Retro bathrooms

Naiad coloured bathroom suite, 1960s

Coloured bathroom suites are tipped for a comeback this year. So if you are bored with your white bathroom suite, then it might be worth waiting a little while if you are thinking of updating your bathroom.

Retro style has been popular in most rooms of the house for a number of years, however, the retro bathroom has yet to appear. I have seen a few half-hearted attempts at a fifties or sixties style bathrooms, but they all lack the vital ingredient: the coloured bathroom suite.

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For many the coloured suite is still an abomination. Have a look at this question on Yahoo answers Where can I get a coloured bathroom suite?. The poster is quick to state that he himself prefers white, but is posting on behalf of an elderly relative!

60s bathroom suites

In the sixties, coloured suites were all the rage. White was boring. Look at this beautiful Naiad suite from 1965. Blue was a popular colour in the 60s. Other favourite colours were pastel shades of turquoise, pink, green or yellow. Although most people think of sixties' colours as lots of psychedelic patterns, pastel shades were popular in the home for most of the decade. Understated modernity was the look.

Bathroom designers in the sixties concentrated on the shape and style of the fittings, as well as the colour. Elegant, slim pedestals for the basins were popular. In some cases the pedestals were precariously thin. Round basins were popular. The overall look was modern efficiency with a hint of style.

White bathrooms were still fitted in the sixties. It was often the cheaper option. Usually the builder would fit a white bathroom suite in a new house unless the buyer wanted to pay extra for something different.

There was a fashion to have modern style taps in sixties' bathrooms. Very few original taps have survived. If you do have a 60s bathroom, it might be worth getting the taps re-chromed and the washers replaced.

Buy coloured bathroom suites

If you want a coloured bathroom suite to create a retro look, or you want to replace a basin or a bath, but don't want to throw away the whole suite, then eBay is a good place to look. There is a good selection of secondhand bathroom suites in pink, blue, green or turquoise. You might also find some peach, avocado or burgundy classics there.

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Coloured bathrooms on eBay

Your comments

"Hi we have a retro maroon red suite I wondered if you wouldbe interested in buying.

we have a sink, toilet and bath. Bath is plastic. Toilet and sink perfect condition.


lyn" Lyn 12/01/2014

"Hello, we wondered if you would be interested in purchasing our vintage 'whisper of pink' bathroom suite. I can send you some photos, but essentially it is a bath with grab rails and two taps, standard toilet and basin (Twyfords) with two taps. Our postcode is BN12. Many thanks, Cathy" CATHY VERNEY 31/01/2014

"If coloured bathroom suites come back, I will be delighted! I have never been able to get out of the mindset of the 60's and 70's when white was considered really old-fashioned and everyone was ripping white out and replacing with colour! Old houses having their first ever bathrooms installed on council grants, had white!

While on holiday this spring, of course it was white everywhere I stayed, and you know what: it was lovely to come home to avocado, however tatty!" Helen 25/07/2014

"I too have a coloured suite, dark cream butter colour not yellow or primrose, I love it" Hilary 26/07/2014

"Hi. My parents just inherited a fab flat but they're not too keen on a bathroom with a bluey-greeny-grey-coloured bathroom suite. I reckon I can trick up the rest of the bathroom to compliment and look fab WITH the suite in place, rather than ripping it out. The only sticking point: the suite has a gold-coloured pattern around the outer rim of the cistern, sink and bath. I need to modernise the gold-coloured fittings throughout with chrome, so ideally need to remove (or replace/cover over?!) the gold trim. If it's glazed on, do I have any chance at all?? Any advice would be appreciated. I'd hate to see the old suite skipped." Annemarie Doran 04/08/2014

"Hi would anyone be interested in buying our 1970s bathroom flowered georgeous unique cofee coloured suite?" Bridget wynne 21/02/2015


I have a 70's powder blue bathroom suite in very good condition for sale. Please get in touch if interested.

