Raleigh Chopper

Raleigh Chopper Mk2, 1970s

The Raleigh Chopper brought the style of Easy Rider to the backstreets of Britain in the 70s. It took the UK youth bike market by storm and probably saved Raleigh from financial disaster. The Chopper was a distinctly different bike for young people and was a first choice Christmas present. However, the Chopper attracted criticism for some aspects of its safety. The Chopper became distinctly unfashionable in the 80s, when BMX became the latest craze.

Raleigh Chopper Mk1

The design for the Raleigh Chopper was revolutionary when it was launched in the UK in 1969. However, the bike style, with its ape hanger handle bars and long padded saddle, may have been more familiar to American children. The original inspiration for the Chopper was the Chopper motorcycle: a cut down, customised machine, which had a cult following with enthusiasts in the US from the late 1940s.

US manufacturer, Schwinn, made bikes with ape hanger handle bars from the early sixties; they were nowhere near as well packaged as the Chopper though. In this market until the Chopper came on the scene, Raleigh played catch-up.

Raleigh Chopper Mk2 saddle

In the US market the Chopper was more evolution than revolution. In the UK market it was something entirely new. Its launch coincided with the movie, Easy Rider, in which Peter Fonda and Denis Hopper cruised around America on two stripped down Chopper motorbikes.

Easy Rider gave the Chopper its cool image and contributed enormously to the acceptance of this radical cycle design in a conservative British market. In 1971 Raleigh reported a 55% increase in cycle sales mainly due to the Chopper. The cycle maker went through lean times in the 50s and 60s as sales of adult bikes slumped. With rising affluence, more people got mobile with cars, motorbikes and scooters and the traditional push bike now had a down market image.

Raleigh was now able to charge a premium for the Chopper over the price of a conventional child's bike. In 1970 it cost 34 19s (360 in today's money). The Chopper was so popular in 1970 that retailers had to persuade adults it was not a suitable bike for them. It gave the kids of the time something distinctly different from an adult bike, something of their own. The Raleigh Chopper brought the style of Easy Rider to UK streets and to boys in the ten to fourteen age group.

The Chopper was joined in 1972 by a version for younger children, the Tomahawk. However, by then the safety record of the Chopper was being questioned. A competitor, the Morando Easy Rider Bike which was manufactured in Italy, was withdrawn from sale due to safety concerns. Its UK distributors, the Barclay Group (Mobo, Chad Valley and Tri-ang), recalled models already sold.

The Raleigh Chopper's car style gear leaver (Mk2 version)

Raleigh Chopper Mk2

A British Medical Journal report claimed that the high handle bars made steering unsafe. Other people were concerned that it was possible for two children to ride on one Chopper. Safety concerns prompted a revision to the basic design in 1972, with the Chopper Mk 2 having a shorter seat. Raleigh also made changes to the gear leaver style and handle bars. Raleigh even had to defend the safety of the Chopper when questions were asked in Parliament.

The Chopper was a bike that put style before practicality. In the early years of the 70s it might have been every boy's dream, but volunteers for a Which? report in 1972 found the Chopper slow and hard work. Most would have preferred a racing bike.

The Chopper fell out of favour in the early 80s, when BMX bikes became the latest craze. A new model, the Mk3, was launched in 2004, retaining much of the original's style, but without the crossbar mounted gear leaver and banana style seat.

More on the Raleigh Chopper

The most comprehensive web site about the Raleigh Chopper is www.raleighchopper.info. See also, the Raleigh Chopper Owners' Club and Raleigh Chopper on Wikipedia.

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Early Raleigh Choppers sell for 200 to 300 pounds on eBay, if they are in good condition. The Raleigh Chopper Mk 1 commands a premium over the Raleigh Chopper Mk2. The Mk2 came in in 1972, so yours could be either. Raleigh Choppers in poor condition are worth considerably less. One very tatty example failed to sell for 20 recently. I would recommend having a look at eBay Completed Listings and comparing bikes in similar condition to yours. Retrowow

"I had a Chopper bike. I used it from the age of ten to fourteen. It was fantastic, red colour, the ease of lowrider seat. The banana seat was very comfortable and the gear position was attractive.

