" Steve 22/12/2016


What is the basis for the date code chart in the article listing O for 1989, P for 1990, etc.? All other sources I've found show P as the code for 1989 (skipping the letter O), Q for 1990, etc." Zachary 13/01/2017

"Please stop calling the 8000 a brick! Nobody ever called the 8000 a brick in the 80's. The brick phone had a brick size lead acid battery!" john 01/03/2017

"Iam very much interested in buying this phone. Please give me your email address and other details so I can contact you immeidately. I will arrange payment online.

Iam from Papua New Guinea, tip of Australia." Maureen Ken 02/08/2017

Does anyone know how to unlock an 8000M or how to do a hard factory reset?

I've tried the fuse wire and left hand terminal to Ariel method without success

Many thanks." Colin 24/02/2020

"Hello I have many versions of the 8900x2 3200 and 3300 has any one refurbished the batteries as I want to still use the 3300 but battery's are not easy to find or Info if any one has done this thanks" Rob mag 24/05/2020

"Hi does anyone have a Motorola 8000x in very good condition I could purchase or know an auction site I could use ?
Thank you" Simon 16/06/2020

"Hi Simon,
They do come up on eBay. But be prepared to pay quite a lot for one. best regards" Steven 16/06/2020

"Hello, does anyone know how to unlock an 8000S? Mine only has a green light when turned on and no functions appear to do anything with the exception of the dialer tones. I tried to brute force the passkey over several weeks but after going from 000 to 999, it still won't unlock. Am I supposed to press "Snd" after each passcode attempt? Thanks." Thomas 17/07/2020

"I have an Motorola 8000x for sale but the serial number year from what is described above is T (we are in Canada) and I do not know what year that corresponds to. My Husband had his first 1985 8000x stolen and this is the replacement. He had a Motorola flip phone well before the end of the 8000x era if the date is correct at 1993. Interestingly he has all his phones and trying to decide what to do with them all!!!" Melanie 16/08/2020

"I have a motorola cell model#76439NARSB I bought it and the keypad is locked. I have no clue of the pass code. Is it possible to set it back to factory. Would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks" steve leggett 18/08/2020

i have a British 8000X with a lock!
After switching on, all numbers on the display light up for a short time and then only the green light is on permanently.
You can operate everything but nothing is shown on the display.
Is it possible to solve this problem?
I have tried all numbers from 001-999 and the 12er pin was already bridged without success!
Does the device have an internal battery?

I am grateful for any help!

Translated with (free version)" Markus 30/08/2020

"Hi i can't identify what kind of Type we have. could anybody help out to know wich kind of Motorola Cricket we have? MODEL:S5824A MSN:472GWJ1618 FCC ID: ABZ89FT5722" Yvessk8 09/10/2020

"Hi, I have many 8000m mobiles and sometimes 8000x models I buy them also for my collection and have some knowledge on there functions so don't be afraid to ask me any questions, thanks, Denver." Denver mc farland 24/05/2021

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