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Classic Wild and Wolf trimphone from Retrowow

Retrowow offers these trimphones in white at the Special Offer price of only:

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"I like it so much I'm going to order another one for a friend of mine" Adrian M, London

The Wild & Wolf trimphone, only £26, is a very realistic replica of the classic trimphone from the 60s and 70s. We, at Retrowow, pride ourselves in genuine, high quality products. We have chosen the Wild and Wolf trimphone to retail from this site because of the quality of the product and the accuracy of the reproduction.

The Wild and Wolf trimphone captures the details of the original design.  The attention to detail in the manufacture is outstanding.  Many modern reproductions let you down in the detail.  The Wild and Wolf trimphone does not.  Even the base is similar to the original.

In its day, the trimphone was a premium product. It was a status symbol. The original design dates from 1964, but the trimphone remained a sought after product into the 80s, when a number of smart colour combinations were added to the range by Lord Snowdon. The original design has never been bettered. This new version outshines any modern style phone.

The new trimphone does have a few advantages over its ancestors.  It has the convenience of a push button dial with a hash and star key. There is also a hold and a last number redial, just like a modern phone. However, the dial very closely resembles that of the seventies' trimphone, down to the exact shade of the transparent smoked effect of the original.

This trimphone is a stylish edition to any decor. If you liked 'Life and Mars' or 'Ashes to Ashes' it's the perfect way to look retro without losing any of the advantages of a modern phone.

White trimphone

Wild & Wolf Trimphone white

White goes with anything.  It can create a stylish, minimalist look.

£26.00 + £5 post and packing to the UK only

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