Many thanks,

Amanda" Amanda 16/03/2015

"I have a beautiful bathroom suite consisting of a large corner bath, toilet,and basin. The colour of it is burgundy merging into pink. It's in excellent condition. Photos can be sent if required." Mrs Linda Turnbull 07/07/2015

"Hi we have a royal doulton sepia bathroom suite in perfect condition free to anyone who can collect tq1
It's a shame to throw out if some one has a use for it"" Rob 10/07/2015

I'm hoping to move into a house with a fabulous pink bathroom suite which I'd like to keep. What colours can I put with it paint wise to complement it but give a more up to date look to the bathroom?g3a" Cudi 05/08/2015

"We have a yellow bathroom suite being taken out this week. The bath is steel 1700x700 and comes complete with basin and toilet with cistern. There are no cracks but the bath does have wear at the bottom with a few small chips. We would like £50 for it and it would have to be collected. Anyone interested? It is a shame to just throw it." Thelma 01/09/2015

"Cudi - I'd go for black and white or grey and white with the pink. Keep the rest of the room clean and neutral and the bathroom suite will become the feature. Good look!" Suzy 02/09/2015

"We have a beautiful 60s/70s salmon coloured bathroom suite to sell. If anyone is interested, please comment and I will send you further details
Thankyou" Katie Earp 22/09/2015

"I have a bathroom suite red in good condition if u want to purchase, also another matching toilet and basin for second WC, just bought house and renovating so these are existing in the property" Nick 27/09/2015

"It is really time that white bathroom suites went out of fashion, they are really cold and clinical. I have never liked them, soft colours cream, soft yellow or pink add warmth.
Hopefully soon coloured suites will become readily available." Heather 09/11/2015

"Just about to remove an orange 1970s bathroom suite. Cast iron bath & basin complete with original taps, lavatory with colour co-ordinated seat. Spare room bathroom, hence minimal wear & all fully working. Complete period gem. I even have some textured period tiles unused. If anyone wants the genuine article, let me know.
Chas 14/11/2015" Chas 14/11/2015

"A yellow cast iron bath ,loo, and sink with retro cupboards is being replaced if anyone wants them ! .... Please let me know I can send photos ." Grimster 16/12/2015


we are looking for a 1960s or 1970s bathroom suite. If you are hoping to sell yours, please contact me!" Ju 24/01/2016


I have 2 retro bathroom suites that we are going to be removing from our property.

The first consists of a toilet sink and bath in a orange colour and the other is a toilet sink and shower tray in a green colour. Could you let me know if you are interested in buying

Many thanks
Kimberly" kimberly 26/01/2016

"Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a 1959 Johnson Bros's (Hanley) Ltd blue bathroom suite. It consists of an enamel bath, sink with pedestal and toilet pan with cistern.

Would you be interested in buying it and how much are you willing to offer?

Many thanks,

Joe" Joe Edwards 26/01/2016

"Hi we are replacing our bathroom the upstairs suite is whisper grey armpit age shanks bath, toilet and sink and cloakroom suite is a light green can send photos. Anyone interested? Open to offers." Emily 04/02/2016

"Hi, we are looking for someone to purchase from us our advacado bathroom suite including the bidet. Also have the original advacado taps and advacado toilet roll holder. Would you be interested? Thanks" Rachel 19/02/2016

"Hi we are replacing an ensuite and bathroom in our 1980's house would anyone be interested in a burgundy showerbase, sink with pedestal and toilet and a yellow bath,toilet and sink? Open to offers just want it to be reused. Many thanks Paul" Paul Sears 20/02/2016

"Hi I have a two tone dark and light pink bathroom suite for sale comprising of corner bath with panel, sink, toilet, another small sink, wall mirror and a matching shelf for your toothbrushes. all of the above is in very good condition, can send photos if required. Regards Mark" Mark Whittaker 27/03/2016

