Uniflex furniture

Uniflex bedroom furniture, 1960s

Uniflex made some stunning modern furniture in the 60s. They pushed the boundaries of popular taste much further than G-Plan. Their designs were minimalist in the extreme, abolishing handles and creating an ultra modern look. Today Uniflex is highly prized by collectors and pieces achieve good prices on eBay.

Uniflex was made by the firm L Lazarus in the 50s and 60s. They pioneered the modern style and helped bring it to a wider audience. Like most cutting edge design, although reasonably successful, it did not sell in huge numbers and is comparatively rare today.

In the 60s Uniflex may not have been to everyone's taste, but today it is greatly appreciated. There were few other furniture makers that embraced the contemporary look as fully as Uniflex. The name itself suggests modern, flexible living.

Uniflex bedroom furniture in cherry and formica

Uniflex made dining room and bedroom furniture. Look for ultra modern sideboards in teak or rosewood or modern dressing tables finished in teak with stylish chairs, stools and wardrobes to complement the look.

Uniflex from the mid sixties had a distinctive style. Look for the absence of handles, fashionable woods, such as teak or rosewood, and the unique leg style with a horizontal bar connecting the front and back legs.

As teak became more popular in the late 60s, firms that set the pace in style looked to other finishes. Uniflex introduced a modern sideboard in white painted melamine. Melamine was a hard surface that was difficult to chip. The startling element of the design though were the handles: they were blue squares with a cut-out circle.

This cherry and Formica bedroom suite, left, shows the evolution of the Uniflex style in the second half of the sixties. The firm was not afraid to pioneer new designs and lead the furniture industry.

Today it is the stunning teak and rosewood sideboards by Uniflex that are the favourites amongst collectors. They were fifty years' ahead of their time in the sixties, so will look great with both a modern or a retro look.

Buy Uniflex on eBay

eBay is the best place to buy Uniflex. Expect to pay £400 to £1000 for a good Uniflex rosewood sideboard that reflects the style of the brand. Other pieces may be cheaper, but look for good condition and distinctive retro style.

Uniflex International, brand

Uniflex furniture was branded with this label, left. Look for this on eBay pictures to establish that the piece is genuine.

If you are worried about transport, there are a number of couriers that specialise in Even if the seller doesn't offer a courier, you can usually arrange for one to pick the item up and deliver it to you. Always contact the seller first though.

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Anne Britton
I worked as a receptionist at Uniflex in the 60s . Remember all the directors. Maurice and Malcolm Lazarus and Leslie Leyton.
Malcolm Pyrah Lincoln

I sold Uniflex in Cantors High Street Lincoln in 1972,We always sold the round table (with flip open centre section)as Burma teak.Funny thing was we still had the furniture priced in Guineas..I remeber how heavy they were and how solid the chairs were made..............My memory may have failed me but 69 guineas seems to ring a bell ......of course most furniture was sold on the never never..and Cantors got around the 20% deposit requirement by using their own Calunio credit agreements ....it was only a matter of months wheni had started there that putting a stamp and then the customer signing over that had finished. Captain Cantor was the Adverts of that time

I have 2 floating uniflex bedside tables ticketed 1963 for sale.
I have a set of unified bedroom furniture for sale, wardrobe, tall chest of draws and dressing table
I have some teak and white bedroom furniture to sell, for the best offer: Wardrobe - Height 83 inches, Width 40 inches, Depth 21.5 inches. Mirror Fronted Unit - Height 83 inches, Width 36 inches, Depth 17.5 inches. Large Chest of Drawers - Height 26.5 inches, Width 54 inches, Depth 17.5 inches. Small Chest of Drawers - Height 26.5 inches, Width 18 inches, Depth 17.5 inches.
Hi Muriel, Sold prices on eBay vary quite a lot from just £25 for a complete bedroom suite, to £400 for one wardrobe. Condition plays a big part in value. I would suggest putting it on eBay, either as a complete set or individual pieces. Use 'Buy-it-now' rather than auction. The problem is that unless you can offer delivery you will limit your market to those who can travel to pick it up. Have a look at eBay completed listings and decide how much you want to sell for. Then create a 'Buy-it-now' auction for the price you want. Other alternatives are Gumtree or the local paper. Unless you have a retro dealer in your area. Best regards Steven
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