How much has the high street changed since the 70s?

I've often wondered how many high street names from the 1970s are still with us today.

To answer that question I took a walk down a typical high street, Terminus Road in Eastbourne, armed with a Kelly's Directory for 1972. My aim was to find out how many shops from 1972 were still there.

Eastbourne was a popular seaside resort in 1972. In the summer its beaches were packed with holiday makers. Things have changed a little today and like many UK seaside resorts it no longer has the same tourist draw.

Out of over 200 shops and businesses in Terminus Road, as per the 1972 Kelly's Directory, only seven remain:

Notarianni's Milk Bar, Eastbourne
Notarianni's, which claims to be Eastbourne's oldest café and ice cream parlour, opened in 1936

63/67 Barclays Bank

96 National Westminster Bank

104 Lloyds Bank

110 W H Smith

133-7 Marks & Spencer

195 Athens - Greek restaurant

203 Notarianni Bros - ice cream parlour

There would also be a Midland Bank in the list, but it has changed its name to HSBC. However, it is still housed in the same building.

W H Smith has changed with the times. Originally the shops had a lending library. Then it became Britain's high street book retailer and stationer. Smith's seems to keep the right mix of stock between newspapers, books, pens, sweets and chocolates. It is a great survivor.

M & S has struggled in recent years. It is no longer in the FTSE 100. But the shops are still hanging on.

The other two are independent Eastbourne shops.

Notarianni Bros is Eastbourne's oldest ice cream parlour and has been in business since the 1930s.

There is a vibrant Greek community in Eastbourne and the Athens Restaurant also has staying power. Although one of my favourites, the Taurus Steak House at 199, run by Greek Cypriot, Antonis Nicola, known locally as Nicky, closed a few years ago.

Athens Restaurant, Eastbourne
Athens Restaurant is one of Eastbourne's oldest surviving businesses on Terminus Road

Everything else has changed.

Looking at the shops from the 1970s.

Clothing and shoes


21 Hector Powe

89 Burton

125 Meakers

128 George Brown & Co

132 John Collier (Prices Tailors Ltd) (closed nationally in the 1980s)

136 Alexandre

Tailoring chains specialising in made-to-measure suits were a feature of 1960s and 1970s high streets. Many of the well-known brands were represented in Eastbourne. Burton and Collier were the two most popular menswear chains. Both had branches in Terminus Road.

As well as those in Terminus Road, there was a Hepworth's at 16 Seaside. Hepworth's became Next in 1982.

The process of making a suit took several weeks from the initial measurements taken in the shop. Therefore, these shops were aimed at locals rather than holidaymakers. The stores all disappeared as ready to wear suits improved and the need for formal attire reduced.

Ladies fashion

17 Etam - the chain was bought by Sir Philip Green, Chairman of the Arcadia Group, and closed nationally shortly afterwards

79 Richard Shops - a national chain owned by UDS (United Drapery Stores which also owned John Collier) closed nationally in 1999.

107 Posner Gowns

118 Louise Cousins

127 Dorothy Perkins - national chain

161 Marie et Cie - fashions

184 Fanny (Eastbourne) Boutique

188-190 Leodian - costumiers

204 Irene Vanoc - gowns

254 Square One - boutique

Boutiques were a new thing in the 1960s. In the early 1970s they were big business. Holidaymakers with money to spend ensured Eastbourne had a variety of boutiques.

Richard Shops was a huge fashion chain in the 1970s.

Other clothing

192 Millet Stores (now at 146-148, which was J Lyons in 1972)

202 J R Charles - furrier

Shoes & boots

43 Milward & Sons

64-66 Russell & Bromley

68 Mansfield

70 True-Form (Freeman, Hardy & Willis)

71 Dolcis

81-83 Lilley & Skinner

93 Saxone

103 & 105 A Jones & Sons

121 S Hilton - bootmakers

134 Freeman, Hardy & Willis

142 W Barratt

236 British Bata Shoe Co (for more about the history of the Bata Shoe Factory, take a look at )


43 Kendall & Sons

Kendall & Sons were a UK umbrella maker. They had branches in many UK high streets. The British umbrella succumbed to foreign competition by the end of the 1970s. Only M & S held out selling British made brollies.