My Difficulties were: whobbles, wheelies were not uncommon, hard to run or make long distances with it." Chopper Lowerider

"I am looking to buy a mark 3 chopper but finding it extremely hard as they only made 400 . I'm thinking and correct me if i'm wrong but would they go up in price. If you know anyone or a good website that are willing to sell tell me in a email mine is Orcf@hotmail.co.uk. ps. i have only 200 to spend." oran cowell-fergusson

"i had a 'Raleigh chipper' (it was the smaller brother of the chopper) my dad brought back from the dump and restored it, but nether fixed the broken front seat bracket, so the whole seat used to tilt upwards exposing the stem, once i was out over the park on it, stood up to give it fast burst of accelaration and sat back down, you can guess the rest! it was about a week before i was able to ride it again! thanks dad." robert

"I rode a yellow Raleigh chopper from the mid-seventies right up into the mid-eighties and came off it most memorably as it wobbled out of control while I was freewheeling down a hill. I lost half an eyebrow and bear the scar to this day. Another time I almost castrated myself on the famously malpositioned gear lever. Not long after that I got a racer but missed the upright sitting position and the comfort of the wide saddle with its sturdy suspension." Chopper cropper

"i have the very one chopper bike mk1 it was my husbands he holds the bike and he goes on about the past on this ike he still thinks that this bike is the very best bike for any one still to have we like this to go to a new home to some one who would now give it the home it really needs any one intreasted pls contact me on 01902828217" wrs emms email: zojjj@live.co.uk

"hi ive just got one im having dowts on weather its a mk1 or mk2 its got gear solector in between your legs witch is the T bar shaped and the top of the seat back grab rail is curved squair not like a arch if you can help please contact me thanks damo" damion milner

Raleigh Chopper Mk 1 gear stick (Image licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0, author:Gerry Lauzon, imaged cropped to show gear lever only)

Hi Damo, It sounds like a Mk2 to me. The Mark 1 gear stick is left, the Mk2 is as illustrated above. Retrowow

"I want one so badly but i don't know where to get them but i wanton for 99.99 please do you know where i can get one???" Nisa

"this is the best bike of the word .... i use 2 have 2 before .... and i wish 2 have 1 now" musaab alkhayatt

"Hi I have an original purple and orange chopper. It is in quite poor condition, but apart from 1 wheel it is all original features. I'm trying to find out it's value and where I could sell it Any help much appreciated! Thanks" marsha

"I have an original gray chopper. Its in a good condition and i would like to sell it for 250 euros. It has all original. Who is interesed in it contact me on my email.My email is neville-spiteri@hotmail.com." neville

"eek, i have vivid memories about the 'purple raleigh chopper' and that 't' bar geat changer....it almost turned me into a gelding... after one particular top spec crash....lol great days" tim

"Im looking for a set of chrome mudgaurds for a mk3 chopper.Must be new or in excellent condition.Can anyone help...Many thanks Ian.Birmingham" ian

"Hi,I have a mk1 chopper in fair condition, a friend wants to buy it of me he has offered me 60, do u think this is a fair price or would it be worth more." Shane

Hi Shane, That sounds a little on the cheap side to me. Check out eBay completed listing for a proper valuation, but I'd say around 100 if it is usable, but 'fair' condition. Retrowow

"I have just discovered that my mk2 Raleigh Chopper is actually a Mk1. However, it has mk2 gears and pedals. My parents bought it second hand for me 29 years ago. We think it is dated 1970 from the crank. Anybody got any ideas why it would have the wrong gear?? Thanks!" Lor

"i have a raleigh chopper mk111 arrow wedge that id like to sell its in vg condition how much it worth or eanyone intrested semingly only 400 were ever made." murray

"lor,the mk1 chopper was going through a change over to the mk2 in 71 72 for safty reasons so the late mk1 was fitted with mk2 parts when going through the change over,hope this helps," john

"I am now 49 years of age and in the 1970s had an original chopper bike, I still remember it to this day as it was such a sturdy and fun bike to ride. probably the best bike I have ever owned . I am looking to buy an original chopper in good condition soon if I can find one and keep it for prosperity." kevin hull

"i have a mrk 2 raleigh chopper ive restored it its in fab condition but its an un usuall colour its the golden yellow wot they only did in the mark 1 its not the fizzy lemon in wot they did in the mrk2 is it worth anymore can any 1 help thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!" tango

"I am looking to buy a mk1 or mk2 raleigh chopper for restoring, Email me with what you have at v4vol@btinternet.com i live in the south west.05/01/2010 Peter in Devon " Peter

" I have a limited edition totally original chopper, seat gears wheels, grey colour. Its been in the family since new 1970's. I don't know a lot about it but it 's in ok condition. all offers welcome. If you want to come and view the bike you won't be disappointed. west London" JOANNE joannakanzali@yahoo.co.uk

"Hi i am looking for a handle bar stem bolt and nut for a mk1. does any one have one, if so how much would it be. cheers" john