" We have a 1984-installed Ideal Standard Indian Ivory bathroom suite, now being replaced with a white suite for an updated look.
Basin, pan and cistern. Co-ordinating accessories: 2towel rIls, wall mounted soapdish and toilet roll holder.
The bath is acrylic.
It is in greet condition, and seems a pity to discard it if there is someone interested in making an offer and having use from it." Jan Anderson 11/04/2016


I have a primrose yellow bathroom suite from the 1970s if anyone would like to buy.

toilet, basin, heavy long bath, ceramic tile toilet roll holder, chrome towel rail and circular towel holders, ceramic tile soap dish and white/yellow tiles

Bath panel has silver strip edges" sindee 29/05/2016

"Hi I have a satsumas toilet and sink for sale if anyone is interested" Alison criddle 02/06/2016

"I am in Dorset and will have an aqua blue bathroom suite being taken out of my bathroom, anyone interested?" Jenny Hummel 04/07/2016

We have a full avocado suite with gold & amber fittings and accessories FOR SALE. There's a Bath with splashback, mirror and soap holder. Toilet,sink and shower tray. Accessories are bath side & end panels, toothbrush holder, soap dish, towel ring, shower shelf, toilet brush holder and double toilet roll holder" martin 08/07/2016

"Hi Martin is the green suite still available?!" Grant 01/08/2016

"Hello, im looking for a 1950's suite. Pale pink, blue or Yellow. Chrome towel rails would be a bonus. Im happy to buy separates to mix and match. Thanks." Tracey 13/08/2016

"Tracey, I have one pink and one turquoise suite available - both ceramic baths. Are you still looking?" Rachel gould 17/08/2016

"I have a retro green (avocado) coloured bathroom suite for sale. Hindley Wigan" Emma Jackson 21/08/2016

"We have a turquoise bathroom suite we have taken out - the bath is cast iron and very heavy - anyone interested? It is quite in Worcester and would hav to be collected." Jules 21/08/2016

"We have a turquoise bathroom suite we have taken out - the bath is cast iron and very heavy - anyone interested?" Jules 21/08/2016

"Hi, I have a 1970/1980 duck egg blue Royal Doulton Sink, and toilet as well as a blue Cardiff of Currans steel bath tub with Rose bath panels for sale. If anyone was interested." Stephanie Gagne 21/08/2016

"We have a pampas suite (sink, toilet and cast iron bath). Anyone interested?" Wendy 30/08/2016

"I am looking for champagne coloured bathroom washbasin made by Balterley the basin has a small flower motif printed on it!" J Porteous 14/09/2016

"I have a full aquamarine (Tiffany green!) Royal Doulton suite which is about to be removed from my house we're renovating. I love it, but it won't go with what we're trying to do sadly! There's a bath, sink, toilet and soap holder fitted into the tiles. I'm happy to give a very sensible price to anyone willing to remove and transport from the Solihull area!" Marianne 15/09/2016

"Hello retro lovers,

I've got a pale pink, shell shaped bathroom sink on pedestal to sell.
Would look wonderful in a kitsch, retro bathroom!
Based in East London. Contact asap if interested." Sara 22/10/2016

"We have a Twyfords bright blue bathroom suite - enamel bath, toilet and basin/pedestal. We are currently purchasing a house with very retro décor, including the bathroom. When we move in in January, this be removed, so happy to arrange a buyer now to take off our hands when we are ready to replace it all!

We are in Bristol" Mike 23/10/2016

"We have a original bath n sink from the 60 if anyone is interested please email me lennox" Lennix 06/11/2016

"i have just broken my lovely blue bathroom sink. does anyone have one to sell?" lucy 06/11/2016

"I will have a grey toilet and sink and a pink bath available in January 2017 if anyone is interested" maria revell 07/11/2016

"I have a lovely retro avocado cloakroom toilet & basin if anyone is interested - due to be removed in the next few weeks." Mrs Julie McGuire 01/02/2017

"Hi we are taking a maroon bathroom suite out its from 1980s if your interested in this?" CAROL GASKIN 07/02/2017