53 G A Dunn & Co

111 John Vickers Ltd - milliners

232 Madame Dorette - milliners

G A Dunn & Co started life as a men's formal hatter company. As a hatter, it had a following with mods in the 1960s.


60-62 W Bruford (of Exeter)

91 H Samuel

114 W Wright

182 Shipton & co

Brufords is still in business in Eastbourne and can now be found at the Beacon and in Cornfield Road.

Leather goods

140 Stuart Apps - fancy leather goods

225 Peter Trevor

224 Jaymar


26 S Charles - ladies hairdresser

68 Joyce L Mishon - ladies hairdresser

68 Terminus Barber shop

112 Belmont - gentlemen's hairdresser

188 Barber Hair Fashion - ladies hairdresser

211 & 213 Robert of Mayfair ladies hairdresser

244 Rodney - ladies Hairdresser

T J Hughes, Eastbourne
T J Hughes was originally Dale and Kerley, it was Barkers of Eastbourne from 1953 to 1973

Department stores

70-90 Plummer Roddis

97-101 - Woolworths

133-137 Marks and Spencer (still there)

152-170 Bobby & Co (now Debenhams)

173-87 Barkers of Eastbourne

Bobby's was a chain of department stores in Southern England. Frederick James Bobby started the chain in 1887. He opened stores at several seaside towns including Bournemouth, Torquay and Eastbourne. Prince Charles visited this store in 1969. 1972 was its last year before being taken over by Debenhams. The stores were subsequently rebranded.

Barkers of Eastbourne opened in 1953. Barkers was a London-based store with its flagship branch in Kensington. In 1952, Barkers bought Dale and Kerley in Eastbourne. Barkers became part of House of Fraser in 1957, but kept its original name until 1973, when it became Army & Navy Stores. In the 1990s House of Fraser sold its Easbourne store to T J Hughes. Sadly, T J Hughes closed in May 2019 and the store has not reopened.

Plummer Roddis was a chain of department stores in the south of England. The group sold out to Debenhams in 1965. It is likely that Debenhams closed the store when they acquired Bobby's.

Art and antique dealers

1 Joan Rawsthorne of Alden - antiques

120-122 E Stacy Marks - fine art gallery and art dealer

180 Granny's Corner


75/77 Boots (now in the Beacon)

115 Timothy Whites (closed nationally in 1985)

248 Richards of Eastbourne

Butchers and charcuterie

15 Lesson's - butcher

27 - J Manson - butcher

55 - J H Dewhurst - butcher

Delicatessen & charcuterie

3 F Bennet - cooked meats

198 Eats Delicatessen

Greengrocers and fruiterers

23 E Ward - fruiterer

29 F Meyers - fruiterer

42 Normans - fruiterer


16 Hudson Bros

31/25 J Sainsbury

51 Liptions

116 Tesco

124-6 International Tea Company Stores

Sainsbury's and Tesco have moved to new locations.


28 Stowells of Chelsea


8-10 Duncan Foster

34, 59 & 171 Acres the Bakers


12, 50 & 200 Maynards


39 Vision Hire - television rental

Cleaning and laundry

7 A Nicol - dry cleaner


9 Railway Enquiry and Postal Telegraph Office


11 Gildredge - demolished 2017

61 The Squirrel

153 Terminus Hotel (closed 2013, it is now Bill's, a restaurant chain)

155 Diplocks Hotel

Restaurants & cafés

146-8 J Lyons

169 Oak Cabin

186 Ho Ho Restaurant

191-3 Fortes Café

195 Athens (see above)

199 Taurus

203 Notarianni (see above)

209 Restaurant Des Gourmets

226 Fullers

227 Wimpy Bar

245 Salad Bowl

247 Borza Café

246 D Macari - Ice Cream Parlour

248 Fish & Chip Restauarnt (now Harry Ramsdens)


13 F A Bateman

Lloyds Bank, Eastbourne
Lloyds Bank, Eastbourne. The big high street banks were some of the only businesses that remained in the same location as in 1972.