"Hi, I'm in Australia and looking for someone to sell me a MK1 or MK2 (any condition) - I realise the postage and packing will be extra to send me one from oversea's but I would love to get one now as I was one of the few dreamers as a kid who never got one. Would also consider a Raleigh Grifter as well. How cool to have both haha. reckless4990@gmail.com" Neil Driver

"hi all. i have a mk2 chopper but the seat bracket has rusted off the bottom of the seat. i have a spare mki seat. will this fit on my bike? does anybody out therte know how to repair mine? thanks all." adrian gibbs 04/07/2010
"I am restoring my childhood Raleigh Chopper that I got in 1973, at least I think it is Raleigh? It was given to me in Mexico. Does anyone know why there isn't a frame serial #, no speeds and such a short seat, maybe it is not a Raleigh?" Edgar 06/07/2010
"" BARRY 25/07/2010
"Hi. Im selling my mark3 chopper. any one interested e amil me at jess.auger@hotmail.co.uk. I live in the colchester area" Jess Auger 28/07/2010
"hi there i have 1 of these bikes and im in need of mudguards please contact me on grahamscott55@hotmail.com thanks" graham 10/11/2010

I'm after a Mk 2 raleigh chopper, I live in Cornwall, anyone nearby selling one? Ideally in pretty good nick?

Thanks (14/11/2010)

Lizzi.nlp@googlemail.com" Lizzi Larbalestier 14/11/2010
"I'm looking for a mk2 to restore for a special project.I don't care what condition it's in as it's going to be totally restored for a temporary shop display.
The rustier and cheaper the better,I'm in Southampton but will pick it up or arrange couriers wherever you are.
Anything considered." Scott 27/01/2011
"can you still buy an original wembley trophy football,prefrebly orange.also which company made the originals." neil mitchell 14/02/2011
"i remember coming down stairs on christmas morning in the seventies to find my shiny new chopper mk2 it was like owning a rolls royce" kev barlow 24/02/2011
"Im selling a Raleigh chopper MK3, black and silver pratically brand new as only been used about five times! Contact me on sarah--kh@hotmail.co.uk for any enquiries. Thanks" Sarah Holmes 10/03/2011
"The Raleigh Chopper was not launched in the UK. It made it's debut at American trade shows Jan 69. It was available for purchase June 69 in North America & possibly Australia & or South Africa. It wasn't till late 1970 when the UK got it's first Choppers." Prechopper 01/04/2011
"Just to reply to Scotts request (27.1.11). Its more than likely to late now but I do have a red mk 2 chopper in need of a full restoration.Its something I always wanted to do because as a kid we couldnt afford one.It cost me around 150 when a got it but then my health deteriated and now Im not able.If I got near my money back I would be content. - Michael 23.04.11" Michael McGoldrick 23/04/2011
"Hi I'm selling a Raleigh chopper mk3 red bike if anyones interested, I live in Nottinghamshire. Contact me for more details, rachelradford@msn.com" Rachel 26/04/2011
"The Raleigh Chopper was NOT launched in the UK 1969. It was first introduced at American trade shows in January 1969 & first shipments to North American dealers in June 1969. It is introduced in the UK in late 1970." Prechopper 02/05/2011
"Hi, Im in the process of buying a mk3 chopper, it's in very good condition. but has the front mudguard missing.
I haven't been able to find a mk3 mudguard anywhere, will a mk2 mudguard fit onto it?