"We have a Twyfords turquoise (mint green) cast iron enamelled bath, sink, toilet and original toilet seat. Available now. Late
1970s/early 80s" Hannah Clarkson 11/02/2017

"I have an avocado bathroom suite - toilet, sink and shower tray, removed and ready to go. Glasgow location." Gillian 17/04/2017

"Hi, I have a 1960's blue bathroom suite, would you be interested in buying it off us?" Sky LeRoy 14/05/2017

"We have a very nice burgundy bathroom suite for sale. It's a very god one and great condition. Anyone interested let me know please" Sue sims 12/06/2017

"sorrento blue three piece bathroom suite plus toilet roll holder wooden toilet seat very good condition anyone interested please ring 07484125474 anytime with an offer buyer collects wrexham north wales area." brian rogers 16/06/2017

"Hi I have a 1970s Ideal Standard ('Pampas' greeny grey colour) bathroom suite. I would like tokeep it and recreate 1970s bathroom. Can someone help me with the colour scheme. Thank you." Jackie Forbes 01/08/2017

"I have a pale mint green with fired glazed floral pattern (not surface glazed) washbasin and pedestal, with matching toilet and cistern, gold plated (worn) taps and plug. Functioning and very good condition. Buyer to collect West Midlands area. Can forward photos and dimensions if wish. About to throw out in the near future so contact asap if interested,with offer. 01384 390930" Maria P 12/09/2017

"Twyfords light pink bathroom suite available to sell. Toilet, large wash basin and cast iron bath. South Wilmslow, Cheshire location. Currently in situ but need to remove within next couple of weeks. Sale due to purchase of furnished house from elderly lady. Buyer to collect. Please mail me if interested Thanks" carole thornton 15/09/2017

IF INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT NINA ON 07749 83 76 93" Nina Basey-Fisher 18/10/2017

"Mint green Art Deco suite for sale: toilet with matching seat and pedastol wash basin with chrome taps and single spout. No bath. Lovely suite with moulded detail, all in excellent condition. I can send photos if interested. Please contact me on" Julie OConnor 12/11/2017

"Blue ideal standard bathroom suite for sale in Essex including taps. Cast iron bath. Must be collected this week. Please contact me if interested on 07707643691" Emma 20/11/2017

"I am interested in possibly buying three of the items listed in the comments section, but how do I make contact, please?" Brian 29/01/2018

"Hi Brian, You will need to contact the person individually using the contact details they provided. All the best

Steven" Steven 30/01/2018

"I have a burgundy toilet, washbasin and many accessories. Have got photographs in anyone interested. Many thanks. 07747467812" Pauline 31/01/2018

"I have a 1980s brown bathroom suite. Large unusually shaped sink and large 1700 x 700mm bath plus toilet. Open to all offers. Situated in Hove." Bron 17/02/2018

"I have an Ideal Standard Twilight Jade (Blue/green) suite being removed 26 Feb. North Yorkshire. I have photos and it is listed on ebay if anyone is interested." Jane 18/02/2018

"Avocado cast iron bath, toilet,sink,bidet and nearly full box of tiles. All excellent condition apart from small crack in bath panel. 07766 406260" Claire 06/03/2018

"I have a armtage wave vitreous China toliet bowl and sink with pedis" A L J Kilkenny 23/03/2018

"We have a yellow suite is it worth keeping instead of changing for white." John 22/04/2018

"I'd say yes. Coloured bathrooms will have their comeback someday and white will be considered boring. :-)

Anyway most are better made than what people install today." Steven 23/04/2018

"Hi I have a complete 3 piece PINK bathroom pedestal & hand basin, bath & front panel, toilet & seat plus taps.I also have approximately 200 pink & white paisley tiles.
Please get in touch if interested.
Many thanks" Nina Dunckley 26/04/2018

"I am trying to locate who manufactured my Pink Bathroom Sink I have. The sink has a MFG marking of L J No 1 9-24-640 on it. It is 17 1/4" Wide, 13 1/4" High, 6 3/4" Depth. I have pictures. Thank you for your help" Don Heeter 10/05/2018