Banks and building societies

19 Abbey National

44 Alliance Building Society

4 6 -48 National Westminster Bank

56/58 - Woolwich Building Society

69 Temperance Permanent Building Society

92-4 Midland (now HSBC)

96 National Westminster

104 Lloyds

144 Leek and Westbourne Building society

147 Eastbourne Mutual Building Society

157 Portman Building Society

163 Leeds Permanent Building Society

163 United Friendly Insurance Company


2 L M Farnham - insurance and mortgage brokers

64-66 Commercial Union

Estate agents/surveyors

6 L M Farnahm - estate agents and auctioneers

30 Fleetwood, Eversden & partners - quantity surveyors

Travel agents

54 Thomas Cook

150 Panorama Travel (Hove Travel Agency Ltd)

Wool & fabric

119 Bellmans (Scotch Wool)

In the 1960s, Scotch Wool and Bellmans were two separate chains owned by Coats Patons. There were a total of 350 shops throughout the country. In 1968 they merged the two brands. Coats Patons also owned the Jaeger brand, which they bought in 1967.

There was a branch of Scotch Wool and Hosiery Stores at 65 Terminus Road in the 1930s. This address is now Barclays Bank.

167 Sandcourt - Wool shop

173 C & H Fabrics

228 Pamcourt wool shop

There were several other wool shops at Eastbourne in the 1970s:


4 Harry Ash

48 & 139 Bewlay - tobacconist

176 Davison's

240 A Lewis


18-22 Flude's

131 Herald Shops - carpets

196 Eastern Carpets


36 Sketchley

221 Nu-Way dry cleaners

W H Smith, Eastbourne
W H Smith's in Terminus Road, Easbourne is one of the few surviving retailers from 1972.

Newsagents and book sellers

110 W H Smith

Furnishings and interior

129 K Royle - house furnisher

194 Hammer of Eastbourne - drapers and soft furnishings

Health and personal services

87 O H Feasey - chiropodist

14 Alstons (British India Rubber Company) - surgical appliances

238 Alston's Corset Shop

Post Office, Eastbourne
Still recognisable as a Post Office, like many POs Eastbourne's Terminus Road branch is house now in a shop, W H Smith


25 Provident Clothing & Supply Co Ltd

51a Voluntary & Christian Service gift shop

57 Singer Sewing Machine Co Ltd

69 Harry Hardy - photographer

234 Douglas Catt - photographic dealer

85 South Easter Gas Board

139-41 Mothercare

143-5 Post Office (now in Smiths)

2 Southern Secretarial services - typing, duplicating, relief staff

24 G Marcus - Clairvoyant

30 The Samaritans

38 Ernest Hayes - turf commission agent

40 Gamley's - toys

70 Sussex School of Dancing

68 English Centre - language School

172 Southern Sports (Services) - sports outfitters

220 Lawleys - fine china & glass

222 Clark & Lambert motor car agents

250 Ye Olde Fashioned Humbugge Ltd

47 Help the Aged (source: The Times 22 November 1972)

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S Hudson

Hi..does anyone remember or heard of a Hudsons Garage and / or a Drivi g school...early 30s ?


Gary Collard

Hi. I am trying to find any images of Rodney's the hairdressers at 244 Terminus Road in the early 1960's. This was where my mother (who sadly recently passed away) did a hairdressing apprenticeship.


A dive into my foreign student's days in Eastbourne. I remeber most of those shops . It was such a nice town .Wonderful memories . Thanks


Brilliant, a stroll down memory lane, I worked in Debenhams from 1973-77 and Millets was there at 146-148 in July 73. I used to go in often as a 17yo. Amazing that it is still there 48 years later given the turbulent nature of ground rents and businesses over time.

Gordon How

JAYMAR was at 224 not 223. I have their business card with the address 224 Terminus Rd.

Telephone: EASTBOURNE 32081


Thank you. You are right. I have updated the page.


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