Also would I be able to fit lights from the mk1 and the raleigh origianl badge from an mk1 to my mk3?
Thanks." Bowiegirl13 11/05/2011
could i fit the original seat from an mk1 or mk2 onto the mk3 ?" Bowiegirl13 11/05/2011
"I have an all original Infra Red chopper 1975 in mint shape was in storage since 1976 for sale khoyle9@gmail.com" kevin hoyle 30/05/2011
"i have a mk1 chopper i have had since new its in my parents basement.. i respayed cortina 1600e colur in the 70s..its all there i cant find the chain gard..the orignal coluor is orange with the round back chrome seat.. the round gear nob is missing.how much do these sell for in this state not working.." martin 06/06/2011
"i have a raliegh chopper mk 1 for sale all orignal parts and is in fair condition contact me at richsovnhe@live.co.uk" richard 19/06/2011
"Ive just got a red mk3 chopper and need a bit of touch up paint. Can anyone tell me the correct paint to buy. Cheers." David Turver 26/08/2011
"Have a 1973 mk1 for sale all origional down to the tires
Only thing missing is the chain Guard- pretty good condition- use to wax this bike on a regular basis - I know kinda weird but do the same to my cars now.
Make me an offer. I am in IL
At mesettecas@aol.com" sal 13/09/2011
"Hi I want a mk1 red chopper for my 8 year old must be red and in excellent condition please call b4 Christmas 07805 500 336
Unto £150" Dimitri 16/11/2011
"Hi, I have a 70's chopper im about to restore. Does anyone know if the parts from a Mk3 (2004) model are the same as the 70's models, ie the chrome mud guards, back parcel tray?" Len 06/01/2012
"Does anyone know if parts from a chopper MK3 will fit on a MK1 or MK2 ? Things like the mud guards and the rear parcel tray." Len 07/01/2012
"I have just converted my RALEIGH CHOPPER to a 36volt electric bike and it runs very well with its Li-ion Battery,I am really pleased with this 70s icon..Jeff in Preston Lancs England.." jeff 04/03/2012
"Hello I have the same chopper as the top picture I need a new transmission. Case and a few other things . How much I am located in australia" Todd wakley 04/04/2012
"nedd help dating my chopper i found date stamp under strumley acher logo not off to side year first 69 6 also framenumber was 0526515 anyone with info?" jeff 11/04/2012
"I have a orang mk1 I belive with the tan strap on the seat it's in excellent shape un restored rider chrome is nice and I am looking to sell. Ke280zx@yahoo.com it's a awesome shape" Kirk 29/04/2012
"Could anyone put a rough value on my Mk1 chopper? Looking to sell ... needs refurbed. 1970 crank. 30 years ago it was given to me second hand - it was painted and had gear changed from mk1 to mk2. Seat was also recovered at the time." Jessie 09/05/2012
Rough restoration projects are selling on eBay for £100+. It depends a lot on condition of course.

Mint examples sell for £500+.

best regards" Steve 09/05/2012
"anyone want to buy a mk2 for restoring complete not to bad" john 12/05/2012

My son is looking to sell his 2004 Limited Edition Chopper (red bike with yellow writing) - unfortunately we have misplaced the certificate due to several house moves. The bike is in relatively good condition (it has been in storage for some time) with only a couple of scratches on the paint work as it was well used. Please contact me for further details. Tyne and Wear area......" Suzy 31/05/2012
"Can anyone tell me anything about a similar bike to the raleigh chopper. It is a panther made by oneil but i cant find any info anywhere and ive just come into possession of one and want to restore it" paul rogers 30/07/2012
"have you had any luck finding anything more about panther bike paul, i use to have one when i was kid in the late 70's, wish i could find a photo of one to reminisce about,was a smart looking bike, black and chrome, first and only new bike i had as a kid, would be great to see a photo of one''" colin summerson 05/10/2012
"As a kid I recall someone on my estate having a Panther which was Black and like a Chopper, I remember it clearly because it was almost identical to my own Chopper-type bike called a Malborough Bronco. I've since found out was also known as a Vindec High Riser according to this place...Pic is exactly my old bike, same colour etc.

http://www.nemusclebikes.com/bc27.php" Mark 10/10/2012
"I am about to restore a Raleigh chopper mk2 and looking for wheels. Do you know from where I can get either a pair or the front??
I am new into this and searching for websites or forums that can help me build it.

Thanks.." Glafocs 21/01/2013
"HELP PLEASE ! i have bought a new chopper the mk 4 hot one i am buying a 1970 huret 40mph speedo but i am not sure how to fit the cable to the bike or where if any one knows please hepl
many thanks martin" martin d 08/02/2013
"Hi all,

I am the owner of a Raleigh Chopper MK3, purple, 2004 edition.
Due to a horse riding accident that occured shortly after receiving the bike, it has never been ridden and has been kept in the shed ever since.
Excellent condition.
I am looking to sell this bike now, as I have no intention of riding it any more.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at nkc-xo@hotmail.co.uk

West Midlands Area." Natasha Clifft 15/04/2013
"hi am looking for a mk2 special edition m2 sprint and a mk2 5 speed thanks" keith 28/04/2013
"looking for chopper mk1 or mk2 in good condition can anyone help thanks ." jeff oneill 20/10/2013
Can anyone tell me if a mk1 headstem will fit a mk2 handle bar.
many thanks,
Glyn." glyn 01/01/2014
"I was born in 1963 and my bike was a bronco i got it in the 70s the head label said made in Austria both wheels same size only kid with one it was great would love picture of it can't see it anywere on the net" dave 02/01/2014
"I am in the middle of restoring a 1971 mk1 chopper. But im in need of set of pedals, front wheel and stickers. Tried local suppliers but none left" John 25/02/2014
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