"I have for sale a 1960s (I think!) whisper pink 3 piece bathroom suite with a fabulous black glass panel which fits above the sink. This has an attached adjustable (tilting) mirror and 2 lights attached. The sink is on chrome legs. Seems a shame to throw it out..." Annie Cudmore 25/05/2018

"I have for sale a sunburst orange onsuite toilet set consisting of pedal stall sink,bidet, toilet bowl sister and sea and shower tray fitted in 1980 all in good condition" Chris rice 28/05/2018

"Hi I've just bought a 1955 bungalow and looking to refurbish the bathroom as it would have been when built. Looking for a bath sink and toilet, preferably in blue or yellow. I'm near Southampton. Please bear me in mind if you have anything that would fit the bill. Thank you." Andrea 14/06/2018

I have a full 4 piece 1970s brown bathroom suite for sale.
Corner bath, sink, toilet and bidet.
Anything not sold will be tipped as new bathroom is coming in 6-8 weeks.
Excellent condition, no chips or
scratches anywhere.
Please message me on 07954116984 for more information and pictures." Laura 16/08/2018

"Looking for a pampas green bath and sink by twyfords anyone x" Samantha 17/09/2018

"I have a almost new 5 piece suite 1970-80's, pink in extremely good conditions. Any offers accepted
07932666617" Rodolfo 02/10/2018

We have a chocolate brown bath, toilet and hand basin on a pedestal.
We will be taking it out 22nd October, would love to sell it.
Located in Cornwall." Sonya 13/10/2018

We have a blue bath, toilet and hand basin on a pedestal together with some matching blue and white tiles in our main bathroom which we are selling.
We also have a blue shower tray, toilet and hand basin in our en-suite which we will be selling in due course.
Can send pictures if interested.
Thanks" Lucy Stacey 28/10/2018

"Looking for Dark blue Vanitry basin( OYESTER SHAPE ? from the 80s Beleaved colblot blue and in firaglass Holes for two taps one spout and one waist required
Leicester area" D Walker 20/11/2018

"Hi im looking for a Standard neo-lux 1950s mint green or light grey art deco style toilet & sink. Many thanks ;0)
Please contact me on" Serra 26/11/2018

"Hi I have a blue/white sink, toilet and bath from 1968 we are having new bathroom put in.
Also two tone tiles white and yellow. I can send photos please email Rustington W Sx Jan 2019" Lisa Matthew 13/01/2019

"19502 Twyford Cast Iron Bath in pink plus deep shower tray to match. Very good condition. Location West Midlands but may be able to deliver for small cost. Offers?" Geoff McWhirter 10/02/2019

"Hi we're seeking a sunking or avacado suite. Does anyone have one for sale?" Julian 10/03/2019

"I have a maroon bathroom suite
Including two toilets, three sinks, one bath, one shower basin.
Email if you are interested." Lesley 29/03/2019

"We have a blue bathroom suite for sale.
Corner bath, sink and toilet
Open to offers" Louise 12/04/2019

"We will have a sun king pedestal wash basin, toilet and cistern available for sale when bathroom replaced in September 2019 - acrylic bath with grab handles and acrylic shower tray that may be salvageable" Ruth and Chris 14/07/2019

"We have a 1970's blue bathroom suite for sale. Cast iron bath, sink and toilet .
Sink and toilet in great condition. Bath slight ware. Want it sold by end of month. Collection only. Please email" Emily 09/09/2019

"We want to take out our full size pedestal whisper grey sink in our cloakroom. We will need a whisper or misty grey sink to put in as part of a vanity cupboard. If anyone has a suitable sink to offer of us interested in having our current sink please email me on Thanx" CarolRS 26/10/2019

"Hello, I have a 5 piece wild sage green bathroom suite from the 1980. All okay condition. Bath is acrylic with slight corner damage on outer edge. Please contact me on totally free just needs collecting by end of this week." Clare Staffordshire 20/11/2019

"I am looking for a pale lemon bathroom suite or anybody know where to purchase one." chris 06/01/2020

"Original 1980s champagne VILLEROY AND BOCH bathroom suite designed by Luigi Colani for sale soon when it is removed. The suite consists of oversized bath, wash basin, bidet and toilet. All beautifully designed with ergonomic curves.
Also separate 1980s champagne VILLEROY AND BOCH clam sink and matching toilet for sale.
These are rare original items in fantastic condition.
Please email if interested." Caroline - West Midlands 09/01/2020

"We have a 4 piece Royal Doulton maroon suite to sell, all in perfect condition. Large acrylic bath, pedestal basin, toilet and bidet." Amanda 16/01/2020

"We have a large bath,sink,close coupled toilet, bidet and shower tray in pompadour pink with gold coloured fittings for sale £300
Contact" A Miller 10/03/2020

"We have a twyfords Advocado?/dark green two tone bathroom suite, shower, large corner bath, bidet and toilet in perfect condition, do you buy them/remove pls.

Thank you" Brian Harwood 13/03/2020

"hi i am looking foe a armitage shanks wash basin with or without pedastel in turquoise please" janet meer 26/05/2020

"Hi, I am in need of a pink bath (salmon pink shade). Unless anyone knows where you can still but the Tubby DIY renovation kit in colour 08?
London" Sam 29/06/2020

"We have a full 1970s powder blue bathroom suite for sale." Laura Hughes 12/07/2020

"anyone have a wild sage armitage shanks basin two tap holes" 23/09/2020

"Hi - I have a micelanglo ideal standard sorrento blue sink & Pedestal , toilet with seat and cistern - drop me a line if interested" Steve 24/09/2020

"has anyone got a wild sage basin with two tap holes will pay money" 28/09/2020

"I have a comprehensive pink Armitage & Shanks bathroom, and ensuite, set of - full-size bath (31"/790mm wide), basin & pedestal, bidet, wc & flush tank, and shower tray.
Also the matching en-suite set of same shower-tray, basin/pedestal, wc/flush tank.
All in good condition with no glazing chips. No side to bath, but 'the look' was carpeting up the sides back in the day.
There could be a further matching small wall-fixed hand basin if desired.
Asking £500 for the whole set - or discuss splitting.
Ideally collect from south Dorset, but could deliver by negotiation - something like halfway between professional quote & my fuel costs.
Email" Malcolm Adams. 15/11/2020

"Classic 1980's Michelangelo Mocca bathroom suite: Full size accessible / walk in bath, washbasin with pedestal and bidet. WC with flush tank also available soon with another matching washbasin (5 items in total). Will consider splitting. Must collect SN5 (near Swindon / Cirencester). Being removed next week & will go early December so please contact me ASAP: Offers - Text to 07870701545 or e:" Chris 22/11/2020

"Looking for an orange bathroom suite (not including shower)- got one on ebay but on arrival its not orange enough, more a sort of yellowy/brown. For a 1970s retro bathroom. please text hilary on 07912 609550 if you have one!" Hilary B 06/01/2021

"Hello I have
Brown Two tone Twyfords Norwood/Petra suite in Harlequin Sandalwood

Bath toilet sink
If anyone is interested or knows anyone who would be" Amy 11/01/2021

"Hello I have two Villeroy Boch bathroom suites coming available both in excellent condition and care will be taken by bathroom fitters on removal. One pink which comprises of back to wall toilet, large pedestal basin and bidet. The other one is pale blue and has a large deep bath, back to wall toilet and a large pedestal basin. Matching taps, wall lights and accessories and some new unused Villeroy Boch tiles too. Buyer collects only. 07493232517" Julia 22/02/2021

"For sale. Villeroy Bosch 1980's bathroom suite
huge spa bath, matching sink, bidet and toilet in pale blue. Offers ?" Jane Wills 18/04/2021

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